Company History, Product And Services Ebay

Company History, Product and Services Ebay was Founded in September 1995 by Pierre Midair in his San Jose living room (Bosons 2001), he created a flea market in cyberspace when launched online auction service Auction Web. Making a name for itself largely through word of mouth, the company incorporated in 1996, the same year it began to charge a fee to auction items online. The company changed the name to eBay in 1997 and began promoting itself through advertising.
By the middle of that year, eBay was boasting nearly 800,000 auctions each day and Benchmark Capital came on board as a significant uncial backer. In early 1998 Margaret Whitman, a former Hasher executive, replaced Midair as CEO in early 1998, later the same year EBay made a blockbuster debut as a public company. The company moved closer to household name status by launching a national advertising campaign and inking alliance deals with AOL and WebTV. Bay showed its acquisitive streak in 1999 with purchases of Land (online auctions in Germany) and Ballpoint (person-to-person credit card technology). It also made one of its first investments in an outside company with the purchase of 6% of Tradeoff. Mom, an online seller of corporate surplus materials. The company set the jewel in its 1999 acquisition crown when it acquired upscale auction house Butterflies & Butterflies now known as (Battlefields). EBay also expanded down under through a Joint venture with Australia-based score (formerly PL Online).
In 2000 eBay agreed to develop person-to-person and merchant-to-person auction sites for Disney’s GO Network, began distributing information through wireless products, and Joined with banking giant Wells Fargo to offer eBay sellers the option of accepting online checks. Also in 2000 the company expanded into Japan through eBay Japan, with computer firm NECK acquiring 30% of the Japanese subsidiary and eBay owning the rest; it also launched Canadian and Austrian sites. In addition, eBay took an equity stake in online used-car dealer Outraced. Mom and launched a co- branded used-car auction website, and it acquired online trading community Half. Com. EBay strengthened its European position in 2001 through the purchase of French Internet auction firm ‘Bazaar. It also launched sites in Ireland, New Zealand, and Switzerland. EBay made a deal that year to provide its e-commerce capabilities o Microsoft developers and to add business-to-business auctions to its consumer operations. In addition, the company began offering virtual storefronts for retailers to sell fixed-price items and purchased auctioneer of foreclosed property, Homesteader. Amazon. Com was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bozos.

After months of preparation, he launched a website in July 1995 (Douglas Hovercraft’s Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies was its first sale); it had sales of $20,000 a week by September. Bozos and his team kept working with the site, pioneering features that now seem mundane, such as one-click shopping, customer reviews, and e-mail order verification. Amazon went public in 1997. Moves to cement the Amazon. Com brand included becoming the sole book retailer on All’s website and Netscape commercial channel. In 1998 the company launched its online music and video stores, and it began to sell toys and electronics.
Amazon also expand Its European reach Walt ten purchases AT online booksellers in the UK and Germany, and it acquired the Internet Movie Database. Bozos also expanded the company’s base of online services, buying Jungle (comparison shopping) and Placental (address book, calendar, reminders). By midyear Amazon. Com had attracted so much attention that its market capitalization equaled the combined values of profitable bricks-and-mortar rivals Barnes ; Noble and Borders Group, even though their combined sales were far greater than the upstart’s.
Late that year Amazon formed a promotional link with Hover’s, publisher of this profile. After raising $1. 25 billion in a bond offering early in 1999, Amazon. Com began a spending spree with deals to buy all or part of several dot-combs. However, some have since been sold (Homegrown. Com) and others have gone out of business or bankrupt Pets. Com, living. Mom (furniture). It also bought the catalog businesses of Back to Basics and Tool Crib of the North. Amazon. Com began conducting online auctions in early 1999 and partnered with venerable auction house Soother’s.
Also that year Amazon added distribution facilities, including one each in England and Germany. Amazon is the highest-grossing online retailer in the world with $48. 1 billion in net sales in 2011, or approximately 7% of the $680 billion global e- commerce market. Media represented 7% of sales in 2011, and electronics and general merchandise represented 60% of sales. The remaining 3% was derived from o-branded credit cards, fulfillment operations, and cloud computing services. Outside the U. S. , Amazon operates sites in Canada, the U. K. , Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, and China.
International sales represented 45% of sales in 2011. Question 3 New Events Amazon has stepped up its physical and e-book publishing activities. Signaling an increased interest in content production, Amazon in 2012 acquired the publication rights to more than 3,000 backlash titles from Valor Books, which will be published under the West Coast imprints of Amazon Publishing alongside Montreal Romance and Thomas & Mercer. Amazon become a book publisher with five imprints, including Necromancers and Montreal, in late 2010 when it purchased the publication rights of about 120 fiction and translated titles published by The Toby Press.
Under the terms of the deal, the company’s Necromancers and Micromanaging publishing imprints will release The Toby Press titles in print and Kindle editions for sale on Amazon’s websites and at bookstores in the US, the I-J, and Germany. Previous purchases made to strengthen its Kindle business include Touch, a manufacturer of touch screens (in early 2010), and the digital daybooks publisher Audible for bout $300 million in 2008. To grow its customer base and sales channels, Amazon spent a total of $771 million on acquisitions at home and abroad in 2011.
It purchased UK-based online bookseller The Book Depository in the fall. The Book Depository was founded by Andrew Crawford, a former Amazon. Co. UK employee, and acquiring it strengthened Amazon’s market share in the I-J and bolstered its position in the e-book market. Raising its entertainment stakes in Europe. Also acquired the remaining shares it did not already own in Lovelier International, which streams video and rents DVD’s by mail to customers in the I-J, Germany, Denmark, Norway, ND Sweden (like Nettling in the US). Amazon previously held a 42% stake in Lovelier.
I en deal was announced mall rumblings Trot Hollywood stunt’s Tanat Amazon will roll out an Internet movie subscription operation to rival Nettling, so Amazon could make use of Loveliness technology in that pursuit. Amazon could also use its Hollywood connections to expand Loveliness video offerings and grow its market share in Europe. At home in the US, the company purchased Wood Inc. , an early entrant into the social shopping e-commerce niche in 2010. Dallas-based Wood operates as an independent subsidiary of its parent. It also acquired Squids, the owner of online shopping sites Diapers. Com and Soap. Mom for $500 million in cash and $45 million in debt. Diapers. Com sells baby care products and Soap. Com sells everyday essentials. Both companies operate as independent units and retain their current executive leadership teams. Looking to improve its automation fulfillment centers, as well as cut processing times and personnel costs, Amazon in 2012 acquired Massachusetts-based Kava Systems, a warehouse technology company, for around $775 million. Meanwhile, in 2011 Amazon gave in to increasing pressure from Tate legislatures and its brick-and-mortar rivals to begin collecting sales tax on its online sales.
After pitched battles in several states, including Texas and California, the company agreed to begin collecting taxes in The Golden State in 2012. To boost membership in its Prime shipping and customer loyalty program (launched in 2005), Amazon has struck a deal with Discovery Communications. Discovery has agreed to sell the online-streaming rights to some of its older programming, including episodes of the popular shows “Dirty Jobs” and “Whale Wars,” to Amazon’s online-streaming arrive.
Amazon’s Instant Video streaming service is a distant second to Neckline, with more than 21 million subscribers vs.. Only about 5 million for Amazon. In the past few years eBay spent about $5 billion on technology related acquisitions. In 2010 eBay acquired popular German shopping site Friendliness for about $200 million. It made the deal to become a leading online fashion destination in Europe. The company continued its shopping spree in Germany the following year when it bolstered Papal assets by acquiring the German company Failsafe, adding over 1 5 lion accounts.
The deal gave eBay purchase-on-invoice capabilities that are popular to merchants and consumers in Austria, German, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. EBay bought mobile software application developer Critical Path in 2010. Critical Path had worked with eBay to develop several of its applications for Apple’s phone. The acquisition doubled the size of eBay’s mobile team, which is working to capitalize on the growing numbers of consumers who are shopping on their smart phones. In its largest acquisition since purchasing Keep, in 2011 eBay bought SSL
Commerce, a provider of such services as website development and maintenance, order fulfillment, and digital advertising, for $2. 4 billion.. The purchase not only improved eBay’s Marketplaces business, but it also extended its relationships with larger retailers. SSL clients included Aids, Calvin Klein, Betsey Johnson, and Kenneth Cole. Other recent acquisitions include Hunch, which provides recommendations based on shopping data; Magenta, a provider for software for creating e-commerce systems; Mill, a local shopping engine; and Red Laser, which enables smartness to scan bar codes for product

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Respond to wk3 DQ 120 words or more due today

James Riley
James Riley
WednesdayApr 25 at 12:50pmManage Discussion Entry
        The role of globalization has contributed to the rise of terrorism during the last 20 years by the increased level of violence in this world. There are groups of people who carry out such acts of violence. The group of terrorists then attacks people that are viewed as innocent. The primary goal behind all of this is to create fear among innocent people. There is a particular method in which terrorism is carried out. What we need to do in the United States is to figure out ways to restrict such actions of violence. There is entirely no reason that innocent people need to be terrorized. The primary goal of Homeland Security is to eliminate this fear. All the American people need to be on the outlook for such actions of terrorism.
       There are some things that the U.S. can do economically to prevent terrorism before it starts. One of the things we as Americans can do financially to stop terrorism before it starts is to have each of the companies become a more fully-integrated regionalized economy. As Thomas Freidman (1996) argues is that, “Because McDonald’s is gradually moving from local sourcing of its raw materials to regional sourcing to global sourcing.” (Paragraph 4). The reason why this quotation is being used is that all Americans must accept the fact that the American society is becoming more integrated today.
       On the other hand, there is an argument in which Helena Norberg-Hodge says there needs to be less globalization. As the author Helena Norberg-Hodge (2015) briefly explains, “It is vital that we in the West shift to a decentralized, less resource-intensive economic model immediately.” (Paragraph 32). The reason why this statement was being used is that the author believes that fewer resources are necessary to avoid acts of terrorism in society.

Response #2 

I like what you said regarding globalization and terrorism as having the same root.   I had not thought of them in those terms before, but it is a good term to use for their connection to each other. 
We know globalization is here to stay.   We also know it becomes complicated with trade agreements, sub-trade agreements, free trade, and tariffs.  These are geopolitical challenges.
If we strip them away, we see the social dimension of people and culture.  This is an interesting power point from a class in Australia.   There are some questions the teacher asks her students at the end.    How would you answer them?

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Conflict Identification and Resolution
We live in a very complex and culturally diverse society. When we bring individuals together from diverse backgrounds in a work environment conflict can arise when expectations are not realized or met. Rather than hoping conflict will go away, this paper will explore and identify the reasons for conflict and how to successfully address them in a team environment.
Write a four- to five-page paper (excluding title and reference pages) assessing the components of conflict. The following need to be addressed within your paper:

Describe a conflict within an organization or team with which you are familiar.
Identify and describe the source(s) and level of the conflict and support with evidence.
Describe the steps taken to resolve the conflict or, if it is an ongoing conflict, propose steps to resolve the conflict.
Describe a minimum of three conflict outcomes that could reasonably occur as a result of the conflict resolution. Support your reasoning for each possible outcome.

Your paper must use a minimum of three scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook, your paper must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

Fast Food

Fast Food and Food Handler Wear

1. Infrared thermometers are used to measures? Surface temperatures 2. Food cannot be refrozen once it is thawed because? Dangerous bacteria can grow on thawed food 3. What is the minimum temperature for transporting hot food and hot food holding items? 135 (F) degrees 4. The appropriate freezing method for destroying the anisakis parasite in fish is? -4 f degrees and held for 7days 5. What type of jewelry may a food handler wear while preparing food? Plain band 6. A women runs out of the bathroom in a fast food restaurant, and frantically tells the manager that the bathroom sink has backed up and is overflowing.
What should the manager do? Close the restroom and call a plumber to unblock the drain 7. The concentration of a sanitizing solution is compromised when? The solution is to hot 8. All of these foods are potentially hazardous expect for? Raw asparagus 9. If the water supply to an establishment is shut off and there is no alternate portable water source? The establishment needs to close until the water supply is restored 10. The minimum internal temp of a pork roast or tuna casserole cooked in a microwave is? 165 (f) degrees for 15seconds 11. A food handler reports to the manager that he has been diagnosed with hemorrhagic colitis.
Similar essay: Food Safety Workfile Answers

The manager must? Ask the person to leave the establishment and report the incident to the health dept. 12. Clean plates are required for each trip to the buffet because? Contamination can be prevented 13. Frozen foods, other than ice cream, must not be stored at a temp. Over? 0 f degrees 14. Hand washing is not allowed in sinks that are? Used for food prep 15. Light bulb in food prep area must? Be covered to prevent physical contamination 16. The safe way to thaw large poultry or meat product is? In a frig at 41 f or lower 17. The minimum temp and time allowed for cooking a roast beef is? 130 f for 112 min 18.
Hand antiseptics can be used? After proper hand washing 19. Which of the following is the best method for killing bacteria in ground beef? Cook to 155 f for 15 sec 20. Which of these disease- causing bacteria may be found in the shell eggs? Salmonella 21. Cooked food is a self serve establishment that has been in the danger zone of under 135 f to over 70 f internal temp of? 165 f – for 15 sec 22. When displaying live shellfish for consumption, the FDA food code requires that you? Have a HACCP plan and a variance 23. The chef prepared a large quantity of homemade beef stew and divided it up into two shallow pans for cooling.
He placed the pans in the refrigerator and stirs them frequently. However, he was unsuccessful in cooling the stew from 135 f to 70 f within 2 hrs. What must the chef do to cool the stew? Reheat stew at 165 f for 15 sec and begin cooling process again 24. The entire hand washing process should take at least? 20 sec 25. Listeria bacteria is especially dangerous because? It can grow in dish water 26. Back siphoning occurs when the portable water pressure is lower than the waste water pressure and the waste water backs into the portable water-cross connection? Air gaps 27.
Which of these foods in the most likely source of botulism? Vegetables in a swollen can 28. The internal receiving temp of fresh? 41 f 29. Which organism is most likely to multiply in vacuum or airless packaged foods? Clostridium botulinum 30. The minimum wash temp for chemical sanitizing in a ware washing machine should be? 120 f degrees 31. To manually hot water sanitize in a three sink process, the item must be in the water that is at minimum? 120 f – 30 sec 32. Which of the following is a safe food handling practice? Clean and sanitize food surfaces in constant use every 4 hrs 33.
In a Hazards Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan, CCP’s are identified in? Flow chart 34. Measure a chicken noodle casserole where do you insert thermometer? Into the center or thickest part of the casserole 35. Grease traps must be cleaned on a regular basis because the can? Cause a backup 36. Product stuffed with either raw chicken or beef must be cooked to an internal temp of? 165 f for 15 sec 37. The first step in planning a food safety training program is? Identify the topics for the training 38. When cooking in a microwave, potentially hazardous foods should? Be rotated or mixed halfway through the cooking process 9. To ensure that the items are sanitized, the temp of a ware washing machine’s final sanitizing rinse must be at least? 180 f degrees 40. What two factors are the most important for controlling food borne illness in the food preparation process? Time and temp 41. Reduced Oxygen Packaged food must be stored? In refrigeration 42. An outbreak of typhoid fever, caused by the Salmonella Typhi Bacterium, is most likely to occur after? Flooding 43. Which of the following fall into the “eight most common food allergens” category? Milk, Wheat, Soybeans 44. Enterohemorrahagic E. coli is a? Bacteria that produces shiga toxins 5. Which of the following bacteria are found in soil? Bacillus cereus 46. The anisakis simplex worm is most likely to be found in? Under cooked fish 47. Which of the following illness DO NOT have to be reported to the local health dept? Giardiasis 48. Which type of temp probe would use to measure the temp of an oven or refrigerator? Air 49. Which of the following is NOT a method for removing oxygen from packed foods? HMR 50. For traditional steeped tea, the hot water should be a minimum of? 175 f and steeped for minimum of 5 min 51. The correct method for calibrating a stem type thermometer is?
In water and ice, and calibrate 32 f 52. Shellfish dealer tags must be kept on file for how many days after the shellfish was harvested? 90 days 53. You have a food delivery arriving in an hour that will consist of milk cartons, fresh chicken breasts, and vacuum-packed bacon. What is the best thermometer to use to check product temperatures on all of these products? Bimetallic thermometer 54. Food borne intoxication is caused by eating food that contain? Poison producing microorganisms 55. To free up space in the kitchen, a busser is asked to manually clean some pot and pans in a three-compartment sink.
First he scrapes and rinses the items. Then, he washes them in the first sink, rinses them in the second sink, sanitizes them in the third sink, and sets the items on the drain board to air dry. What did the busser do wrong? He forgot to clean and sanitize the sinks before using them 56. PCO stands for? Pest control operator 57. The best method of preventing an outbreak of Hepatitis A is? Proper hand washing procedures 58. On her morning shift, a food handler puts on clean disposable gloves, and begins to move defrosted hamburger patties form the refrigerator to the preparation area, as directed by the cook.
Then, she is asked to slice tomatoes. When she’s done, she slices raw onions. In this sequence of task, when should the food handler change gloves? After moving the hamburger patties to the preparation area 59. The chef just finished preparing raw chicken breasts in a citrus marinade. She will store them in the refrigerator for the next shift to cook and serve for dinner. In order to prevent possible cross-contamination, where should the chef place the tray of chicken breast in the refrigerator? On the bottom self next to the ground turkey 60.
A food handler comes to work with a bad cold, but insists that he is well enough to work. The employee is asked to take his temperature, and it turns out that he has a fever. What should the manager do? Send the employee home 61. Which of the following bacteria might be found in a food worker’s hand wound? Staphylococcus aureus 62. A father takes his four year old daughter and her friend to the local hamburger diner after swimming lessons. The friend wants a hot dog, and his daughter wants a hamburger. Because the father likes his hamburgers rare, he orders a rare hamburger for himself and his daughter.
What should the server do? Explain that the restaurant cannot serve rare hamburgers to young children 63. Salmonella spp. Bacteria have recently been found in contaminated? Produce 64. A food worker used a Quats sanitizing solution in a three compartment sink as the final step in the cleaning and sanitizing process. She confirmed that the water temp was 75 f, she followed the manufacturer’s concentration instructions, and she completely immersed the cleaned metal cooking pots in the solution for 15 sec. last, she let the pot air dry before storing it. What did the food worker do wrong?
She didn’t immerse the pot long enough 65. Which of the following foods are most easily contaminated with the Norovirus? Ready to eat foods 66. Shigella spp. Bacteria are most likely to be found in contaminated? Water 67. A catering company is preparing and transporting hot and cold foods to a customer site for a birthday party. The customer will then reheats and serve the food to guests at the appropriate time. Which of the following must the catering company provide to the customer? Reheating instructions for hot foods 68. A customer has just finished eating a seafood salad with a peanut dressing.
As he is paying the bill, the customer starts to have trouble breathing. His face starts to swell, and he breaks out in hives. Most likely the customer is suffering from? An allergy attack 69. In the final hour of a local fund raising event, your food booth runs out of ice for cold beverages. What is the best course of action to follow? Send a volunteer to the nearest store for a bag of ice 70. A food handler in a small coffee shop has just finished deep frying a batch of chicken nuggets, when a customer order comes in for fried shrimp. What does the food handler need to do to avoid cross- contact?
The food handler should use a different fryer and oil assigned to cook seafood 71. At an offsite catered event, the food service manager has been hot holding a beef stir fry at 145 f, when suddenly she loses her heat source. Guests are in line waiting to be served. What should the manager do? Begin to serve guests, because the stir fry can be out of temp control for up to 4 hrs 72. A server walks up to a newly seated party of two. The female customer announces that she has a wheat allergy. What should the server do? Wait till the customer orders, and then check with the manager to confirm if any of the ordered items contain wheat

Essay Examples

The Writing Style of The Moonstone

The Moonstone by Willie Collins has a very unique writing style, creating an overall effect on the reading experience. In this story, Collins decided to write his story by having his characters mark down their own experiences with the Moonstone. The audience is able to read different points of views from varying characters such as Gabriel Bettered, Ezra Jennings, Miss Dressily Clack and a few others. Each written narrative differed in writing style, experiences, and perspectives.
By doing so, Collins revises a mystery that is seen through many different angles, producing an overall effect of a thoroughly analyzed mystery. Though each narrative holds a different story, they all come together as one, in which an ending of one narrative becomes the beginning of another. Thus, the mystery of the Moonstone flows nicely, even though different writing styles and perspectives are presented to the reader. The differences in writing styles and perspectives allow the readers to further Investigate the mystery presented to them by becoming closer to the truth In a very intimate ay.
This intimacy is due to the structure of the writing style, allowing the reader to delve into the mind of the character who is writing the narrative. The audience Is able to view the biases that the characters have on one another and how they view the situation at hand. By deciding to write In such a format, Collins gives the readers a chance to create an Internal relationship with each character, either liking or disliking. The reader is to take the course in which the character took and relives the character’s past as if it was happening before them.

The audience feels what the character feels and sees what the character sees; nothing Is hidden from the readers. If this story was written In any other way, the story would have a different effect on the readers. By having a normal story with the structure of a narrator narrating the events, the audience would not be able to connect with the characters as much as they would have with the story as It Is now. When there Is a narrator narrating a story, details such as how the characters feel and think become excluded room the story.
Though seemingly minor, subtracting these details from a complicated mystery such as the Moonstone creates an empty mystery, a crime lacking In substance. Collins skillful weaving of narratives allows for a complex and unpredictable mystery to unfold for the audience, bringing forth a mystery that gives them the “detective-fever”. By extraterrestrial differences in writing styles and perspectives allow the readers to further investigate the mystery presented to them by becoming closer to the truth in a very intimate level into the mind of the character who is writing the narrative.
The audience is the situation at hand. By deciding to write in such a format, Collins gives the readers a chance to create an internal relationship with each character, either liking or character feels and sees what the character sees; nothing is hidden from the readers. If this story was written in any other way, the story would have a different as much as they would have with the story as it is now. When there is a narrator lacking in substance. Collins skillful weaving of narratives allows for a complex and

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short response (150 words)

we watched the film Bend it Like Beckham.  In this film, the characters are members of multiple cultural groups and as a result of the demands of these different groups, the characters experience conflicts. 
A recent news article described a conflict that a young girl experienced by being a member of both her high school swim team and a member of a religion that requires her to dress modestly.  The conflict arose because her swim coach wanted her to wear a hydrodynamic swim suit to increase her speed in the water while her parents wanted her to dress in a non-revealing manner.  The young girl chose to resolve the conflict by wearing the hydrodynamic suit and as a result greatly angered her parents.  In other words, the girl chose to accept the norms of the swim culture over the norms of her religious culture.
Identify and describe two cultural groups of which you are a member and describe a situation in which your membership in them has caused a conflict for you.  What was the conflict? How did you resolve the conflict? 
Ps: You are an Asian in this quesition

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Culture, Behavior & the Law

 text book required: Shiraev, E. & Levy, D. (2017). Cross-cultural psychology: Critical thinking and contemporary applications. (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc 

For this paper you must include a response to all of the following:
Challenging or Respecting Traditional Values:(this criterion should take approximately 1-2 paragraphs to address)

According to the text, in today’s multicultural communities, customary rules of behavior shared by the people of one group may appear strange and even unacceptable to others (Shiraev & Levy, 2013). With this in mind respond to the following questions regarding culture, behavior and the law:

How far should people go on challenging deep-seated customs and values of a traditional community?
Which is more important in your life: to respect all traditions, even though you may disagree with some OR to challenge them, thus possibly undermining a society’s cultural foundation? Why?

Democracy & Ethnocentricity:(this criterion should take approximately 1-2 paragraphs to address)

Is the American view on democracy ethnocentric?,
A full credit responses will broadly address the cultural and “human” factors which may be important in democratic and non-democratic systems as well as providing a clear and logical explanation of why they believe democracy is or is not ethnocentric.
Overall, full credit responses may consider a few possible areas of emphasis: human rights, freedom or economic opportunity and tolerance or acceptance of different religions, languages, and customs.

Censorship:(this criterion should take approximately 1-2 paragraphs to address)

Define and discuss censorship.
Briefly outline the three types of censorship discussed in the chapter and connect with ideas concerning how culture regulates and influences behavior and the law.

Textbook and Research Connection:(this criterion applies throughout the response as textbook support for each criterion and clear connection to textbook and additional research examples)
Additional Paper Requirements:

APA style in-text citation and reference is required. Students may not use websites, of any kind, as a primary source in their responses. Submissions which do not contain both APA style in-text citation and reference and/or which use websites of any kind as a primary source may receive a zero.
Papers formatting must be:

A minimum of 2 FULL pages, single-spaced, 12-point New Times Roman font or similar. Do not exceed 3 pages. Reference citations included on a separate page do not count towards writing minimum or maximum.

Do not use any titles, title pages, or headings, course name or date, etc. If you include your name or PID it should be included in the “header” of the document and not part of the main content.
Do not use bullet points, outlines, or numbering in your response.  Essay/paragraph format is required.
APA style in-text citation and reference is required.
Students may not use websites, of any kind, as a primary source in their responses. Submissions which do not contain both APA style in-text citation and reference and/or which use websites of any kind as a primary source may receive a zero.

Assignment responses which do not fulfill all of the above criteria will receive point deductions.
As stated in the syllabus and Obojobo modules on Avoiding Plagiarism, responses which do not contain BOTH in-text citation and references will be flagged for plagiarism and receive a zero.

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Week 4 Assignment 2

Assignment 2: Sales Force Compensation
Due Week 4 and worth 150 points

For companies that have a mission of selling, a major objective is to motivate the salespeople.  While that are many factors that go into motivating these people, one of the primary factors is the compensation plan that describes how they will be rewarded. Research a large organization’s sales force and its compensation plan.Write a five to seven (5-7) page paper in which you: 

In order to motivate the sales force to produce the highest number of clients, describe six (6) features of an effective total rewards program.
Describe the behaviors of the sales force that are targeted with the compensation plan.
Assess how a value proposition is achieved for current and future employees in the plan you have outlined.
Based upon the type of plan you have created, indicate how attracted you think future salespeople may be to this plan.
Use at least five (5) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality as academic resources. 

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements: 

Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required page length. 
Work cited, NO PLAGIARISM!!!!

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HN410 Unit 5 Assignment….

Good Evening,

I need assistance in completing the following Assignment:

The IRB.
In this Assignment, you will discuss the importance of an IRB. Please answer all questions below in full sentences.

Use HN410 Unit 5 Template.doc located in Courses Resources>Course Documents to answer each of the following questions:

1. What is an IRB?

2. Identify the three types of IRB review.

3. If you were to create a plan to evaluate a program or intervention, what level of IRB review would it need? Why?

4. Imagine if your evaluation plan included the use of special populations. Identify ethical challenges you might face.

5. Discuss how you would weigh out the risks and the benefits to decide if you should move forward with your evaluation plan.

6. Summarize the possible ramifications if a program did not use and IRB review for potential research projects.

Provide appropriate citations and references in APA format if you reference the text or any other outside source in your answers. Be sure to look at the grading rubric in the Syllabus to ensure that you have covered all of the expectations for the Assignment!

Your writing should be in Standard American English and be clear and specific with few errors. If needed, be sure to use the University Writing Center for help.

Please and Thank You

Essay Examples

Lockheed Tri Star

Investment Analysis and Lockheed Tri Star Problem

a. The results of NPV, payback, and IRR calculations are the following. For the payback method, Rainbow Product will pay back the original investment costs after 7 years. Net Present Value is -$946 and IRR is 11. 49%. Rainbow Products should not purchase the machine according to the results of NPV and IRR calculations. The net present value of purchasing this new equipment is negative, and the internal rate of return is less than the cost of capital; thus both calculations confirm that the investment will not provide additional value to the company. Of course, the payback method shows that the instrument will have paid back the cost in 7 years but does not take into consideration discounting present values.

b. If Rainbow accepts the “Good As New” service plan, the net present value will be a positive $2,500 and IRR will be 12. 86%, greater than the cost of capital. The investment would also pay back the cost in 8 years. Rainbow should purchase the machine under this service plan as it results in a positive net value and the internal rate of return is greater than the cost of capital.
c. If Rainbow chooses the reinvestment option, the net present value is $15,000 and IRR is 15. 43%. Therefore, the best investment decision is to accept option C, where engineers reinvest 20% of the savings that help cash flows grow 4% in perpetuity.

Figure 1
Using the IRR rule, I recommend renting a larger stand as it yields the greatest rate of return. Using the NPV rule, I recommend building a larger stand. IRR rule can be misleading in this case as this problem is comparing 4 mutually exclusive projects and given the stats, IRR for one out of four of these projects yields a much higher value, but none of these IRR values take the discounting rate into consideration. Therefore, NPV is a better method.
Figure 2
The NPV of this project is $100,000. 1,100 shares of common stock should be issued at the current price of $100. Issuing new stocks will increase shares of the stock in the market and therefore reduce the value of the stock of existing shareholders.
Lockheed Tri Star Case Questions
At 210 unit production levels, the true value of the Tri-Star program is negative $584. 04 million. At break-even production of 300 units, Lockheed actually lost roughly $274 million. At around 400 production units, Lockheed would achieve economic break-even. The decision to pursue the Tri Star program was unreasonable due to a miscalculated break-even point. At 210 unit production, the net present value was roughly negative $182 million referring that Lockheed would have needed to produce somewhere between 210 units to 300 units to achieve true break even. In addition, given the overly optimistic 10% growth rate that calculated double the total of true aircraft market, Lockheed would have needed to either capture more than 50% of the market for aircraft to breakeven. Between 1967 and 1971, the price of Lockheed’s common stock dropped about $50. With 11.3 million shares outstanding, this comes to about -$565 million. We see that the original NPV with 210 unit production results in about similar value as the drop in the total value of the common stocks outstanding.