History of Michigan

The Free Press did not believe that blacks were qualified to fight. A. “First Ethiopians” A male impersonator from Flint, Michigan named Sarah Emma Edmonds who enlisted in the Union Army using a man’s name and served for two years. E. Franklin Thompson Nickname for the Michigan 24th Infantry, consisting Of men mainly from Wayne County, who distinguished themselves during the Battle of Gettysburg. D. “Black Hat” Iron Brigade While serving with the 4th Michigan Cavalry, this officer succeeded in capturing former Confederate President Jefferson Davis as Davis attempted to flee to Georgia after the end of the Civil War.
B. Benjamin D. Pritchard 2. Although no battles were fought on Michigan soil during the Civil War, and there were no plantations or slaves that needed to be emancipated, Michigan ‘s citizens nevertheless responded to the cause. How many soldiers from Michigan participated in the war? A) 90,000 B) 45,000 C) 120,000 D) 50,000 3. When President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862, all he did was free the slaves in all of the states that “were in rebellion” (the Southern states that had left the Union to form the Confederacy).
Even though he was the President, Lincoln could not end slavery in the United States on his own because it was actually protected by the Constitution and was the legal law of the land. After the Civil War ended, which amendment to the constitution ended slavery in the U. S. For good? A) Thirteenth B) Fourteenth C) Fifteenth D) Eighteenth 4. An 1874, a women’s suffrage amendment to the state constitution was overwhelmingly passed by the Michigan legislature and placed on the November ballot. The Michigan campaign depended heavily on appearance by which long-time leaders of a woman’s right to vote?

A) Harriet Tuba and Sojourner Truth B) Mary Todd Lincoln and Elizabeth Ackley C) Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Emily Dickinson D) Elizabeth Caddy Stanton and Susan B. Anthony that did Michigan farm families do during the Civil War to cope with the severe manpower shortage? A) actively recruited runaway slaves and free blacks to work for them B) cut back on the amount of crops they planted, which resulted in food shortages across the state C) invested in more mechanized machinery, like harrows, reapers and mowers D) petitioned Congress for financial assistance 6.
The woman’s suffrage amendment was crushed, in large part because opponents of the measure had convinced Irish and German voters that omitting bad would would happen if women were given the right to vote. What was it? A) women would start dressing and acting like men B) women would immediately pass a law prohibiting the sale and consumption of alcohol C) women would take jobs away from men D) the institution of marriage would be destroyed 7. What made it possible for women to ride safety bicycles in public during the sass and 1 8905 without fear of “moral hazard? A) the invention of tandem (2-person) bicycles which enabled a woman to be accompanied by a man who could protect her honor while cycling B) the ratification of the 18th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution C) the widespread adoption Of “bloomers” a cross between a split skirt and trousers D) the widespread installation of concrete sidewalks (women had not been allowed to ride in the streets) 8. An 1870, the Fifteenth Amendment (which gave black men the right to vote) was ratified. Women finally were given the right to vote when the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified in what year?
A) 1920 B) 1880 C) 1910 D) 1890 9. What item(s)from the Lincoln White House did Henry Ford purchase and put on display in his museum in Dearborn? A) the Lincoln China (ornate dishes & lace settings used during State dinners) B) the Lincoln Library (Lincoln personal collection of books) C) furniture from the Lincoln Bedroom D) the Lincoln Death Mask (a plaster cast of Lincoln face made shortly after he was assassinated) 10. An April 9, 1865, General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant at Appoints Courthouse, thus bringing an end to the Civil War.
What was George Armstrong Custer given as a souvenir of the event by his commanding officer, General Phil Sheridan? A) General Lee’s sword B) General Lee’s white horse C) Nothing. Sheridan hated Custer. D) One of TV small tables inside the house on which the surrender documents had been signed by Lee and Grant. 1 1 . Please match each term with the correct definition. The industry in Michigan that suffered the most during the Civil War. B. Lumber The industry in Michigan that enjoyed a huge boom during the Civil War. F. Proper Sworn in as Michigan 13th governor in 1861; he warned that the Union had to be maintained at any price and that secession was revolution and treasonous. A. Governor Austin Blair Wealthy Flint lumber and railroad magnate who was elected governor in 1864. E. Governor Henry H Crap Instituted a system of taxation and licensing to regulate liquor traffic in Michigan. C. Governor John J. Bagley Attempted to remain Detroit mayor after being elected Governor of Michigan in 1896–he wanted to hold both jobs at once. D.
Governor Haze S. Fingerer 12. What famous landmark in downtown Detroit was built by James McMillan–a wealthy Detroit businessman and a powerful Republican senator during the Progressive Era? A) Book-Cadillac Hotel B) Fisher Building C) Guardian Building D) Fox Theater 13. An 1902, Henry Ford and Tom Cooper teamed up to build a race car. They ladled it the “999” (after the fastest steam locomotive of its day) but neither man had the nerve to drive it. Instead, they recruited a fearless bicycle racer to drive it for them.
What Was the name Of the man who drove “999” to several victories? A) Horace Dodge B) Barney Oldie C) Lie screen D) Alexander Winston E) TRICK QUESTION: Henry Ford drove “999” since he was the one who designed it. 14 As early as 1845, the State of Michigan pursued a polity aimed at attracting new settlers from Europe. One group above all others was eagerly recruited. Because its members were staunchly religious, family oriented, industrious and educated, this group was viewed as making ideal residents for Michigan. What was the group?
A) Scandinavians B) Dutch C) Cornish D) Irish E) Germans 15. Because of its close proximity to Canada, Michigan has always been a source of refuge for Canadians and CANADIANS. What is a CANADIAN? A) female Canadian B) Canadian resident of Quebec C) French-speaking Canadian D) Canadian originally born in France 16. Please match each term with the correct definition. Immigrants known for their expertise in hard rock mining deep underground. A man from this ethnic group was nicknamed “Cousin Jack” while a woman as called “Cousin Jenny. ” C.
Cornish Immigrants who came to Michigan primarily to find work (mining, digging canals, laying railroad tracks, selling linen or becoming policemen and firefighters), and were often very religious. D. Irish Part of a later wave of immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe, many of whom arrived as illiterate, unskilled menial laborers. They often initially chose to live in native-speaking urban ghettos rather than become assimilated into American society. E. Poles Immigrants who in engaged in farming, as well as worked in mining, lumbering and railroad industries.
They ere welcomed because they were literate and hard-working. A. Scandinavians Immigrants who settled on the extreme western side of the Lower Peninsula and earned a reputation for making Michigan a leader in the production of celery. B. Dutch 17. As late as 1935, Michigan had more than 18. 5 million acres of land under cultivation and approximately 20% of the state’s population listed their occupation as “farmer. ” By 1970, agriculture accounted for a mere 4% of the state’s income and only 1. 5% of the state’s residents were farmers.
At the turn of the 21st century, how many acres of farmland was Michigan losing to urban sprawl EACH DAY? A) 133 acres B) 333 acres C) 33 acres D) 233 acres 18. Professional medical attention was still not available to most rural Michigan women during the mid-19th to early 20th centuries. Midwives, who provided care to childbearing women during pregnancy, labor and birth, as well as during the postpartum period, sometimes filled the void. These caregivers were known affectionately as: A) Wet Nurses B) Angels of Mercy C) Sisters of Mercy D) Sister Wives 19. Dry.

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