Do young people enjoy life more than older people do?

Some people may think that older people enjoy life more than young people do. However in opinion, young people enjoy life more than older people do. Young people’ passion and energy are enough to enjoy life more than older people do. The reasons of it are that they do not have to be responsible for numerous tasks, that they are much more energetic than the elderly, and that they can get familiar with new technologies even faster than old people. First of all, young people do not have much responsibility compare to older people.
For example, older people have responsibility to take care of their children, to earn money, to complete their work, etc. These responsibilities make them limited to enjoy their life. Moreover, whenever they try to do something to enjoy life they prefer their children’s favor first, like to travel where, to choose which movie, to come together with my friends and their mother. These all make the life less enjoyable thing. On the other hand, young people do not have these responsibilities; they are free to choose from variety of options to do for enjoying their life.
They can meet with their own friends, and they can go most recent and famous movie. These show us that young people enjoy their life more than older people do. Additionally, young people have more energy to do anything. In contrast, older people usually suffer from some disabilities by the time is passing. For example, my friend and I have lived in same apartment for about ten years and usually we tried to come together whenever we found some free time. And every time we went different places, and tried new things. Sometimes, our parents were the ones who planned and scheduled the vacation.

Unfortunately, they were less powerful and active than we were, which forced our decision for changing according to our parents’ situation. We had great time, and enjoyed of course. However, our parents were sorry to not be able to do everything that they used to do it before. Hence, we see that by the time our enjoying life terms will change up to our ages. And we think that we should go, try and see as much as we can do while we are still young, otherwise we will not be in proper health condition to do whatever we want.
Lastly, young people enjoy life more than older people because of the reality that they can easily follow the technology compare to the older people. And technology is one of the most enjoyable things in our life. For example, we are using social media, kinds of application to be more connected to our friends. The more connection creates more friendship. And the more friendship means more enjoyable life. However, older people can only connect with their friends with traditional method which is only couple friends.
As a result of this, young people can more enjoy life than older people. To sum up, there is a huge difference between young and older people to enjoy their life. Of course, the older people can also enjoy their life according to their new age. However in some point, they feel that they are not able to do everything they want, and in this manner they feel little boundary surrounding them. They might not feel fully enjoyed life like in their young age. On the other hand, young people can able to enjoy life by being less responsible, more energetic and more following up new things.

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