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One way to understand social-networking sites like Facebook and MySpace is to consider that younger digital natives are not necessarily being exhibitionists when they post photographs of themselves and share personal details there. Instead, these users are living a life in which consciousness is spread out evenly over two platforms: real life and the Web.
Rather than feeling schizophrenic or somehow pathological, digital natives understand that these two realms divide the self much as speech and the written word divide language, a division that humans have lived with for a long time without going bonkers. (Sarah Frere-Jones, “Living on the Radio,” The New Yorker, April 20, 2009) Assignment: Do social-networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace enhance a young person’s social life or serve as a substitute for a real social life? Compose an essay in which you develop your point of view on this topic.
Support your position with arguments and examples drawn from your reading, studies, experience, and observations. **http://grammar. about. com/od/developingessays/a/SATtopic1. htm The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the topic of social networking. Specifically it will discuss the impact of the social networking site Facebook on today’s society. Facebook has become a phenomenon for the social networking set, and what makes that so amazing is that Facebook did not even exist until 2004.

Three college students created it to allow other students to network and meet each other, and it has caught on with young people around the globe. What impact does Facebook have on today’s technologically advanced society? It allows people who probably never would have met each other in person to communicate, it creates new relationships and friendships, and it places distance between people who could communicate in person but instead choose to communicate online, instead.
It is just another element of society that is interested in sharing information with the intimacy of a close, personal relationship. Facebook is nothing more than a medium for communication, and yet, it is so much more than that. At a glance, a user can learn everything from what gender a Facebook member is, to what religion they believe in, what school they attend, and their likes and dislikes, all with the click of a mouse.

Social Networking

Effects of Social Networking

Social networking has become a well-known to all and all in recent years. People are able to meet and make friends, even if they do not know each other. Moreover, they are able to get updates from their loved ones by using social networking sites. Some people are also discussing different important topics on them. They exchange their ideas as well. However, there are several negative effects of social networking sites on our day to day life. People are becoming socially backward by using social networking sites. They do not like to go out to interact with other people.
Logging into a community, they intermingled with other people online. They have also replaced the actual procedure of social interaction. Before the invention of these sites, people were keen to go out and meet with other people, but now they sit in front of computers to relate with others. Furthermore, people who are shy in public take advantage of using communal sites. Thinking beyond the social network should be hard for them. These sites are not helping them to overcome their shyness. If they tried to interact with people, they might make it.
But because of these sites, they do not even try to do it. Thus social networking sites make people unsocial and socially reluctant. Another effect of community networking is online predators. If someone uploads photos and videos for showing their friends and families, they could be caught by online hunters. Raiders collect photos and videos that are not theirs and misuse them; for example, by creating rumors. These can be displayed for even teenagers and children to see, causing harm. Children and teenagers are becoming addicted watching adult photos and videos.

Those predators also follow what you are doing online. Another problem is social networking sites use internet slang. Thus social networking sites are making people morally unhealthy. Finally, the most important effect is people are losing their valuable time, specially the students and officials. Instead of studying, they are playing on different shared interacting sites. A statistic shows that about 68. 4% undergraduate students spend 11 hours per day by chatting and playing games in social networking sites.
Furthermore, officials use these sites instead of doing their job. Social networking sites are being banned because of the inefficiency of the workers. Another statistic shows that about 43% American service holders are addicted to facebook. Social networking leads numerous adverse impacts on our life. People are becoming hesitant as they do not go outside to meet people. They are losing their precious time by surfing social networking sites and chatting with others. People are becoming morally corrupted as a result of using jargons and watching uncensored photos and videos.

Social Networking

Effect of Social Networking

Over the past few years, social networking websites such as Facebook and Myspace have exploded in popularity, especially among children and teenagers. The social networks as Facebook, MySpace and others are all “virtual places” where people find themselves and share information. Nowadays, social networks are the best tools for communication, though in the first place they were used only for university purposes, where students and colleagues stayed in contact with each other after works or studies.However, recent events involving child predators and other dangerous individuals using these sites have raised concerns about safety.
Particularly in the western conutries, many parents view social networking websites with suspicion while having limited understanding of what these sites really are or how they work. Used responsibly, social networking sites do not pose a danger or threat to anyone. Facebook, Myspace, and other sites have numerous benefits for their users in terms of interacting and talking with other people, but also provide comprehensive privacy and safety features.Facebook, for example, does not allow people to view others’ profiles unless they are friends, which requires both people to confirm their relationship. Even though Some studies imply that social networks could have negative impact on people social health. These can cause people to stray from reality and immerse themselves in the virtual world of social community. “Instead of meeting people in person, they spend more time in front of the computer screens checking what the virtual friends are doing.
”The next effect that many scientists have warned about is the influence that social networks can have on human health. The main effect is on the human brain. “Baroness Greenfield, an Oxford University neuroscientist and director of the Royal Institution, believes repeated exposure could effectively ‘rewire’ the brain. ” Another important effect of social networks is on business. Online social networking is the newest weapon to get more customers. “William Baker, a professor of marketing at San Diego State University, found that firms that ely heavily on external social networks scored 24 percent higher on a measure of radical innovation than companies that don’t. Online networks can help you hire the right people, market your product — or even find a manufacturer.

” In conclusion, as stated before, today social networks are the main tools of communications. Networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and so on can have a great impact on human life and influence positively or negatively the social life, health and the world business.

Social Networking

A Synopsis of the Movie: The Social Network

The document is a movie. It is a comedy drama produced by David Fincher. The title is The Social Network. This film was produced on 2010 and last 2 hours. By the title, we may assume that this movie talks about Network in our generation. Indeed, this film relates about the creation of Facebook which is the most famous social network. Facebook allows all people to have their own account to publish their information. So this document shows the improvement of new technologies. The main character is Mark Zuckerberg. He is a student at the University of Havard and he is also the one who invent the system of Facebook.
Im my opinion, I think the character of Mark Zuckerberg in the movie looks like him. By this film, we may assume that Mark is geek since he spends a lot of time with his computer. Nevertheless ,it is difficult to say that he is a geek, even though he is always with his computer during the film. Because he would like to be a brilliant computer scientist. During the film, the scene take place the most of the time at the University of Havard. Indeed, Havard is an private American university situated at Cambridge in Massachusetts.
Mark who is a student at this university, was accused to break with volunteers the security, the right of the reproduction and the respect of the private life. In reality, after his breaking with his girlfriend, he decides to create a blog which allows the student in his university to vote the most beautiful girl. Then this system has had a big success and becomes the most well-known social network from all around the world : Facebook. Actually the director criticizes the geek who spend their time with the social network in order to learn about the private life of someone else.

So, it’s an illegal act. Thus Facebook symbolizes the influence of the media in our society. It makes me ask myself if I should or shouldn’t involve in the social network. And I also wonder how strong the impact of new technologies. Can new technologies break our private life. I’m very sorry that I send you this email so late because I had some problem with Internet in country. Indeed, I can access to the Inthernet only at night that’s why I can send only now. I hope that you don’t mind with this issu. Thank advance.

Social Networking

Noting Social Networking Trends

The research question that was partially answered by my mini-research is two-fold. I concerned myself by asking first, what social networking sites (if any) were used by family members and peers. Secondly, if usage of these sites was confirmed, I asked the purpose for the use of these various social tools. Since, these sites are so popular, I wanted to know if there was a difference in age, gender, or any other demographic information that would make usage vary in the sample population.
I interviewed 22 people and out of those 22, 18 of them reported using some type of social networking sites. The four that did not use them claimed that they very rarely, if ever used the internet or that they had no need for these tools. Two of these respondents were over 50, but two were relatively young, white, blue-collar types. Of the 18 that did report using social networking sites, 5 of them admitted to having an account, but infrequently or never visiting the sites or utilizing them in any way.
There was no common demographic in these five, the only commonality was a response of “being too busy” or staying connected with others through other means, such as texting or “hanging out”. This leaves 13 respondents that admitted to regular using and utilizing social networking sites. Out of these 13, the ages of users ranged from 14 to 47. Both males and females were represented almost equally. Ethnically speaking, more whites than blacks were left at this stage in the sample, making whites seem slightly over represented.

Many sites were reported as being used and many reasons were given for using them. Of both younger men and women (aged 14-26 and 9 members in this subgroup) “MySpace” was cited as being the most used site with most of the respondents reporting that they used this site everyday “to stay in contact with friends”. Of this same age group, more men than women, also, reported using both “Imeem” and “Buzznet” to listen to music and/or to find new artists with “Imeem” being more popular than “Buzznet” (with only 2 of 6 using “Buzznet”).
The remaining 4 respondents were all Caucasian women from the ages of 33-47. “Facebook” was popular with all 4 for “staying connected with old friends and/or networking”. “Myspace” was unpopular with all and cited by one respondent as being “made for teens”. “Going” and “LinkedIn” were also popular with “LinkedIn” being popular with 3 and “Going” with 2. “LinkedIn” was said to be popular for business purposes and “Going” was considered a popular way to find events and parties in the surrounding areas.
This research begins to answer the two-part question, but further research and a larger group to sample may answer the question fully. These demographics were pretty universal in the popularity and reasoning for using the sites and further study could help advertisers learn how to more specifically target the demographics in and outside these sites. Also, social scientists could look at this research more broadly to gauge trends in social behavior and communication that could effect the way groups of people in different demographic categories deal with one another in jobs or in other arenas of public life.

Social Networking

Argumentative Essay About Social Networking

Most of the people around us today rely on and use social networking, so it has become so famous throughout the world. It includes social websites such as facebook and twitter. I believe that social networking is pretty useful in our daily lives. Easy and quick communication between others is offered through social networking. Nowadays, people prefer using some social networking websites to communicate with each other since it’s more effective and much easier.
For example, if someone is in a foreign country and wanted to communicate with his/her friends and family, that person would use facebook or twitter to chat or even webcam with them. If we rely only on television for world news, then we wouldn’t catch up and our knowledge about that news would be limited. Like television, social networking provides news about everything around us, but the only difference is that social networking allows the person to control and organize the news.
Let’s say that a new invention was explored and you didn’t have time or missed it when it aired on the television, you can simply go to a certain social networking website and search for that invention or easily ask your friends about it online. Social networking is an effective way to make new friends. Since a lot of people rely on social networking, each user of a certain website gains a friend or two occasionally.

For example, making new friends on Facebook is as easy as a click. By that, people can improve their social skills effectively. Some people might argue that in order to use social networking, you should use laptops or mobile devices which costs money and uses a lot of electricity. To an extent, it’s true that using social networking is costly for some people, but it’s worth every penny because of its various advantages stated earlier.
Social networking, in my opinion, is an essential addition to most people around the world since it provides quick and easy communication between others, it allows people to access and acknowledge world news instantly, and it’s effective for making new friends. I advise people who don’t have an account on any social networking websites to make one and make use of all its advantages!