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Module 3 – SLP
Organized Labor
In the SLP assignment, you have the opportunity to evaluate strategies
taken by union organizers to organize nonunion workplaces.
Review the sources pertaining to union organizing listed on the Module
3 Background page, review the article (below), and
conduct your own research.
Hussein, F. (2017). Labor Movement Turns to Social Activism to Attract
Millennials. Retrieved from
What labor movement effort or efforts do you think might have the most
impact on increasing the number of unionized workplaces in the private
sector? Why?
Prepare your response as a 3-page brochure/handout geared to HR
professionals attending an HRM conference expo. Your goal is to make
them more aware of what you think will be unionization tactics they
should look out for in future.
Please upload your eye-catching brochure by the Module due date.
Include at least 2 references that you utilized to prepare your

Module 3 – Case
Organized Labor
Assignment Overview
This assignment is about what the labor contract says. This is a key
element in whether or not the union or employer will win at a
grievance arbitration case. View the following video that explains
that the contract wording alone sometimes does not tell the whole

(Eisenberg, 2015)
In this Case Assignment we will look at actual labor contracts to
experience the content and detail involved.
Go to the following source:
United States Department of Labor, Office of Labor-Management
Standards, Collective Bargaining Agreements. Retrieved from
The emphasis is on how to represent information in table form and to
draw your own conclusions from the data presented.

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