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There have been a lot of interesting happenings in the news lately related to criminal justice and the concepts we have covered throughout this course.  For this extra credit discussion forum, you are allowed to post an initial post plus up to four response posts to your classmates.  See the requirements below.  You must follow the below guidelines for both the initial post (including the short overview and the discussion question) as well as the 4 responses to the questions your classmates pose in order to receive credit for each of your responses. 
For your initial extra credit discussion post, you should locate ONE recent (no older than 5 years) local, state, or national news story from a reliable news source discussing an issue relevant to this class. 

Provide a brief (2-3 sentence) overview of the issue, and then create ONE discussion question that your classmates will answer.  
This discussion question must be thought-provoking in nature — it should NOT be answerable with one word or even one sentence.  
You should incorporate at least ONE textbook concept you have learned in this class into your discussion question, as well as your issue overview.  Put your textbook concept(s) in bold.  
While you should not provide a response to your own discussion question, your question must be sufficiently detailed enough to illustrate that you read and understood the concepts you are discussing.  
You should provide a link and/or attachment for the news article you selected in your initial post so that the class may review it.  News stories may ONLY come from reliable news sources (NOT someplace like Wikipedia or someone’s blog).  Do NOT copy and paste any of your responses as this will result in a zero for the assignment. 
Be sure to proofread for spelling and grammatical errors.  Too many errors will result in a loss of extra credit points. 

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