Enjoy homework

Analyses two possible reasons why Michael currently has a centralized structure. A centralized structure is a management structure where decision making is done at higher consolidated levels by those with a broader perspective. In a centralized organization, decisions made by higher management are typically communicated to lower organizational tiers who are then expected to accept and move forward in a way, which follows the higher tier managers’ decisions.
Michael currently has a centralized structure to keep consistency in he restaurants and maintain a brand image however the restaurant sector is very diverse which means different parts of the I-J require different approaches which would more so benefit the decentralized Structure. Michael is responsible for the organizational structure that reflects from his personality, management style and characteristics.
Michael has a wider p of control due to the fact it gives him a bigger influence on what happens within the business therefore making more of the decisions and generating us access. 2) Ruth believes Enjoy! Should extend its flexible workforce strategy. To what extent do you agree with this view? A workforce strategy is the company’s overall approach to maximizing the performance of its workforce by stating clearly the goals, objectives and expectations that are made of the workforce. To what extent does Enjoy! Deed to alter their own flexible workforce strategy. Ruth wants to increase the flexibility of the current plan by employing more part time and temporary contracts that they re hoping will increase their labor turnover. A benefit from having more part time contracts would be that the costs of the business are lowered and the company doesn’t have to make a commitment to the employee. Workers are more satisfied and less likely to leave the firm and more likely to speak positively about it.

Although a downside to more part time workers would mean less attachment to Enjoy! As they’re less likely to spend as much time there as a full time employee. Also, they might have less experience doing the job within the firm therefore underperforming in tasks. Ruth wants to focus her costs on the quality of the recruitment agency by using the Hospitality Recruitment Agency who can recognize a gifted candidate when they see one. Enjoy! Always have the opportunity to employ omen full time if they think highly of their performance.