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Choose a current technology that is “Huxleyan” and defend it against a “Postmanian” critique.

1. Choose a current “Huxleyan” technology = choose a currently existing technology that people actually use these days which would not be out of place in Brave New World.
What this means is that the technology you choose needs has AT LEAST ONE of the following effects on people:  (A) increases access to superficial information that drowns out other meaningful information, (B) gets in the way of the desire for truth or makes the desire for truth irrelevant, (C) ignores historical meaning or effects, or (D) gives the people what they think they want—but it ends up making them subjugated or worse off politically.
2.  Defend it from a Postmanian critique = defend it from the kinds of critiques that Neil Postman raises in his article.
What this means is that you need to defend the technology you chose in Step 1 from AT LEAST ONE of the following critiques leveled by Postman: (A) automatic compliance to technology that reduces the political power of the people using it, (B) important issues are not being taken seriously, and thus are not being changed or addressed, (C) our cultural engagement is reduced to entertainment, (D) isolating ourselves from the world through technology,  and (E) the necessity for constant and never-ending connection and engagement.

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