Level 3 Health and Social Care Unit 4 M1

The nature vs nurture debate has been around for many centuries which argues about the role for heredity and environment in human development. Theorists in the past have argued that all humans are born with instincts which we have in life although other theorists have argued that the way we have been brought up, environment, culture around us are influential in what defines our personality traits and characteristics an example of nature vs nurture debate is the gay gene.
The nature side of the debate is that gay is heritable a theorist named George Howt had claimed in 1998 that “being. Gay is in are genes” even though this has not been proven it could be possible that being gay is normal difference which can occur in human nature. The nurture side of the debate is that are sexual orientation is impacted by our environment the theorist who support the nurture side of this debate claim the environment factors involved with our up bringing decide out sexual preference these factors could be friends, culture and friends.
Another example of nature vs nurture debate is the twins studies which argues about how much of a twin personality is controlled by are genes and how much by are environment. The nature side to thE debate is that either that twins are grown up far away from each other or together have the same personality, behavior and preferences. If grown apart from each other nurture will not have much of a big impact on the twins to have them change their characterize this would prove that nature when it comes to twins is more dominant.

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