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question Week 5

Help answer the following question from: Boatright, J. and Smith, J.D. (2017). Ethics and the Conduct of Business. (8th ed.). Pearson.  ISBN: 978-0134167657 
Text is not furnish. Please cite reference in your answer what page. And video after the warming by  james  burke
Using APA format
Sample example has been supplied

CH. 6.  What are the Kantian arguments (according to your text) that support why we, in the U.S., so highly value privacy and hold that it ought to be protected as a moral right? Do you agree or disagree: Why?

CH.10. After viewing the video series, “After the Warming” narrated by James Burcke, answer the following questions. Is this a type of advertising, and if so, what is it trying to sell you? Is it simply informational, persuasive, or manipulative? Of these three, which are unethical: Why? Is it ever okay, to commit a minor wrong in order to accomplish a greater good: Why? As you watch, hopefully in the dark for greater effect, try to be cognizant of your emotional reactions to the visuals and sounds, not to mention the information presented at the end of the first volume, concerning the possible timeline, that is based on facts.  

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