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Identify the classes and their attributes

The “Sweet Shop” management would desire to have a database system to keep track of its chocolate items, customers, and employees. Read the following paragraph to answer the given questions. 
The “Sweet Shop” has registered with a registration number, title, address and phone number. The shop has one or many employees working with it. For each employee, the system keeps an employee ID, first name, last name, address, telephone number, and salary. For each customer, the system needs to keep a customer ID, first name, middle name, last name, title, telephone number, and address. A customer can make zero or more orders. For each order, the system maintains a unique order ID, date, time, and any special discounts offered on the order. Only one employee takes each order. One employee may deal with one or more customers. A single order associated with one or more items. The item details to be stored are item ID, quantity, description, and unit price. The shop inventory stores one or many items. 
3.1 Identify the classes and their attributes from the given paragraph. 
3.2 Draw a Class diagram for the given database. The diagram must show all classes, relationships between classes, and multiplicities. 

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