April 22: Earth Day

Making of the Earth Day celebration aims to inspire humanity to re-correct itself in terms of the contribution he has done to the environment and natural surroundings. How much effort in improving care and support lterhadap ingkungan performed.
That is true to commemorate the assessment in a similar momentum. This is especially important given the environmental constraints in the existing burden on the environment. If the environment is damaged, then the weaker the support of the order of human life on it.This world has limitations that need attention with anticipation for the world that does not exceed the limitations on them. Problems of Earth is incredible (both in the world and in Indonesia) starting from: The greenhouse effect is the effect of burning fuel for power plants, combustion processes in transportation and other industries. Causes of climate change & Rain aasam due heap-gas emissions and greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.Deforestation: bald cause existing water reserves on the planet since millions of years, more and more quickly run out or have been so polluted, so that is no longer feasible to use.
This is not another of them is the impact of industrialization with the disposal of waste and living areas are solid. Buyat Bay in Minahasa regency, North Sulawesi is the location of tailings disposal (sludge remaining stone crushing mine) belongs to PT. Newmont Minahasa Raya (NMR). Since 1996, the company originated in Denver, the U. S. s throwing as much as 2,000 tons of tailings to the bottom of Buyat Bay waters. Some kind of fish found to have lumps and tumors containing viscous fluid is black and golden yellow mucus.

Similarly, in humans. Some residents have Buyat bruised on the neck, breasts, calves, ankles, buttocks and head. LAPINDO If within three months of bursts can not be stopped, the sludge that burst will reach 7 million cubic meters. This equates to 1. 4 million trucks. If within three months of bursts can not be stopped, the sludge that burst will reach 7 million cubic meters.This equates to 1.
4 million trucks. If a truck is assumed to average length of 5 meters, the truck series will reach 7000 kilometers or equal to seven times the length of the island of Java. The destruction of the stratospheric ozone layer due to Ozone Depleting Substance earth / ODS led to more UV rays reach the earth. This is very dangerous to the survival of living things on earth. Ultraviolet light in large quantities can cause skin cancer, cataracts on the eye disease, and disruption of immunization and the destruction of the body of living cells in humans and animals.Marine life, ecosystems, and forests would be disrupted if the volume of ultra-violet rays exceed normal limits. Also reduced ozone layer causes a colder winter in the Arctic.
WHAT CAN we do today: Greening Plants and water will be able to reduce the heat through evapotranspiration will be undertaken. The addition of surface area for vegetation to reduce the maximum temperature of the air. Green open spaces to provide benefits, namely: to provide freshness, convenience, and beauty of the environment. It also can create a clean environment and clean natural sehat.Udara often in kotori by dust, whether generated by natural events or human activities. With the greening, solid particles that are suspended in layers of earth’s biosphere, it can be cleaned by a canopy of trees through the process of adsorption and absorption. With this mechanism, the amount of dust that hovered in the air will decrease.
Particles floating in the air will be absorbed (attached) on the leaf surface, and some will be absorbed into the leaf stomata space. There are also particles that attach to the bark, branches and twigs. STOP freon R12/R22 RetrofitReduce / Do not use more household products that contain substances that can damage the protective layer of the earth from UV rays … and switch to Natural Hydrocarbon Refrigerant. Need to increase awareness and active participation from all of us in the ozone layer protection program, an understanding of ozone layer depletion prevention, introduces materials, processes, products, and technologies that do not damage the ozone layer (Natural Hydrocarbon Refrigerant).
If not, then the process of ozone depletion will increase and might be causing this layer can not be restored to its original shape.Protect the Ozone Layer, Stop Global Warming And finally … Implementation of Environmental Management System for Entering Green Era Environmental Management System was developed to provide basic guidelines for environmentally friendly business activities continuously. Environmental conditions are deteriorating due to human activity (which in turn would damage the place to live together) it was time to control. Guarantee that an activity has been managed in a familiar business environment can be shown through a certificate or the Environmental Label.
In this case, the ISO has been proved that the certification system capable of providing stabilization work procedures in an effort to achieve consistent results. Therefore, ISO-14000 series for environmental management guidance on business activity. ISO-14 000 series also have a major impact on the government and the business / industry since the implementation of these standards will affect trade in international market competition. The development of environmental monitoring activities at the International will have an impact on the national level programs. Earth hotter, the fans do not just Save Our Earth By: Linda Saraswati


The Strongest Man Upon the Earth Is He Who Stands Most Alone Critical Lens Essay

According to Henrik Ibsen, “The strongest man upon the earth is he who stands most alone. ” In other words, what this quote means is that the strongest man is the most independent; individuals who do not need to rely on others to survive. Individuals who stand alone are the ones who realize the strength within themselves and become powerful characters. This quote is valid because individuals who like to take actions on their own and at their own pace become the most successful.
Two works of literature that support the validity of this statement are The Catcher in the Rye, by J. D. Salinger and The Color of Water, by James McBride. The Color of Water, is a memoir, set in a variety of settings; from Suffolk, Virginia, to Wilmington, Delaware. It recounts the past lives of protagonists James and Ruth, and recalls the 1920s all throughout the 1990s. One of the protagonists, Ruth McBride, is characterized as an admirable and extraordinary woman and shows signs of independence throughout her lifetime.
She managed to overcome the painful memories of her adolescent years; ranging from her father’s indecent behavior and mistreatment, to having an abortion at such a young age. She followed her heart and left behind her family and friends in search of a new life; away from the life that was so cruel to her. She showed signs of independence even “when the going got tough. ” For example, after her first husband had passed away, she did not crumble under the pressure that she was facing.

Instead, she married again and raised her children to be successful and educated, even during such harsh conditions. Also, Ruth was not afraid of public opinion when she had married an African- American man. This marriage caused her family to condemn her and shows that those who do not rely on others become stronger and more powerful individuals. The Catcher in the Rye, is set in New York City during the 1940s. The protagonist, Holden Caulfield, is characterized as an individual who has been independent for a great part of his life.
From an early age, his parents have been too “occupied” to spend time with Holden and they did not show much interest in their children. For example, he was shipped to school and when he would get expelled; his parents paid no mind and sent him to another school. He lived away from his family for a great part of his life and because of being independent at such an early age; he later on endeared a mental breakdown and ended up in an asylum.
However, being independent made Holden realize that he has a problem and that if he would not have gone to the asylum and seeked help from professions, then he would not have been able to become a stronger and more successful individual. Ultimately, The Catcher in the Rye, by J. D. Salinger, and The Color of Water, by James McBride, both support the validity of the quote, “The strongest man upon the earth is he who stands most alone, said by author Henrik Ibsen. As life goes on, individuals will learn and realize that isolating yourself will not get you anywhere in life; it will only hurt you.
You can be in control of your own destiny and you will gain perspective on your life. Both protagonists, Holden Caulfield and Ruth McBride, teach us that to ensure a prominent future, you need to overcome obstacles in all situations. This will better you as a person and will offer you a sense of what happens in the real world. Being independent allows you to see the world from a different perspective and no matter what life throws at you; you can get up from the ground, start again, and begin leading your life to a successful future.