Air Transportation history

Since the invention of air planes few decades ago, air travelling has become famous among travellers. When the air transportation was first introduced in 1903 by the Wright Brothers, many people could not travel using it because it was expensive. But after few decades, technology has improved and air transportation is being widely used all around the world. Most of the countries has built airports and has their own airline companies. Today, due to rivalry among airline companies air travelling has become much cheaper.
As a result, cheap air travelling has advantages and disadvantages for us, our country and to the world. Firstly, the main benefit of cheap air travel is that it is cheap. So it allows all the people to travel around the world. Those days only the rich people could use air travelling, but now even the ordinary people also can use it to travel, pursue their studies, do business, and go for a vacation. It is not surprising that most people wish to travel to distant land, a country far away but travelling cost lots of money.
So the people need to reconsider their travel plans since flight rates are way too high back then. Today, due to competition among airline companies, they are offering cheap flight rates that consumers like us could afford. It also helps maintain long distance relationship. Before the IT technology is developed, air transportation is the only option people who live on the other end the world keep in touch with their loved ones. Although cheap air travel allows everybody to travel, air planes causes air pollution and sound pollution.

Since air planes burns hydrocarbon fuel, it releases greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides. The greenhouse gases causes global warming and the effects of global warming is polar ice caps melting, increased probability and intensity of droughts and heat waves, warmer waters and more hurricanes, spread of diseases and economic consequences. Air planes also causes sound pollution which effects hearing impairment, hypertension, heart diseases and annoyance sleep disturbance.
Furthermore, the chances of surviving when a plane crash is lower than any other transportation. In addition, most of the airports are build outside of the city,so once the people get off the plane, they still need to travel to reach the city. Finally, cheap air travel also saves time. Long ago people travel using horses, camels, elephants, boats and ships but it takes days to reach a place. Now, air travel helps us to reach a far place or country just in hours. Besides that, air transportation enerates almost 32 million jobs annually and contributes almost 7. 5 percents of the world’s GDP which is a huge profit. Moreover, air transportation is the fastest worldwide transport system which is one the key factor of economic growth. In conclusion, cheap air travel saves time and money for the people and increases the economic growth in our country although it causes air pollution. So, the government should some solution to neutralise the greenhouse gases released by planes which causes global housewarming.

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