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Sandra Esqueda Elizabeth Montelongo Emma Johnson The Area Agency on Aging department that we visited is located on 255 S Kansas Ave in Weslaco, Texas. The representative that spoke to us on behalf of The Area Agency on Aging is named Vivian Moreno who is a social worker with a BSW. The Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council ( LRGVDC) was designated in 1984 by the Texas Department on Aging as the Area Agency on Aging of the Lower Rio Grande Valley, one of 28 such area agencies.
These agencies were created by the 1973 amendments o the Older Americans Act of 1965 to ensure that individuals aged 60 and over are treated with dignity, given independence, and provided with the opportunity to contribute to their communities. (http://www. lrgvdc. org/aging. html) Task Environment: Relationships with Funding Sources: Cash Revenues: Area Agency on Aging depends on funds coming from state and local funds. Funds are filtered down from the national level and then distributed throughout the state for the Rio Grande Branch the break-down of funds was as followed: Ill-B Supportive service- $420,000 Ill-c Nutrition servtce-$
Ill-E Caregiver- S For a Total -$ Vivian also informed us that on top of the budget that they have for the fiscal year they also get funds from the local level and some contribution but they are normally a minimal amount. Vivian also revealed to us that the numbers she gave us were numbers from this year and the fiscal year had ended already and are waiting for their new budget but will not receive those numbers until January 2014. Area Agency on Aging, Vivian Moreno) Noncash revenues: The agency does use volunteers especially for their Foster

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