English Speech Format

Speech: A speech is an extended textual composition. May be based on a verbal or visual stimulus. A speech, like the article, requires a student to express his/her own opinion on a given subject. Write about 3-5 paragraphs. 1st Para •Heading or title •Introduction-salutation- Addressing the audience, self-introduction- and introducing the topic 2nd Para •Logically develop your argument. Credit is given for creativity in presenting ideas. •Points should be well organized and linked. Should read fluently. •Use rich vocabulary.
Spellings must be correct. Use idiomatic expressions 3rd Para •Give different thoughts. •Points should be coherent. •You can take up different issues. 4thd Para •Discuss the connected themes as well. •Discuss problems if any and provide solutions. •Arrive towards a conclusion. 5th Para-Conclusion •Repeat and reiterate your point of view. •Correct voice (passive, active) and tense to be used. •Finally, give a very strong conclusion. Solved Example: Speech: Forgiveness makes, anger mars By The Speech Writer
Good morning respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends! This is The Speech Deliverer from 10-A, delivering a speech on, “Forgiveness makes, anger mars. ” In today’s hectic times anyone can hurt us anytime—and that too without any rhyme or reason or fault of ours! May be we can also do the same to others. We always look for a healing touch after someone has hurt, humiliated or insulted us. A wise man will make haste to forgive because he knows the true value of time, and will not suffer it to pass away in unnecessary pain.

On the other hand, anger is a short madness and when a man grows angry, his reason rides out. Fury and anger carry the mind away. True, anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one. In fact anger is the fury and frenzy of the soul. Anger is hard to combat as it is willing to buy revenge with life. By controlling the anger of a minute, one may avoid the remorse of a lifetime. So, with the good man anger is quick to die. One reason is that it may compensate for the powerlessness we experienced when we were hurt.
We may feel more in charge when we are filled with anger. But forgiving instils a much greater Medically speaking, people who remain angry most are susceptible to hypertension and related heart/brain diseases. Re-living unsuccessful or humiliating situations in the past hurt over and over again and prove bad for your health. other illnesses. Angry men make themselves beds of nettles. Anger always begins with folly and ends with repentance. Anger is like those ruins that break themselves against what they fall upon. Anger is a spender and few indulge it without cost.


Things Fall Apart Uchendu’s Speech

Uchendu’s Speech: Saving Ourselves My friends and fellow Ibo, I come to tell you the evils of the abomination called Christianity. To see what I have seen in my homeland Mbanta, I cannot look upon these people with respect and camaraderie. They have stolen our brothers and sisters, angered our gods, and assaulted our age old culture. As a member of this tribe, I cannot stand by and watch the destruction of our people’s traditions. My son-in-law, Okonkwo, was known throughout his fatherland and all neighboring villages as one of the greatest men of his time.
His achievements were famous, and he had always hoped his son would carry on his legacy. His oldest son, Nwoye, had betrayed Okonkwo by converting to the new religion. You may ask how one can ignore the lessons of his father and the examples of hard work, dedication, and loyalty to our customs. But the even the protective mother lion can lose her young cub who runs after a little bug. Nwoye was intrigued by the new people, and unfortunately he had been tainted; he did not want to return to us.
I understand the Christians say they teach our people civil behavior, but to take a young boy away from his own father is just inhumane. We must raise our children right and protect our sons and daughters from being taken by the Christians. They tear families apart. They have soiled our tribe, our traditions, and our hopes. If this continues, Mbanta, Umuofia, and Mbaino will be no more unless we stick to our customs. If our sons and daughters convert to the new religion, any hopes of preserving our history will be ruined.


Inaugural Speech

Comparative Analysis of Language Used in Inaugural Speech of Barack Obama and Abhisit Vejjajiva Presented to A.
Kemtong Sinwongsuwat Mr. Steffen Ruholl By NattawanTrakarnmethakulID. 5011110059 NihaslindaHayiwangohID. 5011110096 NetsaiNetpukkanaID. 5011110099 SaowalakPolthiangID. 5011110220 HongphaSaejiaID. 5011110223 ArpornSazakhunID.
5011110244 Section. 02 Language for Development Program, Faculty of Liberal Arts 1. Introduction 2. Research questions 1. Are there differences and similarities between verbal and nonverbal language used in the inaugural speeches of Barack Obamaa and Abhisit Vejjajiva? . Are there any catch phrases found in the inaugural speeches of Barack Obama and Abhisit Vejjajiva? 3. Purposes of the study 1.

To examine differences and similarities between verbal and nonverbal language used in the inaugural speeches of Barack Obamaa and Abhisit Vejjajiva. 2. To compare catch phrases found in inaugural speeches of Barack Obama and Abhisit Vejjajiva. 4. Literature Review Language is very important for politics. Political power struggles have effects on the working inside governments. Moreover, it is an important aspect of socialization into governmental works.
Political language, as Michael Geis points out in The Language of Politics, conveys both the linguistic meaning of what is said and the corpus, or a part of it, of the political beliefs underpinning any given statement. Literature reviews that relate in this research are divided into four main sections: 4. 1Profile of Barack Obama and Abhisit Vejjajiva 4. 2Literature review about verbal language 4. 3Literature review about non-verbal language 4. 4Related Research about political language 4. 1Barack Obama and Abhisit Vejjajiva Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th and current President of the United States.
He is the first African American to hold the office. He previously served as a United States Senator from Illinois, from January 2005 until he resigned after his election to the presidency in November 2008. A native of Honolulu, Hawaii, he is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he was the president of the Harvard Law Review. He was a community organizer in Chicago before earning his law degree. He worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004.He served three terms in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004. Following an unsuccessful bid against a Democratic incumbent for a seat in the U.
S. House of Representatives in 2000, he ran for United States Senate in 2004. In the 2008 general election, he defeated Republican nominee John McCain and was inaugurated as president on January 20, 2009. (Wikipedia 2010) Abhisit Vejjajiva, Thailand’s newly named prime minister, comes to the office with both youth and good looks on his side but daunting political and economic challenges ahead of him. He is definitely not from the hoi polloi.He was born on August 3, 1964, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, to Athasit and Sodsai Vejjajiva, both medical professors. He returned to England for his college studies, first attending Eton College and then Oxford University, where he got a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.
At 44, He will be Thailand’s youngest elected prime minister after Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej endorses his selection by Parliament in a 235-198 vote on Monday. Thai strongman Field Marshal Pibul Songkram was younger, only 41, when he became prime minister in 1938, but he came to power in a military coup.His youth and good looks have made him a popular candidate, especially among the ladies, in the capital where he was re-elected in the 1995, 1996, 2001, 2005 and 2007 polls. He became Democrat leader in 2005. His spoken English puts many native English speakers to shame, and helped win him the posts of Democrat spokesman and then government spokesman, before taking on various ministerial portfolios including minister to the Prime Minister’s Office under former Democrat premier Chuan Leekpai.And there is the economy, which faces the dual challenges of dealing with the financial meltdown and recessions in the developed economies such as the US, EU and Japan, compounded with falling confidence in Thailand after of months of political instability. 2.
Verbal Language Figurative languages play an important role in political language. Many politicians use them for their political speeches that will be better appreciated. Figurative languages are words or expressions that differ from the customary everyday conversational use of such expressions for purpose of assigning them a special meaning.We should thereby understand them with their connotative meanings rather than their denotative meanings. Awonusi (in Essien and Okon 2003) argues, “figures of speech are used as rhetorical devices especially when politicians are confronted with abstract concepts which are difficult to explain for the easy understanding of the layman. ” The figures of speech that will be discussed in this section are metaphor and idiom. 1.
Metaphor This figure of speech expresses an idea through the image of another object. Metaphors suggest the essence of the first object by identifying it with certain qualities of the second object.An example of metaphor used in the language of political campaign is presented below: “Smart Guy. He couldn’t take the heat. So, he stayed out of the kitchen” (Sunday Sun, March 16, 2007: 12). In the extract above, the politicians compared what Senator Obanikoro would have faced if he had attended the public debate to the heat that came from the kitchen. 2.
Idioms Idioms are phrasal constructions or verbal expressions closely associated with a given language. Africans, especially Nigerians, enjoy the use of idioms in every day speech.Consider the following examples: – He who pays the Piper dictates the tunes. Ekiti, beware! The devourers are here again. (Friday Punch, April 16, 2007: 18) The italicized parts of the extracts above are good examples of idioms used by politicians during political campaign as a way of giving extra meaning to an utterance. 4. 3Non-verbal Language Language used in political language not only verbal language but non – language also used in because the ability to use nonverbal communication is powerful tools that will help politicians connect with their people.
Therefore, politicians communicate much more than words. There are many different types of nonverbal communication. Good communication is the foundation of successful relationships, both personally and professionally, but we communicate with much more than words. The majority of our communication is nonverbal. Nonverbal communication, or body language, includes facial expressions; continually change during interaction and are monitored constantly by the recipient, and there is evidence that the meaning of these expressions may be similar across cultures.Gestures; are woven into the fabric of our daily lives, and use the hands when we’re arguing or speaking animatedly. Eye contact; is also important in maintaining the flow of conversation and for gauging the other person’s response.
Posture; the way you move and carry yourself communicates a wealth of information to the world. The tone of our voice; provide subtle but powerful clues into our true feeling and what we really mean. The ability to understand and use nonverbal communication is powerful tools that will help you connect with others, express what you really mean, navigate challenging situations, and build better relationships. Jeanne Segal, 2009) In inaugural address of Obama, he was expert at using eye contact to draw in millions and tone of voice to drive home points. The words he used were essential to his message, but his nonverbal behaviors were just as important, if not more so, in getting his message across. Research shows nonverbal communication conveys as much as 93% of the emotional meaning behind what is said. People respond strongly to what they see, or to the tone of voice that is used to speak the words they hear.
Everything from dress, the amount of physical space between the speaker and audience can make or break a leader’s message. (William A. Gentry, Ph. D. , 2009) 4. 4Political Language The employment of language to sanctify action is exactly what makes politics different from other methods of allocating values” (114). Edelman examines the relationship between language and perception and defines what he believes to be the forms and meanings of political language.
Through language, larger ideas are turned into frequently used terms such as “liberty”, “freedom”, and “social welfare” (p. 22). Language allows terms to be used by those in leadership capacities and turn these terms like segregation and turn a simple world into a vehicle for expression a group interest (p. 125). The language that a person with political power uses symbolizes how they are viewed by the public that listens to them (p. 160). He identifies four styles of language: hortatory, legal, administrative, and bargaining (p.
133). These styles of language he argues allow language to be an important symbol in American politics. (Edelman, M. , 1964)A Critical Analysis of Barack Obama’s Speeches that Junling can summarize the features of Barack Obama’s speeches as follow. First, he used more simple words and short sentences instead of difficult ones. His language is easy and colloquial. Thus, it can easily shorten the distance between him and the audience.
Second, from this process of Obama speeches, Obama showed what the government has achieved, what they are doing, what they will do, and applying transitivity. His speeches are trying to arouse the American people’s confidence toward the president and his government in the following four years.Third, modality refers to a speaker’s attitudes towards or opinion about the truth of a proposition expressed by a sentence. He made his audience more easily to understand and accept his political speeches by means of modal verbs, tense and first person pronouns. He used simple present tense to present the domestic and worldwide situations ranging from political, economic and cultural fields at present. Then depending on simple future tense, he laid out his following reforms and steps taken in his term. In this way, the government’s objectives are shown and at the same time, the audience’s confidence is built.
Moreover, by using first person pronouns and religious belief, he successfully shortened the distance between him and the audience. So it can help him persuade the public to accept and support his policies. (Junling Wang, 2010) The data collected from an ousted Thailand tycoon-cum-Prime Minister, Mr. Thaksin Shinnawattra’s talks on his weekly radio program. Nipa studies with society with social phenomena of Thaksin’s policy that say “poverty” has to be urgently evaporated from Thai society with in six years. It shows that this creates new frame of thought to the Thai people.The study demonstrates that the power of discourse and the mechanism in human mind/brain and social practice in the given society.
This study found that PM Thaksin employs strategies of discourse signification and discourse manipulation through five-transmission discourse at the level of people’s cognitive system and at the level of language with lexical choices and various strategies. (Nipa Geerapatr, 2010) Gusseva V. V. (2008) examined the publicist style on Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Speech. He can analyze them and try to describe the phonetic portrait of Barack Obama.He taken a sample speech of Barrack and conducted a mini-research, and he used a computer program for acoustic analysis. He found that all the prosodic peculiarities of publicistic style may be found in Graph B Obama’s speech; dignified timbre, proper delimitation, varying loudness and pitch levels and ranges, pauses explicable in semantic and syntactic terms.
Hence, a properly organized rhythm, appropriate terminal tones and pre-nuclear patterns are used, the contrast between accented and unaccented segments is not great, the kinesic component is present – Obama makes use of various gestures. . Pauses between phrases and intonation groups within phonopassages are extraordinary long (up to 2. 2 seconds). 2. The predominance of falling terminal tones (19 cases within a 2-minute passage). 3.
The abundance of pauses and terminal tones creates a special rhythm of speech (Arguments combined with this rhythm sound a way stronger). 4. Obama’s spirit and personal involvement expressed verbally are confirmed by his gestures: firm, convincing, encouraging. 5. Research Methodology 5. 1Data CollectionSeveral methods are used in this research in order to obtain the desired data to answer the research questions. The data will be analyzed by focusing merely on the speech the American president Barack Obama gave in his inaugural address before the Capital Rotunda in Washington on January 20, 2009 and Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva gave in his inaugural address at Democracy Party Office in Bangkok on December 17, 2009.
Speech texts and videos of the inaugural speeches will be used as main instruments to study in the research. (1) Speech Texts A transcribed inaugural speech of Barack Obama, from http://www. huffingtonpost. com/2009/01/20/president-obamas-inaugura_n_159370. html – A transcribed inaugural speech of Abhisit Vejjajiva, from http://pizzicatoj. exteen. com/20081218/entry (2) Videos – Videos inaugural speech of Barack Obama, from http://www.
youtube. com/watch? v=DEGd75awApM and http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=MjUTymL1T5s;feature=related – Videos inaugural speech of Abhisit Vejjajiva, from http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=eiSdgPw9v8w and http://www. youtube.
com/watch? v=1KWNvjcsmpU;feature=related . 2Data Analysis For doing analysis, inaugural speeches will be divided into three sections: verbal language, non-verbal language and structure organization of the speeches. (1) Verbal Language Firstly, reading speech texts to observe verbal language that found in Barack Obama and Abhisit Vejjajiva’s inaugural speeches. In this method, verbal language will be classified into four categories: 1) Figurative Language This is a way of saying something other than the literal meaning of the words. There are many kinds of figurative language, such as irony, simile, paradox etc.However, in this research will focus merely on metaphor and idiom. 2) Language Feature (Structures, Personal Pronouns) We will focus language feature about structures and personal pronouns.
For example, we will interest in how different speech make use of “I” and “me” versus “we” and “us”. 3) Genre Construction of Speech (Reporting, Problem, Expected, Indirect Question) For example, search for a construction of the speech, such as “We will…”, “We can…”, “We must…” 4) Catch Phrases To examine catch phrases, the inaugural speeches will be read and ideos will be watched to acquire the understanding the plot all the speeches to find their catch phrases. (2) Non-verbal Language Then videos of the speeches of Barack Obama and Abhisit Vejjajiva on inaugural day will be watched for several times to attain the meaning of non-verbal language describing through: 1) Body language 2) Facial expression 3) Eye contact. (3) Structure Organization of the Speeches Finally, the inaugural speeches will be discovered how differences or similarities between them. To analyze the differences and similarities of the speeches, they will be compared in terms of: 1) Introduction ) Body3) Conclusion. 5. 3Interpretation In the inaugural speech of Barack Obama, non-verbal language and catch phrase are used apparently.
On the other hand, Abhisit vejjajiva make his inaugural speech emphasizing on verbal language. Expected Result We can get the structure of language and dominant feature of language use that show in inaugural oration to be the way of development of using language including reading, writing and speaking until fundamental level of using language to high level of using language. 6. Timeline Time |Milestone | |Nov 1,2010 |Observation | | |Listening and watching the videos of inaugural speeches and | | |reading the speech texts for divide it in three parts: verbal | | |language, non-verbal language, and catch phrase. |Dec 1,2010 |Data Collection | | |To collect data from 3 parts: | | |First, verbal language is collected from reading speech texts. | | |Second, non-verbal language is collected from watching videos. | |Last, catch phrases are collected from watching videos and | | |reading speech texts.
| |Jan 1,2011 |Data Analysis | | |Analysis data in four main sections: first section, analysis | | |verbal language.


Political speech

Today, I am going to talk about education, because I believe in education and in that a good education can make a big difference. I would like to start with a short phrase “Education is a key to success”. It gives us knowledge of the world around us, while peeing doors to opportunities.
Education builds confidence to make decisions, to face life, and to accept successes and failures. The best way to reach career success is to establish a strategy and set goals. Education can be a source that could lead someone for a better future. Waking up early In the morning or staying late at night to study for exams Is not an easy task to do. But If we ask us, what is success? For example for someone, success Is the accomplishment of the goal aimed by a person.
But for me, It Is when we have determination and patience with what we are doing. And how come education becomes the key to success? In modern and competitive through education, we can learn more and improve ourselves. Professionals as teachers, doctors, engineers and translators surely give importance to their education. With proper training and knowledge, it is possible for them to perform their best in their careers and to be successful in their areas.


Speech as Xerxes

Greetings, subjects. My reign was sufficient and completely beneficial to the Persian society, I deserve this power as even Herodetus the Greek writer said with “among all these immense numbers there was not a man who, for stature and noble bearing, was more worthy than Xerxes to wield so vast a power. I deserved to take the throne, and it was Ahuramazda’s will. Other sons of Darius there were, but thus unto Ahura-Mazda was the desire – Darius my father made me the greatest after himself.When my father Darius went away from the throne, by the will of Ahura-Mazda I became king on my fathers throne.
I am of royal decent and Achmaenid blood runs through me as I am Xerxes, the great king, king of kings, king of lands, containing many men, king in this great earth far and wide, son of Darius the king, an Achaemenid, a Persian, son of the Persian, an Aryan, of Aryan seed. I have legitimate reason to access the throne. Greek writers have depicted me as an impetuous, arrogant and sadistic madman.But this is the view of a Greek, not only are the Greeks inferior to me but they are also not going to give an accurate description, and are of course going to be bias. I destroyed parts of their beloved homeland so their views of me can be somewhat inaccurate because of their anger towards me. Greek writers have spoken of me as having negative aspects, but my inscriptions throughout my kingdom say otherwise as I take the good virtues that have been bestowed upon me by Ahura-Mazda. I took care of the revolts in both Egypt and Babylonia swiftly and successfully, with proper actions undertaken to teach the inhabitants a lesson.
Egypt lost the privilige of self-government and local autonomy, and even though the Babylonians revolted twice because the first punishment wasn’t as harsh, the second time they revolted they lost their Gods and in effect this stopped the revolts in the future. Greek writers described my actions towards the revolts as trying to crush their religions without thought, but they failed to mention that it is general practice of rulers in dealing with rebellious countries to destroy sanctuaries.As said in an inscription in Persepolis, when my father Darius went away from the throne, I became king on his throne by the grace of Ahuramazda. After I became king, I finished what had been done by my father, and I added other works. The palace through my building program became twice as big as it was in Darius’s reign, there was an innovative design shown in Persepolis with the staircases for example. The palace was not a permenant residentual place, but rather an administrative centre and focus for religious ritual with there also being inscriptions that give details of religion.For the war on Greece, the correct decision was made that they must be punished for their assistance in the Ionians revolt so I made preperations for invasion over 4 years.

First I decided to take diplomatic measures, so I sent out envoys to demand earth and water from the Greeks. But because Athens and Sparta were my target, I decided best not to ask for their submission but to just punish them and lay the assault on them. I demanded for my subjects of the provinces to send men for the army I was sending, this army was the largest in recorded history said by Herodetus and further determined by modern historians.I decided that the soldiers of my army needed easier movement, so there was a bridge at Hellespont built over the years in preperation. There was the matter of supplies and food for the many warriors that would travel to Greece, so supply depots were set up for easy access of supplies while travelling or waiting. I then entrusted the Egyptians with the task to make the materials to build a bridge across the Strymon River, the bridge was close to the supply depot at Eion. My father previously sent his ships to Greece unaware of the weather conditions, this resulted in a storm sinking the ships.
I learnt from this mistake and built a canal at Mt Athos so the Persian ships could safely pass through. The attack on Greece began at Thermopylae and the cowards hid in the mountains not willing to fight with honor. It was then by the will of Ahura-Mazda that a Greek called Ephialtes came to me and spoke of a mountain pass that allowed us to surround the Greeks and crush their inferior soldiers, Herodetus told the story of the Battle of Thermopylae. After this victory I was then deceived by a Greek who told me that the Greeks were leeing, so the fleet was sent to Salamis and was ambushed unfairly. It was at this defeat I thought it best to retreat and protect the bridges which was the smarter decision in the situation, after this decision was made I left Mardonius in command of the forces and returned to Persia. To carry out my father’s legacy I inherrited his foreign policy in which I was expected to further expand the Persian empire. The three things I was required to do through the foreign policy was to punish the Greeks, further expand empire the and to gain personal glory as my predecessors had done.
Through the Greek campaign I accomplished the task that was inherrited, I punished the Athenians and burnt their city so my real goal was achieved, I also further expanded the empire to the East with the addition of provinces such as Thrace and Macedonia and I also added territory in the most distant Eastern provinces. Through the building program personal glory was in an obvious way achieved, and the palace in Perespolis showed this and left an impression even after my reign finished. It was also said by J.L O’Neil that I wasn’t interested in military affairs and preferred building activities. Religious policy was properly taken out, as said in an inscription written by myself is that I copied the religion of my father Darius who recognised Ahuramazda as the supreme creator or God. More importantly, I recognise that I was king through the favor of Ahuramazda which was also said in an inscription. Doing this made religion an important political dimension and through this I was an instrument of Ahura-Mazda.
I strengthened the religion shown in the “daeva” inscription which eliminated other Gods and made the “demon” Gods no longer worshipped. I was successful in what was expected of me as a Persian ruler, I demonstrated that I was fit to rule the empire and I continued my fathers legacy. Inscriptions throughout Persia said that even after the retreat from Greece my subjects still respected me and thought of me as a great king, showing that the loss did not damage Persian society.


Compassion International Speech Outline

Bridgette Woodcock Prof. Roche THE 113 Speech 21 February 2013 Compassion International: Child Sponsorship Introduction (Play video) 1 (Provide two statistics) Did you ever think you could change the life story of the weak and vulnerable? Well, you can! Today, I want to share with you the importance of what you can do to change a child’s story. 2 Today, many children are living in poverty and exploitation. Many of those places are within the 26 poorest countries that Compassion International serves. Compassion is well known and used by celebrities and other national foundations. 4 Compassion uses a holistic method of child development 5 An average person can minimize and eliminate the exploitation and poverty through the organization Compassion International. Child sponsorship lifts children out of poverty/exploitation. 1 Fox News. com reported, “In Brazil’s poorest regions, mothers, many of whom are stuck in the sex trade, often push their own daughter’s into the business at age 12 or younger to increase the family’s meager income” (para. ). 2 Compassion Serves in 26 Developing Countries, “19 were placed in the “Tier 2 category” (“governments who don’t fully comply with the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA)” (para. 3-4). 3 “Compassion International takes a long-term strategy by tackling the underlying issues that make child enslavement possible. Prevention through education, care and nurture is how we (Compassion) work to protect all of the 1. 2 million children we (Compassion) serve around the world” (para. ). Is child sponsorship with Compassion real/legitimate? 1 Yes! Compassion is independently audited by several agencies including Charity Navigator 4 star ranking for 11 consecutive years, Chronicle of Philanthropy’s “Top Rated Charity-#23 on Top 400 list”, Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance, Forbes ranks it as #15 on its Largest Charities List, and Non-Profit Times ranks Compassion as #30 on its Top 100 List. 2 Been in Business since 1952. Sponsors may visit their children, write letters, send cards and give extra above the sponsorship, which 100% of donation goes directly to that child and his/her family. Over 87% of $38. 00 sponsorship donation goes to the child & child’s center to provide school fees, books, educational materials, clothing, food, health care, counseling, and activities. Holistic method of child development 1 Child Survival Program (Birth to age 2 and mothers) Begins when a mother is still pregnant, provides nutrition, medical assistance, parental education, and social support for both mothers and caregivers to help them succeed the first few years of the child’s life. 2 Child Sponsorship Program (Age 2-10-new registrations- existing children to age 18) 1 Sponsorship is a unique way for one person to have a life-changing effort on poverty around the world by sponsoring a child in poverty. 3 Complementary Interventions (All ages- operations, flooding, mosquito nets, water) Divided into two areas: Supplemental development activites (medical, nutritional, and educational assistance, AIDS prevention, Malaria prevention) and Program Enhancement Activities (disaster response, water projects, income-generating activities, and infrastructure development). 4 Leadership Development Program (college students) 1 Gives students the opportunity to develop their gifts and become skilled professionals and leaders of influence in their churches, communities, and nations. Conclusion- Partnering with Compassion is Affordable and Makes a Difference! $38. 00 per month per child 2 Extra Donations Optional (Birthdays, Christmas, Family Gift) (no more than $1,000 per year, $2,000 in graduation year). 3 Forms a personal relationship with child 4 Limits child exposure to human slavery and poverty. Works Cited Compassion International. (2012). compassion. com. http://www. compassion. com/child-development-model. htm Hanlon, Mark. (2011). The new slavery—human trafficking. FoxNews. com. Retrieved February 20, 2013. www. foxnews. com/opinion/2011/09/15/new-slavery-human-trafficking.


English Speech About Big World and on Her Knees

English Speech: How would you feel if your mother had to clean other people’s houses to make a living? How far would you really go for a friend, would you sacrifice a love life, your education? Out of all the books I have read, I absolutely love Tim Winton’s short stories, 2 short stories that I loved are “On Her knees” and “Big World”.
I have particularly enjoyed “On her knees” not only because of its intriguing name but because it depicts the issue of dignity throughout the whole story and it taught me that “there is more honor in scrubbing other people’s floors than in having strangers scrub your own”, the second story “Big World” depicts the issue of friendship which also teaches me that “Friendship can evolve through the smallest of incidents” Now to the short story “Big World” which is about an emotional journey for a young man and his friend Biggie, who have recently failed their exams.
As life becomes monotonous by working in a abattoir, they decide to escapee and go as far away as they can from the town they had lived in, Angelus, so they buy an old VW which later breaks down and as the realization seeps in on how stupid the idea was, they decide to go separate ways. Friendship is one of the main themes in this short story; it expresses the idea of two friends who make sacrifices for each other so their friendship will be able to continue on.

This can be seen in several times in the story; one is where the persona sacrifices his love for Briony9 Nevis, quote: “out of loyalty” and when the persona does Biggie’s homework “…his whole academic success was his essay on the demise of Led Zeppelin, but then I wrote that for him…” A technique that shows friendship is first person, making it seem as a personal experience, this point of view also enables the author to manipulate the reader’s feelings and judgments. This method also helps in creating an atmosphere where the reader feels as if he or she is one with the narrator which gets the story to be more involving.
For example: In the short story, the event in which Biggie’s father is described as a beater and that if Biggie were to return home his father “His father would beat the shit out of him…” which creates a sense of sympathy towards Biggie and a sense of antipathy towards his father. “On her knees” which is about a son’s perception of his mother’s cleaning work that is contrasted with pride and dignity, which is accentuated when she is falsely accused of theft. The short story itself is about dignity, about maintaining dignity and understanding its meaning.
What makes this a good read, is that the title itself contradicts the whole idea of dignity, the fact that when someone is on their knees, they are in a degrading state but in this short story Winton has effectively shown that this is not true and that no matter what occupation your mother has you will always be quote: “proud of her good name”. The narrator Victor Lang loathes to see his mother lower herself and degrade her own dignity just to provide an education for him quote: “… my mother cleaned houses to pay debts and keep us afloat and get me through university… , this depicts how the mother had a “come-down” from her previous job as a receptionist, as long as her son is well provided for, such a high class occupation to a “domestic benchmark”. The “veins livid in her legs” represent labor, pain and strain which in contrast to the character of the house owner is regarded as admirable. A further comparison of the narrator’s and the owner’s shows that while they of low class have a neat clean home, those of “higher class” have a messy one full of neglect. A sad truth is put forth in this story where the value of a pair of earrings surpasses the value of a human being.
A technique that shows dignity is symbolism. For example: the action of the boy taking a shower can be translated into a wanting to escape form this situation. The mother is said to give the boy a “lecture”, which suggests that she is in control leading to another symbol of imprisonment for the boy. The car is another clever use of symbolism where the car represents the boy’s life. It is said to be “reeking” which shows that the narrator hates his life. The cranking down of the window represents a desire to escape.
The mother is said to be driving carefully which shows two things: a) that she is in control of his life and b) that she makes sure she takes the safest route, protecting her son from harm. Not only have both of these short stories alienated me in such a way, but I found these stories surprisingly beautiful, I highly advise for you to read these two great short stories, because the next time you are facing troubles in life, you remember what Carol Lang had to go through in life, remember what happens when you don’t face your problems in life, not like a boy, but like a man.