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Disaster Recovery Methodologies

I need a project report minimum of 15 pages including references and should be in APA format.
No plagiarism.

I have an abstract and out line of  the project.

This research paper explains briefly about the types of disasters that occur and the steps that are utilized in the process of recovery. This paper explains the objectives of disaster recovery plan and clearly mentions the methodologies that are used I the disaster recovery. The research starts with conducting risk assessments and identifying the criticality’s in business. It explains some of the major methodologies used in disaster recovery process.
o Disaster and its types
o Recovery planning and its objectives
o Need of recovery
Conducting Risk Assessment
Establishing priorities for operations and processing
Identifying the criticality’s
Determining the recovery strategies
o Risk Impact Analysis
o Business Impact Analysis
o Reference Architecture
o Recovery Point Objective
o Recovery Time Objective
o Data Back up
Disaster recovery planning and design

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