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Values are traits or qualities that are considered worthwhile; they represent your highest priorities and deeply held driving forces. When you are part of any organization, you bring your deeply held values and beliefs to the organization. There, they co-mingle with those of the other members to create an organization or family culture. Value statements are grounded in values and define how people want to behave with each other in an organization, an institution, a company, or a family. Value statements describe actions, which are the living enactment of the fundamental values held by the individual.

From the Values List (attached as a document to this assignment), think of three to five (3-5) values that have shaped your life so far.
Write a narrative reflection (at least 350 words) of how these values have specifically benefited you.
Include in your account two (2) new values you would like to implement in your life and describe how you might do this.
Be sure to underline your values as you introduce them in your assignment.
End your reflection with a one-sentence Personal Guiding Statement. This statement will be the words you will live by. It must be yours—not your parents, friends, teachers, etc. It must include your top 5 values and should be strong enough to motivate you during times when you feel ethically, financially, or emotionally challenged. It should guide your relationships with family, friends, spouses, or partners. It should also direct your daily actions. For example, if you chose the values respect, giving, and optimistic, your guiding statement may be:”I will live my life as a positive, upbeat, motivated person who respects others and enjoys giving to others on a daily basis.”  Or, “Be Positive, Be Optimistic, Show Respect, and Give Till It Hurts.”

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