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9 key points of physical security

Identify key points of security.  
9 key points of security minimum of 1 Page.

Resources: Read Text book, 
From Textbook:
Nine Points of Security Concern
1. General purpose of the building (i.e., residence, classroom, office). Consider the hours of use,
people who use the building, people who have
access, key control, and maintenance schedule.
Who is responsible for maintenance? Is the building
used for public events? If so, what type and
how often? Is the building normally opened to the
public? Identify the significant factors and make
2. Hazards involving the building or its occupants.
List and prioritize (e.g., theft of office equipment,
wallet theft, theft from stockrooms). Identify
potential hazards that might exist in the future.
3. Police or guard security applications. What can
these guards do to improve the response to the
building and occupants from a patrol, investigation,
or crime prevention standpoint? Would the
application of guards be operationally effective or
4. Physical recommendations. Inspect doors,
windows, lighting, and access points. Recommend
physical changes that would make the building
more secure, such as pinning hinges on doors and
5. Locks, equipment to be bolted down, potential
application of card control and key control. Make
specific recommendations.
6. Alarms.Would an alarm system be cost effective?
Would the use of the building preclude the use of
an alarm? Are the potential benefits of an alarm
such that the building use should be changed to
facilitate it? Consider all types of alarms, buildingwide
or in specific offices. Consider closedcircuit television and portable or temporary alarm
7. Storage. Does the building have specific storage
problems, such as expensive items that should
be given special attention, petty cash, stamps,
calculators, microscopes? Make specific
8. Trespassing. Are there adequate “No Trespassing”
signs posted? Are other signs needed?
9. Custodians. Can custodians be used in a manner
that would be better from a security standpoint?

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