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My life has experienced its fair share if twists and turns. If there is one thing that I have learnt from life, it is preparing to expect the unexpected. I always try to keep an open mind towards situations and it helps me to stay unruffled during adversity.

I maintain a positive outlook towards life even during hardships, which helps me focus on things that need to be done in the present rather than worrying about the past. It has also helped face failure with optimism and given me confidence that anything is possible if adequate time and effort are put in.

I enjoy reading books and feel that it is extremely enlightening and entertaining at the same time. I feel that good books can talk to people and change lives. I have read quite a few good books that have greatly influenced me and made who I am today.
I enjoy playing outdoor sports and feel that it a great way to exert pent-up energy and refresh the mind. A good game has the power to take the mind off negative thoughts. I believe it helps to lead a healthy lifestyle since it acts as adequate exercise to the body and soul. It is also an excellent way to learn sportsmanship and make new friends.
I feel college education is absolutely essential to gather knowledge, which would otherwise take years of experience. However, I do understand there is no substitute for real world experience. But, I just feel that a college degree would give a head start towards launching a successful career.
I also hope that college life would expose me a world of new possibilities and people that would made life more interesting. I have been quite a disciplined and dedicated student in school, which is reflected by grades and clean record. I also stick to strong moral values, as a result of my healthy upbringing and good friends.
I am looking forward to learning new things from professors and academic experts, enabling me to be a more enlightened person. I like making new friends by mingling with my fellow students and getting to know their experiences and thoughts on life.
I feel that college is the best place to make human connections that last for a lifetime, since we reach a mature state of mind and are also free from the greed that haunts the professional world. I am good in coordinating charity events and can help out in organizing any event. I am very open to learning and quite good in grasping things quickly. I believe that I can I contribute to your student community in more ways than one by being an honest, unbiased, helpful person.

I seek joy by helping other people, especially the ones that desperately need help. It makes my heart ache to see people in our very own country suffer without food and a proper place to stay. I am willing to do whatever it takes to revive this situation.
However, I feel that I have to first empower myself with the necessary tools to accomplish this noble cause. I believe that I have to start with higher education which is the one of the key steps. Dedication and persistence in healthy doses measure are also equally important to reach this goal.
I am very patient person and would like help out elderly people are abandoned by their kids. I feel that everyone deserves someone to care for them and listen to them. I wish to visit elderly rest homes and interact with senior citizens. I wish get their perspective on current affairs and help them in little ways that matter.
I wish to spend time with time with them on a regular basis and offer such elderly homes my free services. If I could help out a few elderly people, it would make me feel extremely proud and contented.
I gone through many trails and tribulations in my life so far and all of them have only made me a stronger person. Even when I failed in my tests, I never gave up hope and have always been ready to face tough situations. I feel this quality of mine helps me to keep moving forward in life. I would have to mention my math teacher who helped me a lot to come out of failure and taste success.
I will always be grateful to her and I made decision to be helpful to other people. I have also helped a lot of my friends during personal crisis and family emergencies. I try not pass judgments and am very open-minded.
This has helped me gain the trust of my friends and prompted them to share their personal problems with me. It has also made me gain insight into human pain and uncover ways to deal with it. This has helped to understand that that every wound will heal with time.
I see myself as a very active and sociable person. I have a penchant for doing social work and fighting for good causes. I would like to participate in events that deal with cleansing the environment and taking a new fresh look at humanitarian issues.
I believe it is my duty as a human being to exhibit empathy and devote time to improve the world that I live. Nothing in the world would be give me more pride and joy than knowing that I have made a difference in another person’s life.

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