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Blackberry business plan

It helps them to stay connected to can toner Day Monitoring auto ally matters Ana routines. Blackberry Is in the mobile phone industry since almost 10 years. It has a 42% market share. They firmly believe that their customers deserve to have the latest technology and most innovative navigation systems. In the modern times, the customers are very technological savvy. They are demanding such mobiles phones which are equipped with all latest innovations. The purpose of this report is to study and evaluate the marketing strategy which is being used by Blackberry. External and internal factors which make up the STOW analysis are also mentioned.
This will help the firm to maximize their profitability. This report gives an in-depth study and evaluation of Blackberry’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the market and how they should overcome it. In order to sustain and expand the market share for success, Blackberry needs to alter its marketing strategies. This will enable them to have a control over the next generation of their target markets. If they fail to satisfy the needs of customers, they may face huge losses. They must always come up with ewe strategies to increase brand awareness and positive brand image among its customers.
This is the reason why these mobile phones are really popular among corporate users. They need to travel a lot along with their highly private and confidential documents which are usually stored in their mobile phones. Many governmental agencies also prefer to use it. These include the CIA, FBI and other investigation departments. These phones have an internally built, encrypted security. Due to this it is used by agencies to handle sensitive information cases. S Blackberry always focused mainly on one target market. They have always tried to attract a huge market share from the corporate industry.

For this purpose, they had to come up with an absolutely unremarkable security quality as its unique selling proposition. But unfortunately, when other competitors like Samsung and Apple introduced their smart phones with enhanced security features, Blackberry could not cope up with their booming popularity. Besides this, Samsung and Apple took full advantage of Blackberry’s target market. When they observed that they were only paying attention to their corporate customers, they introduced easy-to-use interface ND simple applications.
They started producing for the customers other than the corporate world. Blackberry has a profitable and well-rewarding opportunity regarding controlling their huge customer base. They can move into targeting another market segment Instead AT corporate employees only. I Nils will Nell teen to nave a strong customer share before introducing any new products. The management should consider the option of imitating the strategy which is already being followed by Samsung and Apple. They should start the process of assimilating third party applications and eaters into their own Blackberry sets.
THREATS Initially Blackberry was considered to be the unique and innovative smart phone. But gradually both its competitors, Samsung and Apple, moved forward and won the race of introducing a user-friendly smart phone. They were able to do so by cornering a good amount of market share. Nowadays the advancements in technology are rapidly changing. Consumer preferences also change due to technological adaptations. The mobile phone industry is an extremely volatile market. Blackberry needs to revivalist itself from the wilting momentum of competition.
MARKET POTENTIAL Blackberry has a target market of business professionals. These customers prefer to have such a phone which may assist them in timely decision making. They want to have automatic alerts and updated data. Such customers are even willing to pay more for the latest technological change. Corporate employees who use Blackberry are often assumed to be very active leaders. They have a high income and like to purchase expensive products for personal use. They are more satisfied by using products which are fashionable and considered to be the must-have gadget.

Business Plan

Business Plan for Meineke Car Care Centers, Inc.

Meineke Car Care Centers, Inc. is an automotive franchise company. This company serves as the provider of automotive business training and field support, as well as range of automotive repairs and services. Formerly known as Meineke Discount Muffler Shops, Inc this company was by Sam Meineke in 1972.
The first store was located at Charlotte, North Carolina until the business was sold to a multinational British company. Originally, the concept of Meineke Car Care Center was to provide workmanship and quality products at a very affordable price. With only one store and single product line, the business grew rapidly, making the brands known in the global market (BusinessWeek).
The company name was changed to Meineke Car Care Centers, Inc and the company has been recognized as one of the most trusted brands in America. Meineke repositioned its business from product and service provider to a complete car care center with full range of vehicle services to offer to the customers (Meineke).

Product Lines
Recognized as provider of quality products and services in the market, Meineke gain the loyalty of the customers from different parts of the world. The company was able to gain a reputation and credibility for offering quality brands that are now more preferred by the market. Meineke offers wide range of products and services to the customers.
Meineke products include exhaust systems wheel alignment, wheel balancing, strut mounts, coil and leaf springs, steering stabilizers, rack and pinion, motor cushions, CV shafts, oil and filter change, air filters, lift supports, water pumps, brake systems, wiper blades, motor and transmission mounts trailer hitches, belts, serpentine, tire rotation, cooling system, flush, hoses, front end parts, thermostats, radiator caps, batteries, v-belts,  transmission flush, air conditioning systems, shocks and struts, tires, tune-up, fuel injection, radiators, and steering and suspension systems.
The company’s services include catalytic converter, wheel alignments, windshield wiper blade replacements, CV joints/boots, A/C, oil and lube service/filter changes, steering, tire balancing, tire rotation, transmission flush, tune ups, fuel injection cleaning, brakes, cooling system services, and auto glass. With these products and services, Meineke was able to build strong foundation in the marketplace. From the small store and single product line, the company is now offering these products and services, reflecting the success of the business in the global market.
Current Location
The rapid growth of the business in the emerging market has gone to innovations of more products and services and penetration of wider customers. Today, Meineke operates not only in United States but also in different countries across the globe. Many people have already franchised the business but the company continuously develops new products and services to retain a productive relationship with the customers. With a promise of customers’ satisfaction, Meineke was able to add more stores in different locations and constantly growing in the emerging market.
Meineke has locations in the United States, Venezuela, Central and South America, Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemalan, the Dominican Republic, Canada, and Caribbean. Due to consistent success of the company in every location, Meineke is still planning to penetrate new markets to offer the products and services to potential customers in other countries; in fact, Meineke plans to penetrate another country and the company develops a strategic marketing plan to maintain the success of the company in the global market.
Global Business Strategy
Short-Term Goal
The company aims to penetrate new market and the following activities will be included in the short term goal of the company.
Conduct a research about the new target markets.
Find the best location where the company could place the stores.
Develop marketing plan based on the information gathered for marketing research.
Build rapport to the new target market.
Conceptualize effective promotional techniques and develop persuasive advertisements.
Plan the distribution process for easier transaction.
Long-Term Goal
To be recognized as the best provider of automotive products and services in the global market.
Outwit the competitors by gaining the loyalty of the customers and recognition and awareness of the customers of other companies.
Expand the business by building more stores and offering new product lines and services.
To be recognized as the market leader.
Assets to Achieve the Company Goals
The reputation and credibility of the company for providing quality products and services can already be considered as great strengths in the marketplace. The fact that Meineke has already numerous stores in different locations will serve as the company’s steeping stone in the global market. Many people have already franchised the business and brought the name of the company to numerous places, serving the people and letting them experience the high standard quality that the Meineke offers to the public. Apparently, the strength of the company comes from many sources which enable them to grow rapidly in the marketplace.
The name recognition which is gained from over thirty years of service to people has helped the company to be considered as the market leader despite the existence of the competitors in the market. The company also reassures the customers with nationwide warranty and standardized level of excellent service and quality (Bison). Through constant effort of developing new products and offering superior automotive repair services at discount prices, the company was able to gain the loyalty of the customers which lead to increasing demand of Meineke’s product lines and demands.
Initial Location Strategy
In order to expand the business globally, the company needs to look for another location where Meineke can penetrate the market. Market penetration is applied by business firms if the company will offer new products in the existing market or if the company will place a new store in a new location (Kerin et al, 310).
In the case of Meineke, the company needs to study which country would be the subject for market penetration to offer the products and services to entirely different groups of people. Definitely, Meineke aim to penetrate new market not only for profit and revenue purposes but also for global expansion and nationwide name recognition.
Global expansion can be the reflection of the company’s good reputation in the marketplace; however, this strategy needs creative concepts to make the business survive in the new market. Regardless of the experience and brand recognition of Meineke in the market, the new market may not bite the products and services that the company offers to the public. This is the reason why, the company needs to analyze which country should be targeted for the business offers.

Business Plan

Booklet Business Plan

FFF Ltd will be the publisher of Fast Food Fun (FFF) booklet. FFF is one of the answers to the increasing demands to educate all generations about healthy eating, it is aimed at increasing people’s knowledge, awareness and skills around healthy eating; as a result we hope to encourage people to eat well and lead healthier lives. The ‘local’ booklet, which will be published monthly, will be directed at fast food lovers of all ages throughout Bedfordshire initially, growing through counties around Britain.
The management of FFF Ltd is aiming to achieve a total combined readership of 20,000 in year one, increasing to more than 50,000 by the end of year three. FFF will be complimented by a website and an app that gives the customer all the information and offers at their fingertips. Distribution points, organisational sales, and direct mail to target market segments will be utilised to build revenue. In the UK market place there were 61,365 companies engaged as fast food restaurants and takeaways in 2011.
Consumer expenditures for fast food and home delivery industry in the UK grew by 6% in 2011, to 10. 28bn, the overall fast-food and home-delivery industry has remained robust, in spite of the economic downturn, Key Note Report – Fast-Food & Home-Delivery Outlets 2012. Publishing is a high margin and high profit business, the key to success is quality content and successful marketing; the franchising of the ‘local FFF booklet’ to other counties of England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland will be an additional revenue stream which will be undertaken from month six.

A loan of  25,000 and the successful execution of FFF Ltd. ’s plan will produce revenues and profit of more than 90,000 & 5,000 respectively in year one, 180,000 (25,000) in year two, and 210,000 (? 60,000) in year three. The lowest margins are in year one, reflecting start-up, printing and marketing costs, the development of internet support and the franchise framework. With production and fulfilment services outsourced and the general and project management in place (Robert and Sue Moss, the AMC Ltd owners), FFF will only have the need for artistic & editorial as well as financial and legal expertise. Figure – FFF Projected Sales Revenue by channel
The project, which begins in January 2013 with be governed by the use of Prince2 project methodology and will have the following outline timelines and milestones. FFF has outlined a process (and milestone) to recruit the contract artistic & editorial expertise that is required to draw together the booklet and the aligned website and app. The legal and financial expertise will be hired as ‘contract labour’, on individual set briefs. Moreover, any additional sales persons required will be hired as temporary contract labour via an agency.
Appendix C – Strategy and Implementation Summary The strategy at FFF is to serve a large clearly defined local market well, by targeting the identifiable markets in a ‘taster’ county (Bedfordshire) with… 1. an additional advertising channel for the FF provider 2. information, related memberships and offers/discounts for the consumer and 3. a franchise framework for the concept for replication around the country A thirst exists for not only information about what we eat but also where we can get it for the best possible value, especially in this tough economic climate.
The initial issues which will be published in early summer of 2013 will reach out and assist or inform the target markets. The strategy will be to combine direct selling, direct mailing, and subscription or membership to build up circulation through multi-channel distribution and to give the providers an additional advertising channel direct to their target market; with the added benefit of a scalable business model that can be replicated in the other 85 counties. Marketing Strategy The advertising revenue will be generated by outlining the benefits via direct mailing to the local businesses in the first instance, and gauging the response.
This would then be followed by an introductory phone call and then finally by a visit to the premises and discussion with the owner or manager. Booklet sales will be generated primarily by using direct sales methods, at locations where the target market will have a ‘foot fall’ such as shopping centres, universities schools and youth clubs, there will also be use of direct mailing from mailing lists, there are several database lists available to purchase. The promotional runs will be 50 page promotional booklets initially with press runs of 1,000 copies for pre-issues A and B in month 4 and 5 of operation respectively.
All costs associated with the promotional runs will be included in the advertising and promotion budgets for those months. A total of  2000 in the first year will be spent on direct mail focusing on growing the readership, as the subscription base grows the focus will gradually move to franchise development. Finally, sales to retail outlets through distributors will also be accomplished; key distributors will be contacted again in the near future, and have already expressed interest in the publication. Distribution Strategy
Distribution of the booklet will be through a number of channels, they include… 1. direct selling (projected to be 70%) 2. direct mailing (projected to be 20%) 3. retail channels (projected to be 10%). All sales will be booked at full revenue, fulfilment costs will be expensed. Advertising revenue will be generated in a number of different ways, and include face to face sales people, telephone sales and direct marketing; all advertising revenue will be booked at full value with fulfilment costs being expensed.
There are more than 86 counties in the United Kingdom, with 39 in England, 13 in Wales and 34 in Scotland; all franchise revenue will be booked at full revenue with administration costs being expensed. A number of strategic alliances can be explored and exploited between FFF and FF providers, radio station and other publications, focus will be given to this activity once the booklet is published and established. Promotion Strategy In addition to advertising, direct selling and mailing FFF will endeavour to use public relations exposure to benefit and promote the FFF brand.
Robert Moss will seek to appear and be interviewed on local T. V and radio programs announcing competitions and local sponsorship to generate interest and calls either for subscription, advertising or franchising information. A promotion strategy for subscription sales through retail organisations will include percentage rebate of the first year’s subscription revenue. Pricing Strategy Advertising in the FFF booklet will be  60 per page per issue 1. A one-year up front subscription will be  600 2. A two-year up front subscription will be 960 The FFF booklet will sell for ? 1. 00 per single issue through distribution points. 1. A one-year subscription will be 10. 00 2.
A two year subscription will be  18. 00 Website private membership access will sell for  10. 00 per quarter. 1. A one-year subscription will be 20. 00 2. A two year subscription will be  35. 00 The county franchise will sell for ? 1,000 per month for a yearly license. 1. A one-year up front franchise license will be 10,000 2. A two year up front franchise license will be  18,000

Business Plan

Business plan, Market, Analysis, Construction

Aims to take advantage of the construction boom in the North West UK and expand their company. Also another aims to reach by the daughter company to expand their activities within their existing markets.
As a Management Consultant specializing within the Construction Industry, the company approached was looking to take advantage of the construction boom in the North West UK and expand their company. The business is a family owned company.

As a Managing consultant, I have been employed to assess the viabilities of these two proposals and to produce a business plan that could be presented at the bank to gain financial backing for the expansion.
I was able to make an ASSESSMENT CRITERIA, which were listed below:
• Understanding and application of theories
• Correct use of terminology, techniques, etc.
• Relevance of examples and scenarios
• Quality of referencing and sourcing of material (evidence)
• Quality of presentation
• Correct structuring of the report
Business Plan:
Constructed “mega-projects” are readily recognizable for their form and function, and in many cases, are awe-inspiring.  Major buildings and bridges give identities to cities and nations and evoke a sense of pride in the people. “The construction industry is a vast system of engineers, architects, laborers, craftsmen, material, equipment and tool suppliers, and project owners responsible for building these structures (”.  The scope of the industry is all encompassing, including every type of facility imaginable.  Roads, bridges, mass transit, airports, schools, retail and commercial buildings, industrial and manufacturing facilities, drinking water systems, wastewater treatment facilities, dams and power generation, solid waste facilities, and hazardous waste treatment and disposal projects all benefit society and bolster our national security.  The construction industry seminar focused on projects and issues that have a potential mobilization involvement.
Executive Summary stated that, a home office in Yellowknife, NT will be established the first year of operations to reduce start up costs. The founder of the firm is a professional engineer with eighteen years of progressive and responsible experience. After the operation has started it was found out that the first year operation increased till up to 3rd year operation as well. Notice the sales amount in dollars increases as well as dollar profits together with the percent sales/profit.
The firm will specialize in providing three dimensional modeling and visualization to our clients. State-of-the-art analysis and design tools will be an integral part of the business plan. Implementation of a quality control and assurance program will provide a focus for production work.
The highlights of the executive summary shown in a bar graph presentation as analyzed in this manner, red bar represents which is increasing dollars from year 2000 to the year 2002. Also apple green color represents gross margin, which is also increasing order and while net profit increased in increasing order as well.
Objectives were seen to have the following:
Achieve 20% of market value at the end of the third year of operation.
Increase gross margin to 80% by the third year of operations.
Company has mission, as stated here:
Our mission is to provide clients across Canada’s North with structural engineering services for all types of buildings, from concept planning through to completion, with a highly skilled professional team working together, using common sense and practical.
 Key to success has developed experience as stated.
Provide professional quality services on time and on budget.
Develop a follow-up strategy to gauge performance with all clients.
Implement and maintain a quality control and assurance policy.
Company Summary:
Structure All Ltd. is a new company, which provides professional engineering design services for clients that manage, maintain, and plan for residential, commercial, and industrial type buildings. Our focus will be the public sector market in remote communities across Canada’s North.
Company Ownership will be,
Structure All Ltd. will be created as a limited liability company. Philip D. Nolan will privately own the company. Leslie C. Goit will also be listed as a Director.
Start up summary:
Our start-up expenses amount to $13,000, which allows for initial legal expenses, licenses, permits, stationary, specialty software, office equipment, and furniture. In addition to these start-up costs, an initial balance of $7,000 will be placed in the company accounts. The software purchases include an allowance of $5,000 for AutoCAD® 2000, $1,800 for National Master Specifications, and $200 for QuickBooks® (accounting package).
Total start-up expenses amounted to $13,000, which has the big values, compared to other expenses. Office equipment, other expenses and permits holder and legal service also has same amount, which is the least expenses incurred.
For a company start-up summary goes this way, investments leads small amount while profit is big and the sales amount becomes big.
Start-up expenses have the following: Professional Liability Insurance is $1,200, Professional Liability Insurance is $1,200, web site development is $600 and lastly business licenses are $500.So overall total an expense coincides with the total assets.
Market Analysis
Company Locations and Facilities
We will establish a home office in Yellowknife, NT in order to reduce start-up costs. The office space is estimated to be 150 square feet. We will be installing a dedicated fax line as well as a high-speed Internet connection. An interactive website will also be developed which will serve as a marketing tool.
Structure All Ltd. offers complete structural engineering services. We will focus on buildings with the following Use and Occupancies, like the company is project oriented where each project involves. It also offers Project Consulting, Forensic Investigations, Project Management, and Dispute Resolution. Further more it also caters Restoration Engineering, and Inspections.
Describing offers services was noted to be Competitive in the sense that offers their clients superior service, implement a quality assurance and control program for all projects undertaken, systematic manner of sorting and retrieving a library of structural elements and assemblies will be implemented.
The sales literature was describe to be a brochure system. Brochure inserts will be maintained as individual sheets to facilitate their assembly in any custom situation.
Greatly market analysis will be describe as Structure All Ltd. will focus on traditional Architect/Engineering (A/E) contracts. The owner will usually contract the A/E to perform planning and design services. These design services include preparation of plans, specifications, and estimates.
Types of project distributions were having guidelines to follow as
*Architecture Design (65%).
*Structural Design (10%).
*Mechanical Design (15%).
*Electrical design (10%)
Knowing the Market Segmentation will describe as a manner the market for engineering services that is, established Architectural and Engineering firms, territorial and Federal Governmental Departments.
Market analysis Pie can summarize accordingly; Service Business Analysis, Business Participants, which were describe in as much as the manner showed. The major clients within the Territorial Governments include: Department of Education, Department of Transportation, and Department of Education, Department of Transportation, Department of Municipal and Community Affairs and Department of Municipal and Community Affairs.
Competition and Buying Patterns at which, pricing of projects and billing rates are surprisingly variable. In consulting at this level, it is easier to be priced too low than too high. Clients and potential clients expect to pay substantial fees for the best quality professional advice. The nature of the billing, however, is sensitive. Clients are much more likely to be offended when a job starts at $20K and ends up at $30K because of overruns, than if the same job started at $30K or even $35K.
Main Competitors are Ferguson Simek Clark (FSC Group), A.D. Williams Engineering Ltd. (ADWEL), and Girvan and Associates.
The company done a very good performance as the company executive summary showed a very remarkable achievement in the analysis.