Many People Have Different Learning Styles

Your role of organizing and delivering training tarts by identifying the learners’ needs. Before the course starts, You need to carry out an initial assessment of all learners, by direct contact or through their training manager / unit manager. Planning Your responsibilities are: 1 . To ensure that once the syllabus is known, you prepare for the lesson and lesson plans generated 2. To ensure the course structure and timetable are developed 3. To ensure that resources are planned IEEE laptops, projectors etc 4. To ensure accommodation is suitable 5. To get to know our students and their needs 6.
To ensure that our knowledge is up to date 7. Organization is number 1 priority in delivering a good lesson 8. To organize the class room layout to suit the group you are teaching. It is necessary to keep up to date with any changes in the training curriculum, especially in SST John Ambulance as things like first aid modifications / principals change frequently to keep up with modern changes in everyday lifestyle and delivering first aid or methods in teaching. Shoots Ambulance offer regular training days / evenings to keep up to date with any changes.
Boundaries with Planning There are limitations with planning, in that a Teacher can only plan for what s known and there may be unexpected occurrences that have to be dealt with in the lesson. However, there also has to be an element of “expect the unexpected” Delivery Your responsibilities are 1. To ensure that delivery is clear and concise 2. That standards are maintained 3. That YOU deliver your lesson to a consistently high standard 4. That YOU deliver a differentiated lesson taking into account different learning styles, and a differentiated lesson to engage learners at different levels.


Knowledge Essay

Knowledge is to know or understand something or someone. It is the information, truth or expertise acquired through learning or experience. It can be implicit or explicit. Knowledge is a very wide concept and has no end. Acquiring knowledge involves cognitive processes, communication, perception and logic.
It is also the human capacity to recognize and accept the truth. Knowledge is Wisdom; acquiring knowledge makes you wise and improves your social status. A knowledgeable person is commands respect in the society and holds a dignified position. Acquiring knowledge is a never ending process and requires only basic inquisitiveness and a desire to learn.
Long and Short Essay on Knowledge in English

We have provided below Long and Short Essay on Knowledge in English for you.
These Knowledge Essay will give you an insight into the real meaning of knowledge and its importance in life.
After going through these long and short essays on education you will know the role that knowledge plays in our day to day life and in our overall progress.
Short Essay on Knowledge – Essay 1 (200 words)
Knowledge is awareness and understanding of something such as information, facts, narration or skills gained through education and experience by observing, discovering or learning. It refers to both theoretical and practical comprehension of a subject. Knowledge comes into practice with our actions. Knowledge guides us to a certain goal in life. Humans progress with the growth of knowledge. Human beings are ruled by both mind and heart, and knowledge is a part of the mind. Without knowledge human beings would have been as good as animals. We as humans are powerful as we use the power of knowledge to empower other living beings and nature for our benefits.
Knowledge can be used for positive as well as negative purposes. So knowledge can create and destroy at the same time. Some use knowledge for personal progress as well as the progress of the community, city, state and nation. But some may use it for negative purposes that may not only harm individuals but can also harm the community, city, state and even the nation as a whole.
Knowledge is crucial in varied aspects of life. We, humans would not have developed and progressed so much in life without knowledge about various things we are surrounded with.

Essay on Knowledge is Power – Essay 2 (300 words)
“Knowledge is power” is a very meaningful and important proverb. It refers to the power and awareness that we acquire through knowledge that we gain from experience and education. A well educated and knowledgeable person can make wiser decisions based on his understanding of day to day situations to overcome a difficult problem. Knowledge is superior to muscle power. Power is the ability to work and act effectively.
Earlier man used to live a life of a nomad at the mercy of nature. He used to wander in search of food and shelter and to protect himself from wild animals and other dangers. Soon man started observing nature and events happening around him and started gaining knowledge. He discovered fire and its uses. He also started making tools for hunting purposes and developed his hunting skills.
With his power of knowledge man began to develop and discover natural phenomenon. He started using nature for his personal advantage. Knowledge made his life comfortable and he started living a more settled life by building huts for shelter. Today, man has developed by leaps and bounds. He makes use of his knowledge to dominate others. With knowledge man has achieved all the leisures and comforts in life.

Knowledge gave him the power over physically strength. Man has now educated and cultured himself. He has immensely progressed in the field of science and technology. He is the most powerful creature on Earth and dominates nature and other physically strong species with his mental strength and ability.
Man has succeeded in diverse aspects of life with the power of knowledge. In day to day life knowledge is important to deal with any kind of problem or situation. Thus, knowledge is power. It is more powerful than any other power. A knowledgeable person is respected by everyone around.

Essay on Knowledge and Wisdom – Essay 3 (400 words)
Knowledge is awareness and understanding of something. It refers to the information, facts, skills and wisdom acquired through learning and experiences in life. On the other hand, wisdom is the ability to think and act wisely by using knowledge gained through understanding, experience and learning.
Wisdom is the understanding about why things behave in a certain way. It is to have deeper insight into something than just knowing them on the surface level. Wisdom is to understand the consequences of certain actions for one-self and for others. Developing wisdom is very important. Developing wisdom is one of the reasons of gaining education and knowledge.
Wisdom vs. Knowledge
Wisdom refers to the coordination of “experience and knowledge” and how to effectively use both to improve wellbeing. We gain knowledge by learning and education and wisdom is the attribute of being wise. Knowledge gives us a clear understanding of facts and truth and wisdom helps us make correct decisions in life. If a person learns about any particular subject such as history or geography then he can eventually gain knowledge about that subject. He can read books or research online to develop knowledge on any topic of his interest.

Having knowledge alone is not enough but the ability to use your knowledge and experience effectively in day to day life is important. Wisdom is the ability to solve problems with the knowledge you have. Wisdom is to act in any given circumstance with knowledge about its various aspects. It is to practice self-control during the hardships and challenges of life and to patiently deal with it.
It is to understand the feelings and emotions of one-self and others. Wisdom helps you overcome negative feelings and have a positive perspective towards life. It leads you towards meaningful and purposeful life. On the other hand, knowledge has made man wise and the most powerful creature on Earth.
The progress man has made is through knowledge as well as wisdom. Even if we were wise but we didn’t have knowledge about diverse things in life we wouldn’t have developed so much and vice-versa.
We have learnt so much by gaining knowledge and education and we seek more and more knowledge every day. Wisdom is important to wisely put that knowledge into practice. The skill of wisdom is important for everything we do in life. Thus, knowledge and wisdom go hand in hand. Having knowledge alone is of no good and same goes for wisdom.

Essay on Knowledge Based Education – Essay 4 (500 words)
Knowledge based education puts emphasis on teaching and learning based on broadly shared knowledge as it builds strong foundation for future learning. It provides a stock full of useful facts and a set of flexible skills. Unless we know the content and context we cannot demonstrate our skills. In knowledge based education learners get information that they need to know and how to apply that information in real life. Acquiring knowledge is the first step towards the development of an individual.
Knowledge based education is based on both knowledge that students already have and the knowledge they are going to obtain. Knowledge is facts and information and a set of scientific principles. It is about knowing and learning to do something. It is about developing social skills. Knowledge based education gives you a deeper insight and better understanding of the subject. It builds confidence to discuss about various topics with people around you.
Importance of knowledge based Education:

Knowledge increases Knowledge: We always learn something new by building on knowledge that we have. To learn something new we need to have basic knowledge first. For example, if you want to buy a dress of Sonam Kapoor and Rhea Kapoor’s brand “Rheson” you will search online where you can buy the dress. But if you never knew the name of the brand and that the brand even exists then you wouldn’t be searching for it. It is important to know to learn more. To move on from one step to another we need to know more. Like in school we start from LKG, UKG and then move on to 1st standard, 2nd standard and so on. It builds the strong base.
Reading Comprehension: Reading helps to decode text and improves fluency to pronounce the speech sounds clearly. In knowledge based education, teachers focus on providing reading instructions to develop comprehension skills such as to understand the main idea, imagine, evaluate and conclude. But to understand and comprehend students need content rich knowledge on the subject.
Communication: Shared knowledge allows you to communicate. Shared knowledge is important for communicating and understanding each other. In school when we discuss about a certain chapter with classmates, they have knowledge about it as it has already been discussed in the classroom by teacher. They are aware of the subject matter in detail so it becomes easy to communicate. Students can also identify what they have learnt and what they still don’t know that helps them to clear the doubts later.
Boost Confidence: Knowledge based education boosts confidence in students as they possess essential knowledge and skills to use it. It builds their ability to think and process independently. Knowledge enables them to develop and grow to their full stature. It helps them socialize more confidently and effectively.

Conclusion: Knowledge based education is important as students can advance educationally and become better readers by obtaining knowledge of the world around them. It helps them develop and become socially active. It helps them progress in various aspects of life. Knowledge gives them a better understanding of the world around them.

Essay on Importance of Knowledge in Life – Essay 5 (600 words)
Knowledge is information and skills obtained through education and experience. It is the practical or theoretical insight into a subject. Man has a unique power, “The power of knowledge.” Knowledge gives him a vision in life and helps him develop and progress. It helps him succeed and achieve what he wants in life.
Each and every activity he does or decision he takes in life requires knowledge. Knowledge helps him to create and innovate. It helps him in every aspect of life whether its art, entertainment, studies, cooking, travelling, and managing finance or just about anything. It is also important to put knowledge to good use. As knowledge can create, it can also destroy. If knowledge is used for negative purposes in life it can be very harmful.
Importance of Knowledge

Personal Development: Knowledge is important for personal growth and development. Knowledge can last for lifetime and it impacts our growth which influences everything in our life from relationships to work. By enriching brain with knowledge we improve its ability to think, evaluate and process. We can gain knowledge on everything that we find interesting like any dance form, art, architecture, history or just about anything for our personal development. With knowledge we become more confident about ourselves in life. It is easy for us to socialize confidently and have meaningful conversation with people. It makes us wise enough to independently take our decisions in life. But it is important to adopt positive mindset to become a constant learner only then it helps us progress and achieve our goals.
Knowledge leads to success: In today’s fast paced life without education and the power of knowledge it is not possible to succeed in life. It is not just enough to have knowledge on a particular subject to succeed but it is also important to have knowledge about how to use it effectively to succeed. For example if one is a writer, it’s not just enough to write and get the work published but it’s also important to promote it on social media through various mediums. So, in today’s world it is important to have knowledge about various aspects of a subject.
Day to day events: Knowledge is important and useful in day to day events. For example if I want to order a dress online, I need to have knowledge about how to order it and what are the payment options and what if the product is defective, within how many days I can return the product and so on. So, I need to have knowledge about all its aspects before I place the order. I also need to stay up-to date about the latest schemes and discounts available else I may end up paying more. So gaining knowledge is a constant process and is useful every single day.
Knowledge is important to solve problems: We face many problems in life which can be solved with the power of knowledge. Knowledge enhances cognitive skills like reasoning and problem solving. A strong base of knowledge helps brains function more smoothly and effectively. We become smarter with the power of knowledge and solve problems more easily.

Knowledge is useful in every aspect of life. The more knowledge we have the more power we possess. It is important for our personal and professional development and leads us to achieve success in life. It is the personal attribute that leads us to live a good and humble life. Knowledge helps us in several ways but the best part is that it helps us understand ourselves as well as those around us better. It also helps us act wisely in different situations.


Computer Based Interactive Learning System

Chapter I The Problem and Its Background Introduction A computer based interactive learning mathematics system program created as a learning tool; lecture tutorials help people new skills by using a step by step process. Interactive tutorial deals effectively with students who exhibit challenging behaviors; it is also an important approach to such problems from a research validated theoretical perspective. Interactive lecture tutorial provides basic introduction to the behavioral model.
By understanding and applying the behavioral model, it could increase the livelihood of intervening with problem behaviors andit is appropriate for a wide variety of personnel who work with students and exhibit challenging behaviors such as regular education teachers, special education teachers, school psychologist, school administration, counselor and pre-service teachers. On the other hand, the proponents wanted to provide reliable learning application that would help the existing manual process of learning to its learners. This is through the development of computer-based instruction system in mathematics of PLT preparatory school.
Objectives of the research project To design, developed, and tryout an M-TB-ML computer-based interactive learning mathematics competencies among kinder pupils in PLT College Incorporated. The interactive material will be in tagalog. Specifically the research project aims: 1. To identify the existing infractural materia (in pront form) used in learning mathematics for kinder pupils. 2. 3. To try this among a small group of pupils to determine its effort on their learning and enjoyment. Theoretical and Analytical Framework The paradigm shows the implementation of computer-based instruction system.

This learning process design is a break-through in the field of education. With this, it provides accessibility, reliability and credibility to learners through efficient method, strategy and technique of instruction procedures. * Method * Strategy * Technique * Accessibility * Reliability * Credibility Computer – Based Instruction System in Mathematics of PLT Preparatory School Significance of the Study This study is significant to PLT Preparatory School. Specifically, it is very beneficial to the following entities: Pupils – could have easier understanding that would relate well in the learning process.
Teachers – could lessen the burden in the manual lessons preparation such as visual aids and test questions. Researchers – could provide reliable tool that enhances its learning process. Future researchers – could be an essential guideline and basis for future studies in line with tutorial design. Scope and Delimitation The proposed computer-based interactive learning mathematics limit itself for the preparatory school. When it comes to learning process, the integration of multimedia (e. g. sounds, videos) and animation (e. g. objects) is very much included for reliable delivery of lessons.
In the assessment process, examination is integrated with a friendly user approach through multiple of choices to learners. Progress chart for every learner is provided for monitoring purposes by teachers. Definition of Terms Computer-based – According to wiseGEEK (2013) stated as a term that can be used to describe virtually any kind of learning program using computers as a central staple. This approach to learning takes advantage of the interactive elements of computer software, along with the computer’s ability to present many different kinds of media.
Lesson Delivery – It is a systematic method/procedure of instruction to learners with the objective of imparting reliable knowledge. Lesson Accessibility – A method of instruction delivery that is easy for learners to adopt. On the other hand, it is a method that is internet-base delivery of instruction to learners. Lesson Reliability – It refers to the content of instruction that contains consistent knowledge to learners. Method – It is a set of procedures that teachers utilize in the learning process to learners. Preparatory School – This is a level category in education that focuses on kids learning environment.
Strategy – A method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future, such as achievement of a goal or solution to a problem (Business Dictionary. com, 2013). System – A set of detailed methods, procedures and routines created to carry out a specific activity, perform a duty, or solve a problem (Business Dictionary, 2013). Technique –  a procedure used to accomplish a specific activity or task (Wikipedia, 2013). Teaching Process – are those things undertaken by the teacher in order to promote and support learning by the students (Webb, 2013). Teaching Tool – It is a device or instruments that can help in the teaching process to students.


The Effects of Dynamic Learning Program

In the hybrid system learning mode is the international standard to achieve the dynamic learning program to facilitate learning activity implemented by every school in accordance to newly adopted basic education curriculum program from the United States. The implementation is based on the status of the Philippines as the last Asian country practicing 10th graders than most of the neighbouring countries practicing K-12 program and the only three countries in the world with a 10-year pre-university program (SEAMEO).
Although the implementation is challenging as it requires efforts and hard work coming from different social group, colleges and universities, still we should abide the law on it. The framework of K-12 was developed to pass the international standard so that every Filipinos has a place to cope up what is essential that can bring to our country with their full potentials while doing their job.
The Philippines has undergone a major transition of basic education curriculum. The adoption of K-12 program was announced four years ago. It is adding two more years to the Filipinos total education process and obliging the young to start formal education with kindergarten. The government will facilitate an accelerated economic growth and will facilitate mutual recognition of Filipino graduates and professionals in other countries (Bartolo, 2014).

One of our most consistent findings and understanding about the change process in education is that all successful schools experience “implementation dips” as they move forward (Fullan, 2001). The implementation dip is literally a dip in performance and confidence as one encounter and innovations that requires new skills and understanding.
We were in the environment that is witnessing great changes. From every quarter, we are bombarded with information and new knowledge. The previous methods of applying change through technical expertise and structural changes without consideration for people will not work anymore (Axelrod, 2000). The important lesson is that it is time to systematically include people in the change process and build their capacity of handling change.
Not everything new is fine. Reformation of a certain aspect does not guarantee an improvement. Resistance to change, on the other hand, cannot be taken simply as stubbornly being tied to old ways. Fixing something that is actually not broken is not viable and can even make the matter worst. This is especially true for a system as complex in education. Reform can take more than dreaming (Cruz, 2013)
For these reasons, the researcher acquired a great desire that is inspired by researches in the concept and studies on the effectiveness of early implementation of the program in primary and secondary level what about the impact in tertiary level as viewed by higher educational institution. The researcher wants to know the impact on his colleagues in the field of education to take some actions for colleges and universities for being aware and prepared for planning and management on how to adopt the program effectively. Through understanding of this research, the researcher was hoping that the government institution concerned with this will understand the dilemma on the implementation of basic education program on the higher educational institution.
Conceptual Framework and Research Paradigm
The conceptual framework model shows that K-12 as viewed by locally funded universities and and its impact in higher educational institution.
As shown in the research paradigm, the K-12 guidelines as basis by locally funded universities/colleges in providing added content and support of the program affects the school climate of higher education institution. Hence, the university/colleges awareness for planning and managing of such program was hereby proposed.


Employees’ Behavior at Work

Organizational Development Team D Learning Team Reflection December 3, 2012 This week we learned about the influence of how organizational structure is on behavior. Also we learned how to analyze and influence an organizational culture on behavior. Then there is how power and politics influence people’s behavior. We talked about mechanistic structure and organic structure. When talking about mechanistic structure, the employees know how to present themselves, why there is no room for them to mess up. (Robbins & Judge, 2011).
When people are at work they have to act one way compared to the way they act at home. If the business does not put into place a strong organizational culture, then there could be a lot of unethical behavior in the place of business. This would show the people that work at the place of business and the customers that there is a low organizational structure. All work places of some kind of influence of power and politics. Without the right kind of power and politics in the place of business this could cause discord for people that work in the business.
If this kind of behavior is not watched it could cause other people in the business to feel left out or not appreciated in the right way. In week four we took a look at power and leadership, here we contrasted the two. Power is the influence someone has over another person and leadership uses power to attain goals. It is important that one does not have to be a leader to have power. Many people have the power to coerce others without having the leadership role. We could relate to formal power and compare it to the workplace. We use the different formal powers; coercive, reward, and legitimate powers every day.

When our employees fail to comply with company goals they can get written up which could result in termination. We also use rewards for employees who exceed goals. Exhibit 13-2 in chapter 13 was very humorous; it gave political labels and compared it to effective management. For example, the political label ‘passing the buck’ is known as ‘delegating authority’ for effective management. The things we learned that made us think more was about virtual organizations. Some of us did not know what the full term meant and now we can say that the company one of us works for is one of the utsourcing companies from a virtual organization. Some of the leading companies have the profit that they do because of the flexibility and low overhead. Organizational behavior is here for the people to have a better understanding of the people they work with. The more that we know our surroundings and the people that work in the place we are able to know how to influence the individual or group. This will help each person to feel a part of the team and in return the business will run better because the people working there will not mind doing the work.