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Running head : IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY WITH LEADERSHIP 1 Improve Productivity with Leadership Natalie Misyuk Chamberlain School of Nursing Marilyn Smith NR 447 Collaborative Health care IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY WITH LEADERSHIP 2 Improve Productivity with Leadership Introduction Working in the VA has made me become a leader, I have been employed here for about 4 years and it feels like family.
I started becoming a leader by learning though out my experience from my colleagues of my other jobs that I held and the knowledge I have acquired through my school that helped me prepare for the future. I want to be there for my whole career as a Registered Nurse and as a Leader in my clinic to improve productivity and processes. The two SMART goals that I have choose are: 1. Reduce late and cancelled appointments in the Women’s clinic. 2. To provide the female veterans with the newest technology available on the market. I choose them because I want to be the best nurse advocate to my patients.
Goal 1: Leadership Development My leadership development is about being a natural leader. I attend conferences, read books and keep myself updated on the different theories of leadership. I always wondered what kind of leader I would become but over the years I have learned to lead and improve my skills to become a natural leader. It is about certain strategies that you just have to have. Strategic thinking helps you to learn to step back from the day-to-day tactical details and focus on the “why”, not just the “what” and “how”.

Being a good listener means to learn to pay attention and demonstrate to others that I value what they have to say. IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY WITH LEADERSHIP 3 Peer-Reviewed Articles The article that I found is called “Empowering others to take an active role in patient care” This article talks about how leadership traits are very difficult to apply into the real world when you try to learn them from someone. Each individual is a leader within himself and is a product of individual xperiences, individual opportunities, and individual training who has been exposed to challenging situations, unique opportunities (Sara J. White 2012). It is simply not realistic to think, “How can I be like her? ,” or in “How can I be as good a leader as Abraham Lincoln? ” When we think about the great leaders that we have come across in our lives, it would be difficult to retrace the knowledge, experiences, and perspectives that shaped their ability and effectiveness. It is difficult to acquire or develop the attributes necessary to be a good leader by seeing examples of ood leadership in others. Good leadership ability will result from applying knowledge useful in situations that require leadership, practicing the skills associated with leadership, and having the desire and motivation to exert these in appropriate situations. (Sara J. White 2012) Leadership is “about coping with change. “‘ This requires more specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes. The individual must have the knowledge necessary to be a good leader, including the knowledge necessary to develop a vision, stimulate change, work well with people, and become a person of influence.
Credible Websites The website that will help me with the development of my SMART goal talks about “10 Tips to Improve productivity at work. ” by Adam Gurian. It is a business professional website, but it can be applied to anyone that wants to improve processes in their work. He talks about how to quickly manage IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY WITH LEADERSHIP 4 difficult situations and how to be a leader at work, which will result in productivity in the workplace.
The number one is to Act immediately on phone the messages, I never knew how important this is for my patients, but if you can return the phone call back to a patient that is in a great emergency then it can accomplish much maybe even and save the patient’s life. It all starts from the little things that we do as nurses to help our day run smoothly. Another important tool is to organize your tasks for the day, so you can tackle your most important priorities together, you will save time and be more efficient and produce higher quality work. By starting your day ith the most important task, you will increase your productivity and get your day off to a good start. This is a credible website that applies to my specific SMART goal because it talks about different positive ways to get the job done. This website is very helpful for employees in any field to be productive in their job. Informational Expert I have spoke with the Nurse Educator in my job about how to reduce late and cancelled appointments in the Women’s Clinic. The nurse educator had informed us, for all the clinics the number one priority to reduce late and cancelled appointment is to make reminder calls at least 2-4 days in advance.
We all forget things, and appointments are among the easiest things to lose track of. Appointment cards are helpful, but in the end, a phone call is your best bet. Email, text message and other automated solutions are starting to make some headway, but a good old-fashioned telephone call is still the most effective tool to combat schedule disintegration. We are very busy in our clinic, so not all the time these phone calls are able to be made but for the most part we have to start making it our number one priority.
The Nurse Educator told us to create a workbook where we will type everything out; the patients name, date or appointment, time, which doctor and for what reason. In this work book IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY WITH LEADERSHIP 5 we will keep track of patients who received the call, who the message was left for and who cancelled or just didn’t show up. My goals are to be on top of these reminder phone calls and try to call everyday to the patients scheduled when I have some free time. In the worst case scenario when phone calls weren’t able to be made, our clerk will send out reminder letters.
I can definitely achieve my SMART goal this way, by working together as a team and collaborating with each other to meet our clinics goals. Goal 2: Organizational Planning I know this goal is a difficult one to achieve, because it is all about the timing and the finances of the VA hospital. It is one of the goals for our clinic to have the most recent and newest technology offered to the Women Veterans. A few months ago I went to a conference and I heard about the new Mammography technology that is being offered, which is called Computed Tomography Laser Mammography.
This medical imaging technique uses laser energy in the near infrared region of the spectrum, to detect angiogenesis in the breast tissue. The technology uses laser in the same way computed tomography uses X-Rays, these beams travel through tissue and suffer attenuation. It would be great to see my clinic have one of these in the near future, I know how painful getting a mammogram can be and this new way o f getting a laser detector can do the best job pain free. Detect tumors, and any abnormal tissue with this pain free mammogram. Peer-Reviewed Articles
The article named “Exploring the Influence of New Technology Planning and Implementation on the Perceptions of New Technology Effectiveness” by Bellamy, Al talks about that organizations that recently installed new technology bettered the workplace and its effectiveness. Technology is believed IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY WITH LEADERSHIP 6 to have more effective outcomes when it is integrated systematically within an organization’s strategy process. Organizations that have good leadership, have good decision-making processes, and rganizational policies and procedures. Organization with new technology is much more effective in every way. An organization that is characterized by its members as being rigid and unwilling to change would probably approach new technology planning and implementation differently than an organization described as open and that does not resist change. There may also be parallel differences in the effectiveness in which new technology is deployed. The perceived climate of the organization may mediate the relationship among technology, the planning processes, and the perceived effectiveness of he deployment of technology (Bellamy, 2009). This all means that new technology in the workplace is for the better in every way, and the number one goal is to to better patient outcomes. The way that this article relates to my SMART goal, is by talking about that new technologies improves production and patient satisfaction. Credible Websites The website that talks about why technology is very beneficial to the workplace because it simplifies and reduces the labor involved to complete the task at hand. Technology is the use of any tool that was developed by man to enhance the productivity of any given task.
This website has a different approach about technology because it does not talk about the medical field with its new technologies, but it talks about technologies in the work place. This specific website talks about farmers utilizing various technologies to increase their farm production. New farm technologies improved in quality production and more foreign exchange was brought into our country because of this. The way that this IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY WITH LEADERSHIP 7 ebsite applies to my SMART goal is by talking about new technologies benefiting any work environment to improve the quality of the produce. The actual website is http://www. fiji. gov. fj Informational Expert My nursing manager has told my team that it is a great goal that we have thought of, however it is something that will take place not until the year 2015. The financial situation is very bad right now with the VA Hospital, after the hurricane Sandy, the Manhattan VA was destroyed which put us in great financial loss. New technologies are on their way but we will just have to wait.
My nurse manager recommended that the patients that are in a lot of pain doing mammograms the old way, can be referred to an outside specialty clinic that provide these types of special services with laser Mammography machines. Summary I have learned a lot in this research paper, being a leader in the work environment lets me realize that there are many things to look out for to keep the clinic running smoothly. Make pre-visit telephone calls is one great goal that I came up with, with the Nurse educator in order to improve productivity and efficiency.
My goal is to continue learning about different leadership styles in my workplace and to continue to build and lead high performing teams is especially in the Women’s Clinic. We must work closely together and wear many different hats to effectively meet our company’s demands. I appreciated doing this research and learned a lot about how we can improve quality and productivity. Creating an environment that will promote problem solving is part of creating an effective team.
My informational expert has taught me that you should never be afraid to communicate whatever it is you want to learn IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY WITH LEADERSHIP 8 more about, because it will only help you learn something new, you can never be wrong from asking a question instead of doing something without the correct answer. References Bellamy AL. (2007). Exploring the Influence of New Technology Planning and Implementation on the Perceptions of New Technology Effectiveness.
Journal of Technology Studies, v33 n1 p32-40. 9 pp. White SJ ; Wilkin NE ; McElroy SR. (2012). Leadership development: Empowering others to take an active role in patient care. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association:(J AM PHARM ASSOC), 2012 May 1; 52 (3): 308-18. http://www. businessnewsdaily. com/3272-improve-productivity-tips. html http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Computed_tomography_laser_mammography http://www. fiji. gov. fj/index. php? option=com_content&view=article&id=739:technologies-improve-production&catid=97:features&Itemid=198

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