Ethical rights

Normally this cheating would not affect her but in this chemistry class the teacher grades on a curve. If the kids do well on the test because of cheating the curve would not be In the favor of the other kids and Francesca. Francesca Is debating If she should let it go or tell the teacher. If Francesca uses the utility test it would be ethical for her to tell the teacher that her friends were cheating on the mid-term so the curve is not effected. With Francesca telling the teacher is would be maximizing the good for her.
Her friends that are cheating on the mid-term would the effect Francesca because then If she falls this test she would be catch up the semester. With the semester almost ever she wouldn’t have the time to safe her grade from a bad test score. With the failing of the test it could set her up to fail the class. Without telling, it would not be maximizing the good for her on the test; the chances of her getting a good grade goes down a lot because of her friends cheating. By telling the teacher it would put her in a chance to better asses how much she knows of what she has been learning.
With the test not showing her true ability In the class, and the teacher would not see what type of student she really This Is why It would be better for her to tell her teacher about her friends that were cheating. By Francesca also telling the teacher it would maximize the good for the class. Without the cheaters setting the curve at a crazy high it give them a fair chance to get a good grade, unlike the students who really studied will get a bad one. With the cheaters getting away with it would put the class In an unfair disadvantage.

The class would then see that would have to study way more then they have to when they truly did not. This effect would effect all of the other students classes. By them spending more time to study for this class and not the others, to make up for this bad grade, they might get behind in there other classes. This all leads to unneeded stress on the students where they stress enough about school, sports and other extra circular activeness. This is how by her telling would maximize the good for the class as students. Another reason why It would be better for her to tell the teacher Is that It would help the teacher.
With the classing doing badly on the test is would reflect badly on the teacher. The teacher would think that he is not teaching the students the right material and there not getting it. With the teacher not really knowing why the students did bad he would have to feel that he needs to explain more about what ex.’s teaching. While compared to if he knew there was the cheaters he would get a true assent of where his students are In the class, and see what they need more help label the teacher as one you can easily cheat with for other future students.
That is why by Francesca telling the teacher it would benefit him. The cheating doesn’t does not Just affect the class if Francesca does not tell if really affects the school. If the student are cheating in this class what to say this is the only class they are doing it in. This could be Just one of the five classes they are cheating in. If Francesca tell the teacher, he will tell the school know. The school will then take the actions that are need to make sure these wont happen again with these students.
Other teacher that have these students in there class will be notified to make sure there not cheating in there class also. With the school stopping the cheating it could be saving the reputation of the school. Cheating is a big deal for schools, they would take the approbate actions in punishments to make it clear to the cheating students that if they are caught again cheating the consequences would be far more severe next time. The harm that could from the students cheating could effect way more then the teacher and school now, but there own Jobs and society in the future.
This introduction to chemistry could Just the start for these students where other classes just get harder and harder. They would be more likely to cheat in the classes to come if they got away with it the first time. The cheating would help the students get jobs they do not deserve What if one of the student wanted to be a experimental biological chemist in the future, and he got away with all of his years in school cheating and not really learning the materiel he was taught. Then in society he makes a horrible go wrong and the effect that would have would be far greater then the present time in college.
That is why with Francesca telling the teacher now it would possibly have less repercussions later. Some people would say that it is better for Francesca not to tell that her friends where cheating. Her friends know that they saw that she had seen them cheating on the mid-term. With her telling the teacher could lose those friends and also create far more drama outside of class. They all dorm together and her friends will be mad at her that she told and whatever there punishment would be, failing the mid-term ND on watch by the school, they would blame her for it.
This could cause more harm for Francesca then good for all the other people affected. They could also say that if she really was studying and not waiting till the last minute she wont have to worry about what grade they get on the test. It could also effect there standing with the school, she does not know if this is there first warning and they might get a more severe consequence this time. All of these reasons are wrong because the affects that would have on the few student could not out way the affects that it could possibly have on the everyone else.
That is why Francesca is ethical by telling the teacher according to the utility test. The effect that the cheating students would have on the Francesca, the class, teacher, school and society in the future is far greater. It was the choice if the students to go out instead of studying was there own fault. They knew the consequence of cheating and they still decided to go ahead with it, it not Francesca fault that she wanted to have a fair chance on the test like all the other students. That is why is would be better that Francesca tells that she saw the other students cheating when the

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