Why I Want a Wife – Introduction

Why I Want a Wife – Introduction 2/This article was written in 1972. Does it still describe the role of most ‘wives’ today? If so, why has nothing changed? If not, how have things changed? In 1972, it was believed that a ‘good’ wife was a married woman who completed and satisfied all needs involving her housework, children and most importantly, her husband. A good wife was normally a house wife.
Now, fast forward to 2012 forty years to the present – the general customs and expectations still stand, but many wives nowadays have lives, essentially. Back in the 70’s, most married women were housewives. Many wives stayed home to care for their housework, children, and husband. Their duties revolved around those three ideas. But as time passed, traditions have changed. Most women have jobs and hardly considered housewives. Sure, they will tend to their kids and spouse but many of them now have lives.
Instead of being of the housework being a priority, the real work replaces it. Another weighing factor would be women’s rights. Instead of the husband viewed as the main bread maker, some wives have stepped up to plate with a higher salary. Back then, the male worked and the wife stayed home, therefore the male would earn the income. The last contributing factor to the change in modern day wife roles is the later marriage. People are marrying later leading to having children at an older age.

By this point, the females would have had time to peak at their jobs and remain a steady pace when the child is brought into the world. Not as many sacrifices has to be made for the child oppose to giving birth at a younger age. Even though the role of wives has come a long way since the early 70’s, the general outline still remains: care for the husband and kids and to maintain the house. And though many adjustments have been made the credentials in order to become a good wife is still near, impossible to reach.
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