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International Law

 Based on Law and Economics
You will be required to research a law that relates to the business areas covered : The Legal Environment of International Trade between the United states and India . This is a vast area so start by choosing a sub-topic of your preference from that chapter and prepare a power point presentation on the International Business Law consequences of any of the following international laws, treaties or international trade organizations: GATT; WTO; CISG; UNCTAD; EU;NAFTA; IMF; OPENC or ICANN. In doing research you can analyze a case or discuss a business law related to the topics listed above. In order to complete this project you may have to conduct research in a law library or an internet related legal research site. Your references must also appear in the end of the power point presentation.You are to prepare a detailed power point presentation and give a 5-10 min. verbal presentation in class about your research that topic that is the business organization India and United states. Use bullets with talking points in the presentation. If you copy information from a website you must use quotation marks and other appropriate citation.   Please make sure that there are no spelling nor any grammatical errors in your presentation. Your presentation has to contain at least 5-10 slides. Please do not use Wikipedia, You must use MLA citation format. Please see the MLA link on line.

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