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Due:  Thursday, October 24
Requirements:  Min. length 2 pages plus Work Cited page.  
Times New Roman. 12 pt. font.  MLA format.
For this assignment, I would like you to choose one reading from the “Media” section—Coates, Carr, Zirin, or Whitehead—to critically analyze.  In order to do this, you will need to come to terms with the author’s project as well as counter one claim that the author presents.  Because this is also a response paper, you will need to reflect on why you chose that particular claim to counter.  Consider the position you are taking and explain your stance.  Keep in mind that you will need to critically analyze both the reading and your response to it. 
In other words, choose a reading that evoked a strong response from you and go from there.  However, this is not a free-for-all to bash the author; treat the author and the essay with respect especially if the piece rubbed you the wrong way.  Incorporate one quote and one paraphrase and analyze them.  Use first person and present tense when applicable.

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