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please read and do the following: 

People in Hawaiian T-shirts. Delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. A place where parking is tight and aisles are tiny. A place where you will be unable to find half the things on your list but will go home satisfied. We are, of course, talking about Trader Joe’s (a privately held company), a unique grocery store headquartered in California and located in 22 states. By selling store-brand and gourmet foods at affordable prices, this chain created a special niche for itself. Yet the helpful employees who stock the shelves and answer questions are definitely key to what makes this store unique and helps it achieve twice the sales of traditional supermarkets.
Shopping here is fun, and chatting with employees is a routine part of this experience. Employees are upbeat and friendly to each other and to customers. If you look lost, there is the definite offer of help. But somehow the friendliness does not seem scripted. Instead, if they see you shopping for big trays of cheese, they might casually inquire if you are having a party and then point to other selections. If they see you chasing your toddler, they are quick to tie a balloon to his wrist. When you ask them if they have any cumin, they get down on their knees to check the back of the aisle, with the attitude of helping a guest that is visiting their home. How does a company make sure its employees look like they enjoy being there to help others?
One of the keys to this puzzle is pay. Trader Joe’s sells cheap organic food, but they are not “cheap” when it comes to paying their employees. Employees, including part-timers, are among the best paid in the retail industry. Full-time employees earn an average of $40,150 in their first year and also earn average annual bonuses of $950 with $6,300 in retirement contributions. Store managers’ average compensation is $132,000. With these generous benefits and above-market wages and salaries, the company has no difficulty attracting qualified candidates.
But money only partially explains what energizes Trader Joe’s employees. They work with people who are friendly and upbeat. The environment is collaborative, so that people fill in for each other and managers pick up the slack when the need arises, including tasks like sweeping the floors. Plus, the company promotes solely from within, making Trader Joe’s one of few places in the retail industry where employees can satisfy their career aspirations. Employees are evaluated every 3 months and receive feedback about their performance.
Employees are also given autonomy on the job. They can open a product to have the customers try it and can be honest about their feelings toward different products. They receive on- and off-the-job training and are intimately familiar with the products, which enables them to come up with ideas that are taken seriously by upper management. In short, employees love what they do, work with nice people who treat each other well, and are respected by the company. When employees are treated well, it is no wonder they treat their customers well daily.
Assignment: Trader Joe’s promotes entirely from within the organization. This means that if you are a good, dedicated worker, you can rise up within the company. The company also pays among the best in the retail industry. And, it creates a work environment that supports autonomy and contribution? Does it need to do invest in all three of these strategies: promotion, pay and work environment?
Write a one-page opinion paper. What is the relative importance of the three strategies in supporting Trader Joe’s success? (In other words, which is most important?) Could Trader Joe’s continue to be successful recruiting and retaining employees without investing in all three strategies? Is so, which should be eliminated or diminished?

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Discussion 4

 Locate an article that reports on the quality of healthcare services. 
The article must be sourced from the mass media and not from an academic or healthcare journal. 
The purpose of this assignment is to review information reported to the general public in a news source that does not exclusively cover healthcare issues. Weekly magazines, such as Time, Newsweek, US News and World Report, Forbes, Money, and Consumer Reports, and newspapers, such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, would be appropriate choices. 
The article may give various examples of good or bad quality instead of covering just one episode of care. 
Your selected article must be a comprehensive review or assessment of some aspect of healthcare services. 
Summarize the article. Be certain to indicate the basis for the report, that is, whether it is the result of academic research, an independent investigation, or something else.
Answer the following questions.

Summarize what conditions, processes, or events are noted as good quality or poor quality healthcare in the article. What is your own assessment of these conditions, processes, or events? Explain.
Does the article assign responsibility to persons or processes for the problems or achievements it reports? Does it provide sufficient evidence for assigning responsibility? Explain your answers.
Assess the suggestions for healthcare quality improvement in the article.
Explain your reaction to this article as a consumer of healthcare services. In answering this question, note how the article uses language and any persuasive techniques.
Explain your reaction to this article as a provider of healthcare services. Why is this reaction the same as or different from your reaction as a consumer?
Is the article fair in its reporting and assessing healthcare quality? Why or why not?

Submission Details:

To support your work, use your course and textbook readings and also use the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.
Your initial posting should be addressed at 300-500 words. Submit your document to this Discussion Area by the due date assigned of this Week. Be sure to cite your sources using APA format.

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Assignment 2: Challenges in the Administration of Juvenile Detention

Here’s What Happened . . .
You are the superintendent of the Centervale Juvenile Detention Center. Centervale’s mayor has been discussing juvenile justice policy with several advisors and has now requested your input. Specifically, the mayor is interested in your thoughts on the various justifications for correction, challenges associated with running a detention center, and steps that might be taken to address those challenges.
Here Is What You Need To Do . . .
Part I
Using the memo template, prepare a memo to the mayor that examines the following:

The mayor is aware that different rationales for the correction of juveniles exist. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the four primary models of corrections and make an argument for the one that should be utilized at the Centervale Juvenile Detention Center. Indicate which primary model will represent the best interests for the youth and the Centervale community. Compare the selected model to the other three models of corrections, identifying the pros and cons of each. Use examples from empirical research as foundational support for your case.
The mayor has been advised at different points on a number of challenges currently facing juvenile corrections, particularly juvenile detention. Based on your knowledge of detention facilities, identify the single greatest challenge to successfully administering the Centervale Juvenile Detention Center. As superintendent, you have unique insight into the struggles of the administration, staff, and detained youths. Describe and analyze the various challenges and point out one that is the most critical. Using empirical research to identify three or four other challenges, examine and explain the significance of these challenges as they relate to successfully administering the Centervale Juvenile Detention Center.

Click here to download the template.
Part II
As the detention center superintendent, you are responsible for choosing from a wide variety of programs and services for implementation within your facility, each with its own goals, processes, and methods. Based on the challenges you outlined in Part I, which program, policies, or initiatives would you select for your detention center? Remember, advocates from multiple programs and initiatives that claim to address the various ills of the justice system routinely approach the mayor touting a particular course of action. As the superintendent, it’s your job to educate the mayor on which program best fits the unique challenges of your community.
Using empirical research, identify and analyze several possible initiatives that would best fit the Centervale Juvenile Detention Center, making sure to point out the strengths and weaknesses of each along with your recommendations. Remember, too, that your recommendations must fit within the general tenets of the correctional rationale you selected in Part I for utilization at the detention center. Also, remember to point out how the programs you recommend might affect the community as well as the youths being housed in the detention center.

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Opertations Management Starbucks Supply Chain & Quality management

My abstract is Starbucks integrates ethics and corporate social responsibility with supply chain efficiency. The company’s strategy for its supply chain involves diversification of suppliers to ensure stability of supply. Starbucks also uses its Coffee and Farmer Equity program to select and prioritize suppliers. This program uses criteria for ethical practices, including an emphasis on sustainability. I also want to talk about Quality management. Starbucks also uses the premium character in quality management. The company carefully sources its coffee beans from coffee farmers who comply with Starbucks quality standards. Premium quality service is ensured through servant leadership and a warm friendly culture. In this decision area of operations management, Starbucks implements high quality to align with the firm’s premium brand image.

Requirements I. Scope: The purpose of the Research Project is to provide you the opportunity to thoroughly understand how a particular Operations Management concept has either significantly helped an organization or as a result of the management’s ignorance of the topic, significantly damaged the organization. II. 
Requirements: You may select any Operations Management topic from the course that you will use as your basis of your research and any corporation that you have an interest in studying. The corporation may be a Multi-National conglomerate or a local business where you may have worked. You are to formulate an argument in either the positive, or negative, based on the performance of the company’s management in relation to the course topic chosen. You will be required to turn in a brief Abstract that identifies the concept and company chosen as well as your argument by the date shown in page 2 below. Sample Abstracts are shown in the Appendix. You will then be required to turn in the actual Research Project as defined in Section 3.0 by the date shown in page 2. III. Research Project Format: The format and structure of the Research Project shall be in accordance with the current American Psychological Association, APA, structure. If you are not familiar with this format, then that will be the beginning phase of your research. Please refer to the sample APA paper on Sakai for guidance and additional information. Points will be deducted if the format does not adhere to the APA structure. The length of the Research Paper shall be a minimum of six to a maximum of ten pages of text. Charts, photos, figures, data tables, etc. are encouraged in order to support your argument and are pages over and above the required pages of text. You will be required to obtain four to six references and shall identify them at the end of the paper. Operations Management Research Project Requirements 52-620-325 Page 2 IV. Research Content: Use whatever you have learned so far or you can proactively review the various topics in this course in advance, select a concept, tool, technique or topic that you feel a connection with based on your personal interests and/or experiences. Once you have selected a topic, identify a company that has either made significant accomplishments as a result of successfully embracing and implementing the theory and concept discipline or identify a company that, as a result of ignoring these basic fundamental concepts, has left the company in jeopardy, up to and including bankruptcy. The positive or negative impact to the company does not necessarily need to be in strictly financial terms, although in some roundabout way it eventually will lead back to a financial impact. By not observing the concepts and using the tools and techniques presented in this course, companies may have their reputation damaged, product quality diminished, management integrity questioned and more which ultimately impact the shareholders. Other companies have fully embraced the contributions of Operations Management and appreciate the concepts and techniques. As a result, their businesses have flourished and have achieved remarkable success in inventory reduction, cycle time reduction, cost improvement, Supply Chain excellence, profitability and more. Your objective is to analyze the selected company’s performance in relation to the course topic selected and draw a conclusion. Develop your argument by providing supporting research material and data drawn from such areas as Annual Reports, periodicals, current news articles, on-line research, etc. You are required to use at least four references and correctly annotate their reference. It is also highly recommended that you use current companies and events in your Research Project that are shaping the business landscape. It is recommended that you include in your project an explanation as to how the Operations concept / topic is supposed to be used effectively by organizations. Then proceed to introduce your selected company and the argument that you will make. I am interested in reading about your knowledge and understanding of the selected Operations concept and to ensure you thoroughly understand what that impact had, and why, on the organization. 

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unit 6 learning

Unit VI PowerPoint Presentation
You have been asked to create a PowerPoint presentation on career development for executives at an organization you currently work for or an organization you wish to work for in the future. In your presentation, you will explain how your 
organization can foster career development of its employees as well as how you
will keep employees motivated.
In your PowerPoint presentation, address the following points, and utilize both internal and external methods and theories touched upon in this course: 

How do you plan to implement career development using internal and external resources?

How will you will keep training and access to opportunities equal?

How will you will increase employees’ KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities)?

How will you will present the training and development?

How will you will motivate employees to want to continue developing their ski
lls (include a motivational theory in your explanation)?
Your presentation must be a minimum of 12 PowerPoint slides in length, not including the title and reference slides. You are required to use at least one outside source and to utilize the notes section. Within the notes section, include additional explanations. As you write your presentation, keep in mind that you are presenting for executives at your organization. All sources used, including the required readings, must be cited and referenced according to APA guidelines.

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Research Paper

Papers are typically 10 pages of original content (not included title page, TOC page, and the references page) and presentation times vary on class (typically 10 – 15 minutes). I expect an additional 1-2 pages for figures, tables, and references.  Thus, total is 12-13 pages APA format.
Be sure to review with students that APA format is REQUIRED. 
Research Topic:

The localization of a malicious software in Mobil Application.

Example of Abstract(////The need for Cryptography in application security.)
Examined are the three core themes: the role of education in cybersecurity, the role of technology in cybersecurity, and the role of policy in cybersecurity. These topics are essential for organizations seeking to establish environments that allow them to be successful irregardless of location while examining external and internal conditions. This study examined the research gaps within cybersecurity as it relates to core themes to develop stronger policies, education programs, and hardened technologies for cybersecurity use. This work illustrates how cybersecurity can be broken into these three core areas and used together to address issues such as developing training environments for teaching real cybersecurity events. It will further show the correlations between technologies and policies for system Certification and Accreditation. Finally, it will offer insights on how cybersecurity can be used to maintain wirelessly security for international and national security for global organizations.

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Government Incentives

Read Michigan Tax Incentives—Corporate Welfare? and A Primer on Certificated Credits Under the Michigan Business Tax.
Note: When you click on the Forbes article, it may redirect you to the Forbes home page. To locate this article, you may need to search for the article title in the search box in the upper right-hand corner of the page or manually copy and paste the following hyperlink into your browser:
Then, in your paper, answer the following questions:

Is it the role of government to provide  incentives to business? Why or why not?
Do you agree with Michigan’s decision to  extend tax credits in the manner it has? Why or why not?
Is it ethical for a business to accept  government incentives in all cases? Alternatively, is it the fiduciary responsibility of businesses to seek government aid in every instance?  Explain and defend your responses.
How might a business that accepts  incentives effectively respond to criticism that it is accepting corporate  welfare?

Paper Requirements: 1 to 3-page paper, 12- font, Times New Roman, one-inch margin, APA style.

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Statistical Decisions Model

It is clear from the material in this course that inferential statistics plays a critical role in research in the behavioral and social sciences. Since students in this class will further their education via coursework and research conducted via the practicum and dissertation processes, it is important to reflect on the knowledge gained and its applicability to one’s future in the field. Utilizing all that you have learned and been exposed to in this course, write a paper providing an overview of your knowledge of inferential statistics, specifically discussing how you would go about deciding upon the appropriate statistical tests to use for a study.
Paper should be a minimum of 1320-1650 words long (excluding title and references pages) and include a title page, introduction, conclusion, and references page. APA formatting should be used for the paper. Utilize at least two resources for this paper, which should be cited accordingly.
Include the following in your paper:
1. Create and present a decision tree, outline, or other model that includes a series of questions to help someone decide what statistical test is appropriate for a study. Consider the number, type, and scale of measurement of the variables, as well as what you may want to know about the variables (e.g., relationship, difference, etc.). This may be presented as a chart, table, mindmap, or other visual representation, or simply formatted as an outline.
2. Explain the steps involved in the model and how you created this model for making statistical decisions. What were the easiest and most difficult parts of this process?
3. Describe two different studies of interest to you. (Note: Neither study should be one focused on in any of the assignments during the course.) Include the following in the description:

Research Question – List the research question for each study.
Hypotheses – List the statistical notation and written explanations for the null and alternative hypotheses for each study.
Variables – Identify the variables and each of their attributes: discrete or continuous, quantitative or categorical, scale of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio), and independent or dependent.

4. Demonstrate how you would utilize the statistical decisions model you created to choose the appropriate, specific test(s) for each study. What is your conclusion using this model? Did the model lead you to the correct test(s)? If not, how do you know and what changes might need to be made to the model?

Why might a statistical decisions model be useful in statistics and research methods? What are its limitations?
What did you learn or gain from creating this model and applying it to the study of interest? How might you use this model in the future?

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Comp 5

For this discussion, you will need to address all of the questions below and be sure to participate fully by responding to your classmates as well. Citations should be used to support your analysis and references should be included in APA format. Be sure to review the Discussion Question Guidelines before you begin!
For this discussion, you will use Microsoft PowerPoint to advertise yourself. You should have at least nine (9) slides of information plus a title slide for your presentation for a total of ten (10) slides. Follow the directions below.

Create a new PowerPoint presentation and save it with the file name of W5DQ_LastName.pptx.
Choose a slide design that suits you. On your first (title) slide, include a title of your choosing to introduce yourself. In the subheading, include the course number, assignment number, and your name.
Create seven slides where you can share your hobbies, interesting times in your life, or just different things about you. You should not include any personal information such as your address, social security number, student ID, or anything sensitive that you would not share with a stranger. Keep any personal information about yourself, your friends, or your family private. Make sure that whatever you choose to share is classroom-appropriate and does not contain nudity, profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, or anything illegal.
Create one slide that will be an “invitation” to your graduation party. Identify the who, what, when, where, and why of the party details. Include appropriate graphics and text formatting to make your invitation appealing.
You will also include one slide that addresses your computer safety. Include your references in the Notes section.
All slides should be formatted creatively and appropriately.
Use the Notes section to describe the special creative touches you added so you make sure you get credit for them. This is a chance to explore the creative features of the software. Have fun and be creative.
Attach the presentation you created for this assignment to your response in the Discussion Area.

In the Discussion Area:

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Discussion: Governing Boards

One of the many responsibilities of a Governing Board is to ensure an organization’s image is not tarnished. To be effective, it is essential to recruit skilled board members. To do so, they need to be effective in their role. As an organization grows, often the board will, too, which makes it essential to recruit skilled board members. Systems still need to be in place to ensure board members receive orientation, training, evaluation, and any other necessary steps to ensure the board is effective.
To prepare for this Discussion, reflect on any experiences you have had as a board member and what you think the roles of boards will be in the future.
By Day 3
Post a personal experience you may have had as a board member, if any, of a nonprofit organization wherever you reside in the world. Provide an analysis of what you foresee for the future of a nonprofit governing board of a nonprofit organization of your choice. Explain whether you anticipate greater demands for boards and their members to be more accountable (or accountable in different way) than is the case today. If so, how? Please explain your perspective and defend it with evidence from the field or from the literature.
Renz, D. (Ed.). (2010). The Jossey-Bass handbook of nonprofit leadership and management (3rd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
· Chapter 5, “Leadership, Governance, and the Work of the Board”
Harvard Business Review. (2015). The sorry state of nonprofit boards. Harvard Business Review, 93(9), 28. 
Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases.
Johnson, J. M. (2014). Nonprofit board membership: Should you accept the honor? NACD Directorship, 40(5), 8–9. 
Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases.
Wellens, L., & Jegers, M. (2013). Effective governance in nonprofit organizations: A literature based multiple stakeholder approach. European Management Journal, 32(2),