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Source from Australia government shows that Fruits and vegetables are still an important part of your diet and may play an indirect effect with a healthier weight cause they are relatively low in kilojoules (Better Health Channel, Cancer and food, 2014) This is an opportunity for Smart Banana because High fiber property of banana enables them to absorb numerous calories before passing to the digestive tract, it can help to solve the problem of people getting overweight and help people who want to have better body shape.
Refer to source from Smart banana, it shows that it is the first banana vending machine provider (Smart Banana Official). This is a strength and but also a threat for Smart Banana company . An the strength side, eying bananas in banana vending machine is a more convenient way for people to buy than buying in supermarkets. It is because they can reach the position that don’t have any shops like bus stops, school etc. On the threat side, bananas is different to other vending machine products like can or bottle drinks, they cannot keep fresh for more than a week even in cool temperature.
It’s a technology problem for Smart Banana to keep their bananas fresh before the bananas sold out. 2. Marketing Goal Have over 50% of main Australia offices and schools area’s bus stop have installed the banana vending machines in 2 years 3. Marketing Strategy Smart banana is the first banana vending machine provider in Australia, the value it can give to their customers are convenient diet eating . To target the customers , it will base on behavioral segmentation and cryptographic segmentation mix .

First of all , based on behavioral segmentation , people place more importance on diet eating In 21 century . Research from source of World Health Organization, Fruit and vegetables are important components of a healthy diet, if people can eat egg of fruit or vegetable daily , it can highly prevent diabetes and obesity (World Health Organization [W. H. O. , Promoting fruit and vegetable consumption around the world ), Because of these reasons since 2013 WHO and FAA have started to promote Basic Marketing Plan By Lam-Yuk people about the importance of diet eating .
It is highly affecting people’s eating behavior especially teenagers which is trying to eat more vegetable and fruit in order to be healthy because their ages have the education of diet habits. Second, based on cryptographic segmentation, a banana vending machine is definitely a new method for people to buy fresh banana in the street. It is different to the traditional way to buy bananas in markets or supermarkets. Because of that, innovators will be select as the target customers instead of other life style because this group of people are viewing to try new things.
A new method to buy fresh banana would be suitable for them. Refer to the above information, Smart banana is the best banana vending machines provider for teenage innovators because teenagers are usually students or employees which are the group of more busy to have balance diet population. To aim this situation, banana vending machine can provide the value of “instant, no preparation, convenient positioning” healthy food for them. Secondly, because they re the group of people which have educated the knowledge about the importance of diet eating, a vending machine is an easy way to reach them.
Third, innovators have strong receptivity of the newborn objects, banana vending machines create a modern fruit buying method to the target customers.

Marketing Plan

Analyze the Marketing Plan Essay

The most concerted area of ice cream institution is in the Greater Manila with 60% of total volume being purchased. It is also the smallest sector among all dairy products, having 0. 9% of the market segment. (Phillips, 2004) Surprise Patterns/ Significant Buying Habits In the Philippines, ice cream is one of the most favorite desserts. It may be bought as everyday refreshment or as a treat during special occasions. Ice cream is a happy product which chooses no particular season or mood. Ice cream can be tied up to a person’s income. Greater consumption means higher pay, especially to the middle-income consumers.
Although some are rand-loyal, most consumers examine which available flavors are okay and which are not. People can easily switch to another flavor or brand, depending on their cravings. (Remuneration, 2014) Growth/ Decline Patterns The consumption of ice cream rises as the country’s economy continues to grow. It is said to have a 4% increase in sales during 2013. It continues to grow within a couple of years due to the aggressive promotions of respective ice cream manufacturers which causes greater consumer demand. Among all innovations, Frozen Yoghurt is one of the fastest growing categories of ice cream. Remuneration, 2014) Other Market Characteristics According to statistics, 80% of the Filipinos buy ice cream on impulse. They purchase the product without any intent to buy at first; Ice cream is an afternoon snack 70% of the time. People usually eat ice cream at their own home 98% of the time. In 201 0, the total market size of the ice cream industry reached about pH. B. The leading local brands of ice cream in the Philippines are Selects, Magnolia, and Nestle. There was an increase in the annual growth rate of the market for ice cream, with 3. % between 2004 to 2009. The take-home ice cream sold in pints, gallons, and the like, is the shiest contributor to the ice cream market with a share of 63. 6%. One highlight of the ice cream market is its distribution system. Each brand requires exclusivity. Companies provide dealers refrigerators free of charge for one exclusive brand. Some merchants, especially the smaller ones, are limited to carrying only one brand. Given that refrigerators require more electricity, having several brands in one store would be more costly and space consuming. Current Product/ Brand Situation The Magnolia Heritage ‘Magnolia started in 1 925 when San Miguel acquired the original Ice Cream Lana at 526 Avails SST. , Manila. A year later, Magnolia found a new home along Gauge SST. It was at this time that Filipinos began their love affair with ice cream especially when Magnolia Opened the first ice cream parlors in the country attracting ice cream lovers young and old to enjoy their favorite cool treats in a warm day. In 1952, Magnolia Ice Cream expanded their plant and started producing popsicles.
Two years later, Magnolia introduced their ‘Flavor of the Month’ concept establishing the brand as the champion for new and exciting concoctions and flavors. In 1 970, Magnolia’s status reached rater heights upon the completion of its newest facilities along Aurora Boulevard in Guenon City. The 5. 2 hectare lot is home to the ice cream and dairy production line and the well-loved ice cream parlor. The ice cream parlor became a favorite hang-out for families, sweethearts, Barabbas and kids treating themselves to popsicles, drumsticks, pining crunch, ice cream sandwiches and icicles.

Undoubtedly, classics such as the Ernie and Bert, Black and White, Coho-Coho train, Banana Split Fudge, Coney Island, and Peach Melba remain to be favorite among generation after generation. Looking back, one cannot forget all those wonderfully sweet Magnolia Moments. There’s nothing like sitting on a stool waiting for a scoop of your favorite flavor on a beautifully sunny day. So why not continue the tradition? Live out the Magnolia Heritage. ‘ Brief History As a business unit of San Miguel Corporation’s Magnolia Ice Cream Division the Magnolia Company starts as Magnolia, Inc.
BMW in 1 981. In 1987, New Zealand Daily Board (NZ) and Magnolia, Inc. BMW decided to merge forming a new company known as Philippine Dairy Products Corporation (PDP) which sharing ratio of SCM-70% and NZ-30%. After buying the shares of Ann.’s in July 2002 the company became a 100% San Miguel Corporation’s. The company became Magnolia Incorporated, a subsidiary of San Miguel Pure Foods Company. The 5-hectare Plant Facility of Magnolia Inc. Is located in Governor’s Drive, Boo.
San Francisco, General Triads, Cavity produces some well-known products such as: butter, margarine and cheese into one of the top manufacturers of Dairy, fats and oils in the Philippines with its new product line jelly, jams, OUT milk, specialty oils, salad aids and cooking oil. Magnolia has plant accreditations and product certifications such s ISO 22000:2005, WHACK, IGMP (by EGGS Philippines, Inc. ) and HALL (by Islamic Idaho Council of the Philippines-DDCD). Magnolia Ice Cream ‘Magnolia Ice Cream is a brand that immediately comes to a consumer’s mind when it comes to ice cream.
It is the first to produce ice cream in commercial quantity. Magnolia was one of the pioneer brands of ice cream, having introduced the concept of “Flavor of the Month”. They release unique flavors every month, giving the people the feeling of excitement and curiosity as to what flavors will be released next. Magnolia also pioneered when it comes to incorporating local flavors to their ice cream such as be, Macaroon and Durian. Even if there was a 10-year absence, the name “Magnolia” still lingered on people’s minds. People still believed that they have been buying Magnolia ice cream even during its absence on the market.
In 2004, the Magnolia brand proved its strong brand equity upon its return in the market with the favorite classic ice creams that Filipinos have grown up with in the ‘ass and ‘ass. It quickly regained market footing in bulk ice cream through innovations in product packaging and introducing value-for-money premium laity products. Magnolia has introduced in the market the 21 SST century in- mould scratch-proof labeling typical of packaging materials in Europe and North America. ‘ Magnolia is widely recognized as the first ice cream plant to meet the quality system standards set by the International Standards Organization (ISO).
Nestle S. A. And San Miguel Corporation once had a partnership in 1996, resulting to Magnolia-Nestle (NC). Hand in hand, they both contributed significant parts to achieve success. Nestle shared its specialization in consumer food goods and other international brands while Magnolia lent their manufacturing infrastructure, distribution network, and Filipino consumer patronage. In 1 998, San Miguel regained its ownership of the Magnolia brand. It withdrew from the Magnolia-Nestle partnership which led the Magnolia ice cream and milk businesses to close down and not complete with Nestle and their products.
After more than five years, San Miguel reestablished its ice cream and milk businesses through its subsidiary, Magnolia, Inc. Magnolia, Inc. Instated its main ice cream production facility in Santa Rosa, Laguna on May 19, 2010. Eventually after the reliance, the revises ice cream division was renamed into Nestle Ice Cream. Magnolia intends to have readily available products in nearby stores and major outlets nationwide. The company wants a feedback mechanism to monitor the market, and they want to design new approaches when it comes to selling their product.
Branding Despite the fact that Magnolia is well-known in the ice cream industry, after leaving the industry for a long time, the Magnolia Ice Cream find it hard to bring back their former glory. Some consumers, especially children and teenagers, are not familiar with their brand. Being inactive in the market rattle affected the status and name of their brand. Magnolia realized that success does not only depend on the brand so they worked hard starting from scratch to slowly regain their title. The company focused on the product quality and innovations, and by using advertisements and promotions to expose their name to the market.
Through the use of the brand’s heritage, the Magnolia Ice Cream was able to able to capture the eyes of the youth today. San Miguel Corporation has been striving to make the Magnolia brand to become a misbrand. In order to achieve this, the company needs to expose the brand in order to be recognized. Once it becomes widely known, its popularity will eventually be felt abroad, specifically in the Asia-Pacific region. San Miguel advertises their products with an Asian touch along with a distinct local taste. Their recent product line, Best of the Philippines, can be considered as their most effective product innovation.
It promotes the beauty of the Philippines through its flavors which contains special ingredients coming from the different parts of the country. When consumers go to groceries, they usually see Magnolia freezers dedicated to the Best of the Philippines product line only. Ill. Competitive Situation Some of the top players in the ice cream market are Milliner/RFM Corporation, San Miguel Corporation and Nestle Philippines Inc. The leading local brands of ice cream in the Philippines are Selects, Magnolia, and Nestle. Selects Selects originated as a restaurant.
However, customers often visit them for their ice cream instead of the meals they offer. Selects Refreshment Parlor was owned by Ramona Race and his wife. After the restaurant, Race started bespattering carbon’s milk and distributing them using “Selects” as the brand name. Eventually, they ended up having their own ice cream recipe using this ingredient. Selects products began to be distributed to retailers around the country by 1970. Selects was actually on the lower end of the market during 1990 when ARM Corporation bought the brand. This made the company to improve its recipe and had it aggressively marketed.
After these measures, they immediately became a great threat to its competitors. Celesta’s target market during this time are A, B and upper C markets. The company’s success formula is “a winning combination of a high quality product, marketing innovation, modern production technology and a strong distribution network” In 1 999, ERM Company teamed up with Unlived, the world’s largest ice cream company (?5 billion annual turnover), to strengthen itself for competition. The joint-venture became a success and Selects eventually became the leading ice cream brand, defeating all its competitors.
In 1994, Selects had an agreement with Fun Characters Inc. In order to promote their ice cream products using Disney Characters. Selects had another agreement with Hershey Foods International in order to use Heresy’s brand names for he ice cream products. Celesta’s aggressive marketing strategy focuses on kids aged 5-14, targeting their need for belongingness. They use television as their medium of advertisement and family bonding as their advertising theme. Selects products are widely patronized because it is readily available in various shopping stores, supermarkets, sari-sari stores, convenience stores and mini groceries.
It also has its own scooping station in selected areas. Nestle Race Dairy Chapter 21 SOOT Analysis Strengths 1. Management 2. Research and development 3. Manufacturing 4. Offerings 5. Finance Weaknesses Advertisements 2. Limited Resources 3. Retail Value Share Market Development 4. 5. Customer-Relationship Management Opportunities 1. Economic 2. Technology Increase in demand 3. 4. Expansion 5. Innovation The reads 1. Competition 2. Consumer 3. Legal/Regulatory 4. Market Share 5. Cost of Raw Materials Magnolia has done a great job in maintaining Magnolia ahead of its competitors.
They were able to establish as a market leader and made it hard for their competitors to compete with them. With its extensive geographical spread, they were able to ship from various locations unlike some of its mediators who only ship from Manila. 2. Research and development In the industry that demands continual innovation and diversification, it made sure that they are ahead their competitors because of its comprehensive research to foresee market trends and become trend-setters as well. By offering various flavors and carrying out research to find out what consumers like, Magnolia has been able to become dominant in the market. . Manufacturing They themselves are the one who manufacture and distribute their own products. With the advantage of a dairy farm and a large geographical spread, hey dictate their supply to consumers and assure that all Of the requirements of its 3 product lines are met. 4. Offerings Because of constant innovation and research, Magnolia made sure that it constantly offers distinct products to customers. Their wide range of product and different flavors constantly mean that consumers get satisfied at the variety of options.
Magnolia has a strong market position and low manufacturing costs. Magnolia has guaranteed that its finances are maintained well. And this can clearly be seen at how well Magnolia has been able to expand their offerings ND manufacturing plants within the Philippines. There is potential for more growth. Impulsive buying assures that consumers are willing to spend on Magnolia’s ice cream and the different intention and occasions mean that ice cream is a product that can be bought for various reasons. 2. Technology. Technology nowadays has become a big part of society.
As times [asses by, Magnolia may want to add more technology into the manufacturing to reduce production and labor expense. 3. Increase in demand Consumers these days are more likely to eat ice cream because of the hot weather we are experiencing in the Philippines. Addition to that is consumers nowadays tend to be attracted or are fund at trying new things. That is what Magnolia is doing; producing wide range of choices and unique flavors to the consumers. Also, the relation to the increasing economy, people are now more capable of buying ice cream, which is considered as a luxury product to middle class people. . Expansion Magnolia is not only producing and selling quality and tasty desserts, but also a place where consumers can eat and relax while enjoying the product. On April of 2008, Magnolia reintroduced the ice cream parlor which consumers jack then had lots of good memories and joy. 5. Innovation People crave for different flavors. They want something distinct and unusual. Magnolia started offering unique flavors incorporated with their products. This is a great way to keep up with the competition. Weakness 1 . Advertisement Magnolia has been in the farthest end when it comes to media advertisements.
Some of their TV ads incorporate all similar prod cuts in just one commercial. They don’t focus on promoting just one product. People may not pay attention to their advertisements because they present too much information all at once. 2. Limited Resources Companies provide retailers their exclusive refrigerators. Usually when people enter convenience stores or markets, they only see either “Selects” or “Nestle”. Consumers rarely see a freezer exclusive to Magnolia only 3. Retail Value Share Not all their products are performing well in terms of Value Share.
Some are at the top of its market, and some are not even recognized by people. 4. Magnolia presents only a few variety of promotion. This leads to a stagnant market share in some of their products. 5. Customer-Relationship Management While some competitors are actively making noise around the social media, Magnolia seems to be new to this type of communication. Since social media is one of the most common channels of advertisement, they must adapt to the situation so they can effectively communicate with their customers. Recently, foreign companies have been entering the market.
Magnolia has to fight for its brand to stay at the top of the competition. With a limited number of local competitors, Magnolia has been a strong challenger to Selects, which is the number one ice cream brand in the Philippines. 2. Consumer Since foreign companies have started entering the local ice cream market, consumer might be influenced to buy from them. This is because they have a more recognizable brand, thus imposing a threat to Magnolia in terms of market share. 3. Legal/Regulatory Given that there is a high barrier of entry for foreign companies, it is quite hard to infiltrate the industry.
However, the country is now encouraging foreign investors, Magnolia may face a major problem against foreign companies for market share. 4. Industry/Market Share Magnolia has been one of the major domestic competitors in the country, avian a market share of 77%. Though they are a huge brand in the market, foreign companies entering the country may put Magnolia’s dominance at risk. 5. Cost of Raw Materials Higher material costs and growing demand for food are some major threats of Magnolia. This may cause a price increase in their products. MARKETING PLAN Submitted to: Ms.
Marble Opus Chance Submitted by: BENIGN, Angelino CHON, Tummy GROUP 6 Date: September 30, 2014 References (201 3, 05). Magnolia Ice Cream. Studded. Com. Retrieved 08/2014, from http://www. W. Studded. Com/essays/Magnolia-LLC-Cream-1708012. HTML Magnolia Home Page. Retrieved 08/2014 from http:// micromanagement. Com. PH/recommend. PH San Miguel Home Page. Retrieved 08/2014 from http://move. Semiprofessionals. Com/page/our- business (2014, 05). Selects. Retrieved 08/2014, from http:// oversimplifications. Webby. Com/uploads/119/0/7/19074109/ ha_product_design_house_of_quality. UDF (201 3, 12) Magnolia Report. Retrieved 08/2014, from http://www. Scribed. Com/doc/194023186/Magnolia- Full-Report CHAPTER 3 : GOALS AND OBJECTIVES A goal tells where a business wants to go and is a broad statement of what the firm wants to achieve. Objectives on the other hand are more specific ND quantitative indicating sales volume (units or peso), market share, profit, etc. This part should include: – Statement of goals of the firm for the product/ brand – Short term objectives (for the next fiscal year) – Medium term objectives ( for the next 2-3 years) – Long term objectives (for the next 4-5 years).
CHAPTER 4 : MARKETING MIX STRATEGIES AND PROGRAMS I. Target Market This part appears if there is a need for the firm to change or expand its current target market. This includes: – Size of the new market – Demographic characteristics Consumers located in urban areas tend to be less health conscious than hose in the provinces. It is crucial for them to observe a healthy diet even if they tend to be on the go. Usually, people situated in cities are more likely to purchase ice cream on a daily/weekly basis.
Having the Freshly Organic line would provide a lot of health benefits for avid ice cream consumers. Herbal smoothies and juices are popular in the city so this will be a great innovation for the ice cream industry. – Cryptographic characteristics Unlike typical ice cream lines, the proposed Freshly Organic line targets consumers with a healthy lifestyle. People who would prefer these products re those health-conscious and those who value nutrition. Patrons on a strict diet can now enjoy ice cream even after their “cheat day”.
Buyers with certain health situations can now appreciate eating ice cream without worrying about their current condition. Children who usually hate vegetables can now delight in this delicious treat. I. Product Development/ Innovation Program – Unique Selling Proposition The product line concentrates on being healthily delicious. There are a lot of products that does not promote health but are widely patronized by consumers. It is important to create balance within a product. Freshly Organic” Ice Cream offers three delicious yet healthy flavors that can be enjoyed by everyone.
A. Product Positioning Freshly Organic Ice Cream product line positioned itself as innovative ice cream flavors that are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Ice cream should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their condition. With this new product innovation, each person is given the chance to indulge in a guilt- free great tasting treat. Malagasy Organic Ice Cream Marring leafier leaves contain Vitamin A, B, C, Calcium, Iron, Protein, and Potassium. This vegetable is essential to combat against malnutrition.
It strengthens the immune system, improves skin conditions, regulates blood pressure, and relieves headache. Pulverize Malagasy leaves have no proven side effects therefore it is safe to incorporate in any recipe. Bitter Gourd Organic Ice Cream Memoranda character contains egg calories per egg serving. It contains Polypeptide-P and charting which are responsible for the reduction blood sugar levels, especially for type-2 diabetes patients. Bitter Gourd is a great source of Vitamin C, which is a natural antioxidant that eliminates harmful ere radicals in the body.

Marketing Plan

Revisiting Recommendations of the Marketing Plan

The key focuses of the marketing plan are as follows:
Cooperative Marketing: Techniques to create additional market awareness for two companies in one ad campaign. Offering discounts to the partners customer on the GGI products
Advertising on Internet: Ads can be put on other companies’ websites, as well, in the form of banners and other “clickable” type links routing potential customers to our website.

Another idea in the marketing plans talks of merging the two points mentioned. We can look at different internet sites for cities and towns, such as their respective Chamber of Commerce and other such sites where new residents, who are looking to furbish their homes, might look to for ideas of where to shop and what products to buy. The companies already respected and listed in the Chamber would be suitable for internet cooperative marketing ad campaigns.
Collaborating with Dealers and Distributors : Dealers and/or independent distributors of our products could be allotted a budget to advertise based on a percentage of their net profits for the last year
Measuring the effectiveness of the Marketing Plan
Jaworski in his definition of marketing control states the Monitoring performance provides one informational means to help planned marketing activities produce desired results (Jaworski 1988, p.24). Control theory assumes that management has a strategy and a known set of intermediary stages (plans) with which actual performance can be compared.
Metrics selection is a key process by which marketing managers can learn to improve performance by adjusting the utility levels associated with marketing. Say, if a company realizes that the performance in one of the marketing channel is not leading to the desired results they can look at realigning their strategy and look at a possibility of investing more in the other marketing avenues.
Philip Kotler lists four types of marketing controls (table 22.1, p.685): annual-plan, profitability, efficiency and strategic. These distinguish whether the company is selecting the right goals (strategic), whether they are being achieved (effectiveness or annual-plan), where the company is making or losing money (profitability) and the return on marketing expenditure (efficiency). (Kotler 2003 pg 685)
In the current landscape the most important for GGI is to expand its base and derive maximum mileage on minimum investment. The challenge is finding maximum share of voice in the cooperative marketing and raise
Sales, Value and/or Volume
Gross Margin
Market Share (Volume or Value)
Number of Consumer Complaints (Level of dissatisfaction)
Consumer Satisfaction
Total Number of Customers
Marketing Spend
Perceived Quality/esteem
TO achieve this, the following metrics are suggested for GGI
The metrics for each marketing channel at a primary level should measure the efficiency of each channel i.e. the ROI on each channel as a whole, be it collaborative marketing or marketing through internet each channel has a role to play in the marketing strategy and that needs to be tracked. Share of wallet in case of distributor’s can be a good tool to be measured here.
Each element of the channel needs to be measured on the following items:
Consumer Attitudes consisting of Awareness, perceived quality, Satisfaction, relevance, image/personality, perceived differentiation,
Consumer Behavior measuring Total number of customers, Number of new customers, reference customers and Loyalty
Accounting would include sales, gross and net margins, profitability
In case of GGI the stated metrics can be applied on the marketing channels like web marketing, cooperative marketing can be evaluated on the ROI. If the ROI of any channel is not satisfactory then the reasons can be explored from the metrics mentioned in point two (for each element). Perhaps one or more elements are not performing as expected.
A remedial measure of finding a suitable element can be done. For example if the returns on the Cooperative marketing are not up to the mark we can view the performance of the elements. If they show inconsistency in data i.e. performance of some elements is satisfactory and others is not then we need to look at switching the partners chosen for cooperative marketing. On the other hand if all the elements reflect a poor quality then the channel strategy needs to be re-looked at.
Improving on Metrics
To improve on the metrics GGI needs to take the individual cases. For Web marketing the company needs to consider the different pricing model for putting up the banners at different websites. These models can be pay per click, fixed time banner, output based banners. The company can also look at Search Engine Optimization, Viral marketing as an extension to the Web marketing
For Cooperative marketing the choice of channels would be the instrumental. Also improving on the share of voice in the common advertisement is importance.  The choice of partner is very critical. The partner should preferable be a complimentary or a reseller of similar products. But the channel dynamics become critical in these cases.
Jaworski, Bernard J. (1988), “Toward a Theory of Marketing Control: Environmental Context, Control Types, and Consequences”, Journal of Marketing, Vol.52, No.3, pp.23-39
Kotler, Philip (2003), Marketing Management, (11th edition), Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall

Marketing Plan

Access Marketing Plan for Specific

Introduction and Executive Summary Access marketing plan for specific international target market Launching a new high-tech product, the Water Logged Company in Australia has been dealing with gardening products with good reputation in domestic market. The new product called ‘Jelly House’ is a solidified log of water that is like a clear log Jelly which can be buried in the ground at the base of plants, as the ground dries out, the water log slowly breaks down liquefying as required, ensuring the plant receives the necessary water to survive.
Due to the convenience of the product, the company economies another opportunity with foreign countries. Meanwhile the ‘Jelly House’ could be welcomed for people who live in a big city without garden. From February to August 2013, we are aiming to sell 50,000 sets of ‘Jelly House’ into Seoul for the first promotion in Korea. It is a clear selling point that busy city life causes large stress on people therefore they want natural items around them like pets, plant pots, flower bases. From the previous research we could verify more women prefer plant pots than man but there has been no following-up result so far.
Before the Company goes to international arrest, they should make sure the product would appeal for busy people, deciding to experiment in Seoul. Sealing are famous with their complicate taste and detailed and effective critique; lots of cosmetic and household appliance companies use them as testing group before they launch new products. As a testing market we chose Seoul which has the high dense population and with 20 percentage of single resident. 1. 1 About ‘Jelly House’ ‘Jelly House’ is the result of the high-tech in CEO- friendly business to have contributed the effort on building up sustainable environment.

With the big concern on natural environment the company has been developed group of products which could help plants/trees to survive under any weather conditions. 1. 2 About our company the Water Logged’ Water Logged recently made the decisive decision to find a larger market abroad as new product came out and domestic market has been saturated with similar products. The company has been invested in innovative products which could appeal individual customers than professional in industry. Water Logged has 6 main branches in Australia with 1 head office in Sydney where main invest and research work has done.
The main manufacture factories are in rural area in Sydney and China. Therefore targeting East Asia to promote the product could save some budget to transport our products as the geographical location, the Seoul. Step 2 – Select appropriate marketing activities Access Marketing Plan for Specific International Target market By dissatisfaction market, undertake the following tasks. Be sure to seek clarification about the marketing plan prior to commencing the following activities. (1. 2) In the first section of your report, undertake the following: 2. Summaries the following: 2. 1. 1 with confidence of the product, the company is going to appeal to countries which either celebrate the Arbor day or have population of planting, gardening or potential development in terms of individual needs. As for the authorities ; donating a few type of product over the Arbor week to promote planting As for the special group; Contacting local landscape union to distribute sample product As for individual customer; Contacting ‘exhibition trade’ to install exhibition corner.
Besides the company’s rapid growth which is increasing its market share within domestic market, with sales and exports going up, we are able to challenge to the ewe markets. With the excellent outcome, the Jelly House, we are capable to succeed in the world market. However, the research, planning and some other requirements must be precisely followed to achieve our goals. As the results, the research tells the sponsorship and participation to the relevant event are the best way to open/enter the new market.
Arbor Day (from the Latin arbor, meaning tree) is a holiday in which individuals and groups are encouraged to plant and care for trees. It originated in Nebraska City, Nebraska, United States by J. Sterling Morton. The first Arbor Day was led on April 10, 1872 and an estimated one million trees were planted that day. Many countries now observe a similar holiday. Though usually observed in the spring, the date varies, depending inclination and suitable planting season. Arbor Day was a public holiday in South Korea on April 5 until 2005. The day is still celebrated, though.
On nonlinear years, the day coincides with Hansen. s. 1. 2. 1. 2 The specific international marketing goals and objectives ; Considering the level of the Korea and the concern on the health environment of people in big cities, the objective of the company will be selling 50,000 (Approve. 500,000) sets of ‘Jelly House’ into Seoul(the capital city in Korea) in the first year. We will target people who would live in apartment with busy working life; we will promote the strength of the product which provides ‘consistent water supply for plant when it is dry season or any reason couldn’t do watering.
Moreover, promoting the company image as a high-tech leader in sustainable environmental business is a key to open the new market. From Wisped, the free encyclopedia ; A megabits with a population of over 10 million, Seoul is the largest city proper in the COED developed world. The Seoul National Capital Area is the world’s second largest metropolitan area with over 25 million inhabitants. The company sees the opportunity to adventure with minimal risk in Korea. We have belief in the succeed in Korea market as the country still celebrates the Arbor day with huge population of planting, gardening and other individual needs. . 2 Identify and document a minimum of 4 of marketing activities for the target market. (1. 3) 1 . Building up Weeping to promote [acknowledge products 2. Donating sample product to local authorities/office leaders to get positive feedback which loud be used to convince future customers. 3. Providing sample products during initial promotion / trading events 4. Performing Ads on magazines, distributing printed information(Flyers, Posters, Leaflets… ) through nurseries, plant shops 5. Providing detailed information to Journalists/flogger/magazines to be published on media before spring – typical planting season.
Advantages Disadvantages Setting up web pages – Providing products’ information and – Need time to get various feed-back or detail when customer needed customer registered in the beginning. Regardless of time or lace even from – Might require another budget to other countries. Acknowledge people exist of home- Able to follow customer’s movement, page current interest, curiosity, and feedback. – Able to set up internet shop. – Forming good company image in Korea and link the company with other neighbor product markets. – Good chance to get free media announcement as the event will be broadcasted. The best way to approach to customers when the products are not familiar with them. – Big possibility to form good reputation even before entering the market. – Friendly gibbous industries could point our product when they sell their products. – Uncertainty to be invited in the event at the first attempt. – The cost for sponsoring our products will cost high in initial budget. Sponsorship Distribution of free sample through major nurseries and neighbor business – The high risk about spending budget on uncertain customer. – The success of activity largely depends on place where the activity takes place.
Participation to Trading fairs such as ‘Korea Landscape Expo and ‘Housing friend Expo, etc. – Direct way to access and build – For the success of the activity the relationships with customer in the company needs specialized staff with beginning of the business and explanation, which requires training session for those staff. – Able to meet various customer and immediate feedback as well – Difficult to measure the benefits from the trading fair. – For foreign company the host ensures all products going through without the customs formalities 2. Research relevant cultural and social requirements, environmental issues, ethical principles and relevant legislation for the target market. 0 Cultural and social requirements: – Korean tends to prefer to make sure product’s quality before using. Korean value CEO-friendly goods and company with image of taking social responsibilities as recognition of member of community. – Young Korean tends to purchase through online shopping-mall, Home-shopping Channel when they have time. – Once they satisfy with products, Korean hold large loyalty on it; keeping on purchase same product and hardly changing. Environmental Issues: – Checking with local Food and Drug Administration in terms of the chemical elements the products contain before release. – NO poisonous left- 0 Relevant Legislation – Applying for the import tariffs (generally 8%), and an approval room the relevant agency and the quarantine station. – The certificate of origin, registration the company as the foreign exporter to the Korean government – Copyrights, contractual obligations, – privacy laws for setting up web-pages. 2. 4. Analyses the range of marketing activities based on(l . 4, ARK, 3, RSI): 2. 4. 1 The cultural / social issues that need to be addressed.
Report on the cultural [social suitability of the activities. ; As for the social issues, there are huge number of people who have at least a couple of plants at home as the majority of population in big city residents in apartment which couldn’t allow people gardening or Vega-patch. So it has been common sense for people to have plant/small Vega-pots inside home/veranda. Besides Korean customers are fond of CEO friendly product therefore the company should make sure they are clean environmental products and would leave no harms behind in terms of the exposure to young children at each household. Socially the Korean customers look into the web- pages thoroughly before ordering – Building up CEO-friendly company image takes great role in Korea. It could be linked to future selling. – As Korean customers tend to ensure the products fore use it could lead the company to potential customers Participation to Trading fairs such as ‘Korea – Take time to build up constructive relationship Landscape Expo’ and ‘Housing friend Expo, etc. With similar business group. 2. 4. Legislative requirements. Report on any legislative requirements for the market. ; Generally the product needs to be proved the safety in chemical components, environmental effect after use, registration the company as the foreign exporter to the Korean government, copyrights, contractual obligations, privacy laws, an approval room the relevant agency and the quarantine station. – Registration (name of the company, the shopping mall of the products to sell, the purpose of the web-pages, etc. – Providing confidentiality for customer’s privacy and – Need to provide up-dated correct information in terms of ethical Issues – International legal documentation to prove the safety of the products. – Checking with authorities to sponsor the arbor day events – Ensuring the safety of the product in terms of percentage of chemical component – Need to prove the safety of the products. – The legal contract with a distribution agency Participation to Trading fairs such as ‘Korea – Legal documentation about the product; the usage, Landscape Expo’ and ‘Housing friend Expo, etc. Heimlich components, 2. 4. 3 The costs and viability of each activity. Report the costs for the activities. Then priorities the activities based on the costs and viability. ; As the product will be the steady product in future market the company focuses on long-term benefit rather than short term. For the first year in Korean market, we aim to improve the company image as the high-tech leader in environmental business. Cost – Approve. 30,000 for purchasing software, programming, design, and management. Long term effect.
Sponsorship Distribution of free sample through major nurseries and neighbor business – Approve. $1 50,000 for providing – Promoting good company image flyers and sample products and spreading the product name – Approve. $100,000 for providing – Positive about the long-term sample products with flyers. Viability of the product. Participation to Trading fairs – Approve. $200,000 for setting such as ‘Korea Landscape Expo’ exhibition booth and wage of staff and ‘Housing friend Expo, etc. – Positive about the future long- ERM viability of the product. . 5 From this analysis, select the 2 most appropriate marketing activities for the product/service for the specific region. 0 Sponsorship : Approve. $100,000 – Costs of sponsoring are the most expensive among other marketing activities however it is clear chance to promote the company image and awareness on the new product ‘Jelly house’ – The company will be able to build up good relationships with authorities, office leaders and media. – Collaboration with neighbor businesses through sponsoring will help company with market entering. Participation to trading fairs : Approve. 50,000 – The cost is reasonable and it could be light expenses to introduce the product directly to potential customers. – The best way to introduce the product to the market – The specially trained staff with wide knowledge about the high-tech product take huge role in terms of accessing customer in the events, to offer better usage regarding to the plants the customer has/will have. 2. 6 Document the selected marketing activities with costs and rationale.
Explain how your choice of marketing activities meets the marketing objectives, cultural, ethical Through the analysis of the marketing activities the company is able to narrow down he best chance to be succeeded in competitive market by comparing each activity and selecting the best options that will help the company to achieve our objectives, the overview of these activities can be found below. The company decides to concentrate on improving the image of the product through the activities below rather than misaligning company profit.
Sponsorship – Approve. $1 50,000 Participation to trading fairs – Approve. $200,000 Cost Objectives – It is effective to increase the awareness of – The best way to approach to customers and the new product, through the sponsor of forming good reputation/feedback even cantonal event, the arbor day, to enhance the before entering the market. CEO-friendly company image. – In the Korea, people highly value the benefits from green plants like providing oxygen and clean air. Therefore people don’t have garden would buy some plant pots on the arbor day. 54% of company expressed their satisfaction from previous exhibition. – A quarter of participators found new market through the last event. – Approve. 58,000 visitors for the previous event – The information on the event is released on the air, magazines and radio – Same show takes place in several cities. Culture Ethical/Legal – Raising chance to get certification to export – For foreign participator, the host provides from the authority. Simple custom process. – Promoting good company image and spreading the product name – Good opportunity to research the trend of market and public opinion.
Viability Step 3 Implementing international marketing activities Now that you have identified and selected appropriate marketing activities for your product for a specific region, it’s time to create an action plan for implementing international marketing activities. 3. 1 Priorities and document your chosen marketing activities. 2. 1) Sponsorship Participation to trading fairs – Researching the trading fairs where our products will be introduced. – Organizing staff member who will in charge of international marketing activities Phrase 1 .
Preparation Period authorities. – Organizing staff member who will in charge of international marketing activities Phrase 2. Planning Period – Making first contact to the authorities – Negotiation & building relationship with – Identify and clarify the need for the product – Exploring the potential desired outcomes for working together – Checking tariff problems and legal Issues – Taking successful actions; mixed marketing activities could be taken places such as using media to announce the action of the sponsorships. Holding management meetings with our partners to assess progress and targets – Check our action plan is implemented effectively, managing our staff – Listening to our partner’s feedback and guiding feedback back into the consultant system – Reflecting on the work – Identifying what worked and what could be improved in the future – Designing continuity actions Phrase 3 Implementing – Making first contact to the host – Negotiation for specific details with the host –
Ensuring the desired outcomes in terms of exposure to media – Training staff members who will introduce the products during trading fairs – Checking tariff problems – Taking successful actions; making contact with potential customers and explain the Jelly House to customer / suggest how to use with each plant. – Check our action plan is implemented effectively, managing our staff Phrase 4 Evaluating our Promotion activities – Listening to our partner’s feedback and guiding feedback back into the consultant system – Reflecting on the work – Identifying what worked and what could be improved in the future – Designing continuity actions 3. Determine and document the resources needed for implementation. (2. 1) ; Through the thorough research carried out in Korea in terms of implementation those marketing activities, we learned a few requirements to be prepared to enter the market. – Suitable events to promote our products, such as ‘Korea Landscape Expo’ and ‘Housing friend Expo, etc. – Looking for business partnership in Korea – Personnel who has high capability of compromise and reaching to the decision. – Personnel who will be in charge of supervision on setting up weeping.
Personnel either whit Korean background or familiarity with Korean culture and business manner – Brochure, flyers and advertisements on sponsorship events – To study indigenous Korean plants to match with the product’s usage – Online banner promotion which will be hung in our neighbor business like nursery, equipment shopping mall. For implementing the marketing activities. (2. 5, IRK, RSI) ; By the previous contact and research, the company decides to looking forward to partnership, however there are still a few things the company has to prepare before the contract to be made.
Contractual obligations with sponsorship companies for overseas regulatory affair; KAFKA which includes Export License, Permit, Approval and Safety and Effectiveness. – Providing the samples of the product to ERDA(Rural Development Administration; the Korean relevant authority) to export in terms of Environmental and safety Issues – The legal document and formal contract on Tariffs – Export Process; opening a letter of credit – Level requirements on the product. Chemical components and percentages, warning, translation of English – the company provides with technical knowledge and monumental information in both Korean and English to lessen language barrier) – Employment laws – this will lead the company to hire the right person for the staff introducing company products. – Checking with authorities to sponsor the Arbor Day events. – Applying for the patent right to prevent of being copied. Copyrights and IP laws – Privacy laws 3. 4 Determine and document who will be involved in the marketing activities and what roles and responsibilities they will have to ensure a successful self-managed team. (2. 2) Who Role – Overseas marketing Director Responsibility & Activity for rumination – In charge of entire marketing processes – Maintain harmony between domestic and overseas markets. Give advice to team members when they need it – Observe overseas marketing activities; following up with real-time progress – Analyses the real time trend on markets – Negotiation & building relationship with our co- operator – Check our action plan is implemented effectively, managing our staff- In charge of translation and introducing products in Korea – Performing the part of mediator between Australia and Korea – Explain the Jelly House to potential customer / suggest how to use with each plant.