When you go to Disk Management, the option to create the RAID 10 array is not available. What should you do? Install an don RAID controller typewrite. Com/64705886/ o mobility ombowithtestoutpcproa220801220802troub Ices tenderhearted sandal atherosclerosis/ 1/91 Combo with “Combo with “Tautest PC Pro A+ 220801 / You have connected two drives to the primary DID interface in a PC system. How could the drives be configures? (select two) 1) Set both drives to Cable Select You have a desktop computer that uses a 250 Watt power supply.
You recently added a disk RADIO array to the system and now it spontaneously shuts down. What should you do? Upgrade to a power supply that provides more watts You are responsible for managing the client workstations at your computer. A seer in the conference room called concerning the digital projector and display issues when the projector is connected to his laptop. After identifying the cause and completely resolving the issue, the projector displays the images perfectly both on his laptop and on the projector. What should you do next?
Document the solution You have a custom database application that your company has been using for several years. The application works fine on all of your Windows XP systems. You have just purchased a new Windows 7 system for one of your sales team members. You make this user a member of the Users group on the local system. You install the custom application successfully. When the sales person logs on and tries to run the application, the program splash screen loads but then seems to hang. What should you do first?

Grant the user permissions to the directories and files used by the application. What is a recovery partition? A partition created by the computer manufacturer to restore the system to its original State 2) Set one drive to Master and the other to Slave http://equalize. Com/64705886/ combowithcombowithtestoutpcproa220801220802troubleshootingand70ther 2/91 I ,’25/2015 A user in sales cannot get his laptop to display through a projector. He sees the screen output on the built LCD display, but the video is not being seen on the projector. What should you do first?
See the Fan key to redirect display to the external video port Which of the following tools is specifically designed to test the DC voltage on a HAD power connector? Power supply tester On a Windows system, which Task Manager tab would you use to adjust the priority given to a specific program? Processes After removing the printed paper from your laser printer, the toner smudges and can be wiped off in places. Which of the following is most likely the problem? Fuser rollers The video driver on your Windows 7 computer is preventing the system from starting up successfully.
You have already downloaded an updated driver and copied it to the computer’s HAD. Which mode should you select from the Windows Advanced Boot Options menu that would most likely allow you to start the computer to continue fixing the problem? Enable VGA Mode Which tool would be the best choice to remove and replace the motherboard BIOS chip? ICC extractor Which utility can be used to view when a service was stopped as well as any error messages generated by the service? Event Viewer You have added a new 1 TAB HAD to a endows computer. The disk is configured as a basic disk.
Which of the following can be configured on this disk? (select two) 1) Primary partitions 2) Extended partitions with logical drives co mbowithcombowithtestoutpcproa220801220802troub Ices tenderhearted sandal etherealness rods/ 3/91 You’re troubleshooting a computer running Windows 7. The SO has halted and a blue screen has been displayed on the monitor with an error message. What is the first step you should take in troubleshooting the issue? Search for the error in Microsoft’s knowledgeable or in a search engine on the Internet Which of the following identify the key preferences between a worm and a virus? ) Worms independently replicate themselves 2) A virus relies on a host for replication Which of the following protects a computer from electrostatic discharge? Antistatic wrist strap You have purchased an LED monitor and connected it to the DAVID port using a DAVID cable. You configure the screen resolution to 1440 x 900 with bit color. The screen display seems to be fuzzy. What should you do to correct the Change the screen resolution to the native resolution of the monitor In which of the following situations would restoring from a backup be the best option? Select two) ) You accidentally deleted several important emails from Outlook and need to restore them. 2) You need to restore several word processing files that were accidentally deleted from My Documents Your laptop carrying case is designed from a inch laptop, yet you think you can squeeze your inch laptop into it. Before slipping the laptop into the case, what Remove any Expressed from their slots co mbowithcombowithtestoutpcproa220801220802troublesh00tingand70ther sand 1 atherosclerosis/ 4/91 Combo with “combo with “Tautest PC Pro A+ 220801 / You have a small wireless network with less than 50 client computers.
You upgrade the hardware on TV’0 wireless devices so you can use a better security standard than WEEP. Now you need to implement the new security standard. You need the greatest amount of security with the least amount of effort, and without replacing any of the wireless infrastructure. What should you do? (select two) 1) Implement WEAVES You’re conducting scheduled maintenance on a laser printer. You notice that there is a buildup of excess toner inside the interior of the printer. Which of the following is the proper way to remove Use an antistatic vacuum You’re troubleshooting a malfunctioning notebook computer.
Nothing appears on the LCD display when the system is powered on. What is the first thing you should do? Plug in an external monitor You have a compiler that compiles applications used in your business. You want to make sure that the compiler continues to run in the background, even if you open the other applications. How can you adjust the amount of attention given to that application? Use Task Manager to adjust the process priority Several employees have forwarded you an email indicating that your company’s health insurance provider has just launched a new benefits management Web site that all employees must start using.
The employees are told in the email to click a link to access the site. Once there, they are required to provide their USN. However, you have discovered that your company’s insurance provider did not send this e mail. What kind of attack just occurred? Phips inning 2) Configure each client with the same key 5/91 A user sends a print job to a network printer and it prints page after page of random characters. He calls the help desk and a technician discovers that somehow the wrong printer driver has been loaded on the users workstation.

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