Communism and Democratic Capitalism

1. From a Christian perspective, why did Marxist Communism fail? The government has too much power of constrains people. Trying to force people and form them to change is not right and does not work in the long run. To give any one party too much power is a bad idea. We are all human and prone to sin. The government needs to help the people and work for the people not rule them. 2. Which is a more Christian form of government, democratic capitalism or democratic socialism? That is a tricky question, and I believe the answer lies somewhere in between the two.
The struggle is to regulate but not over regulate the people. People are greedy and in capitalist economy will not give to the poor. That’s were socialism looks better, but then the government is to power full and human nature can affect the government just as it can a civilian. I believe my vote goes for democratic capitalism with less government and a competitive market. 3. What functions does government have to undertake because of fallen human nature? The government has to protect society from itself so to speak.
The government becomes responsible for creating laws to protect rights and property. They also become responsible for enforcing these laws and protecting people from others who may steal their things. The government also has to be responsible to take care of the environment since people fail to do it on their own. Another thing I see the government doing is taking care of people who can’t devise the means to take care of themselves. 4. Should Christians concern themselves with the regulatory activities of government? If so, what areas of regulation are most significant?

Yes I do believe Christians should concern themselves with regulatory activities. The major one would be discrimination. There needs to be very strict laws guarding against regulation. All of god’s children are created equal and all should be treated fairly and given the basic tenants of life. Also everyone able should be able to work and have to opportunity to support themselves and contribute to society. Another regulation that needs to be of concern to Christians is over regulation. Over regulation can lead to many deceitful and bad things when abused by greedy individuals and government.