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 Nationwide Training, a company specializing in developing and  delivering specialized training programs, has been asked to create a  module regarding age discrimination to be used in various states and in  many different organizations. The company has hired you to help develop  this program and to ensure that the information presented in it is  accurate and factual. The company has given you a list of case studies  to be used for the training.  identify instances of age discrimination. Identify the type of age  discrimination–housing, employment, education, and so on–and the  issues at hand. 

Case Study 1
The  Fire Department #3  of  Baton Rouge, Louisiana consists of 90 full-time firemen and women varying in ages, from 21 to 59. The tenure of the firemen also varies with some being newly hired and others with 10 or more years of service to the Fire Department. The city just instituted a pay-for-performance plan which states that firemen who have better performance will receive increased compensation after biyearly performance appraisals. A fireman or woman’s job requires strong physical ability in most situations and the performance appraisal includes assessment of physical ability to perform the job. 
 Write a 200-word sample letter of  complaint for the case the people involved might write to address  discrimination. In the complaint letters, include which type of  discrimination is addressed, the relevant issues from the case, and  applicable laws intended to protect the individual in the Case against  such abuses.  

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